Fantasy Wimbledon

Thanks for choosing your team for Fantasy Wimbledon. Now sit back, relax, and watch some tennis! You can check in here everything evening to check out the leaderboard and see how your team is doing. 

Team NamePointsBonus PointsTeam Points
Cow in a Can211132
Vamos Rafa18927
Saunders TC17825
D's Dragons15823
The Stoics15722
Deuce Bags14721
Golden Aces14721
The Best13720
Team WNP16319
Team Federer14519
The Pope13619
Grass Lovers13619
Nadal and Co10616
The Oracle11415
Rafa The Goat11213
The Stringers8311
Telly Tennis819
Team NameSeed 1-4Seed 5-8Seed 9-16Seed 17-32UnseededUnseeded
Cow in a CanNovak DjokovicHubert HurkaczJannik SinnerFrances TiafoeDavid GoffinNick Kyrgios
ShezzyNovak DjokovicHubert HurkaczTaylor FritzFrances TiafoeNick KyrgiosDavid Goffin
AcesNovak DjokovicCarlos AlcarazTaylor FritzGrigor DimitrovNick KyrgiosDavid Goffin
Hilm3gNovak DjokovicCarlos AlcarazTaylor FritzAlex De MinaurJack DraperNick Kyrgios
LoganatorsNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniCameron NorrieAlex De MinaurJack DraperNick Kyrgios
VamosMostarRafael NadalCarlos AlcarazJannik SinnerHolger RuneNick KyrgiosTim van Rijthoven
Vamos RafaRafael NadalHubert HurkaczCameron NorrieFrances TiafoeNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
DeucebagsNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniJannik SinnerAlex De MinaurNick KyrgiosMarcos Giron
ToxicTennisNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzFrances TiafoeNick KyrgiosMaxime Cressy
BraveheartNovak DjokovicFelix Auger-AliassimeTaylor FritzAlex De MinaurNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
MonchiefNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniCameron NorrieJohn IsnerAndy MurrayNick Kyrgios
Saunders TCRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzBotic Van De ZandschulpAndy MurrayNick Kyrgios
BublikStefanos TsitsipasMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzBotic Van De ZandschulpNick KyrgiosAlexander Bublik
SgizpplRafael NadalHubert HurkaczCameron NorrieFilip KrajinovicThanasi KokkinakisNick Kyrgios
Win-bledonNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzFilip KrajinovicNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
D's DragonsNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniMarin CilicAlex De MinaurNick KyrgiosAlexander Bublik
JiDionNovak DjokovicHubert HurkaczDenis ShapovalovMiomir KecmanovicNick KyrgiosAlexander Bublik
The StoicsNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniDenis ShapovalovTommy PaulNick KyrgiosEmil Ruusuvuori
PullmanRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzRoberto Bautista AgutNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
LalRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzRoberto Bautista AgutNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
VamosRafael NadalHubert HurkaczCameron NorrieRoberto Bautista AgutNick KyrgiosStan Wawrinka
GrasshoppersRafael NadalCarlos AlcarazMarin CilicJohn IsnerMaxime CressyNick Kyrgios
EboxRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzFrances TiafoeBernabe Zapata MirallesDavid Goffin
AusVicNovak DjokovicHubert HurkaczTaylor FritzRoberto Bautista AgutNick KyrgiosMarton Fucsovics
Deuce BagsRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzGrigor DimitrovJack DraperNick Kyrgios
Golden AcesRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniTaylor FritzGrigor DimitrovAndy MurrayNick Kyrgios
Rafa23Novak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniDenis ShapovalovLorenzo SonegoAndy MurrayNick Kyrgios
The BestRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniMarin CilicAlex De MinaurAndy MurrayNick Kyrgios
Team WNPNovak DjokovicCarlos AlcarazTaylor FritzJohn IsnerAlexander Bublik
Team FedererNovak DjokovicCarlos AlcarazMarin CilicRoberto Bautista AgutDaniel AltmaierNick Kyrgios
The PopeNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniMarin CilicAlex De MinaurNick KyrgiosSam Querrey
Grass LoversNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniMarin CilicOscar OtteNick KyrgiosThanasi Kokkinakis
JaysRafael NadalCarlos AlcarazCameron NorrieGrigor DimitrovAlejandro Davidovich FokinaAndy Murray
WoundedAnimalRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniDenis ShapovalovSebastian BaezNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
BoomxhakalakaRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniDenis ShapovalovGrigor DimitrovNick KyrgiosJack Draper
PhenomenadalRafael NadalHubert HurkaczDiego SchwartzmanGrigor DimitrovNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
SGSidNovak DjokovicHubert HurkaczMarin CilicGrigor DimitrovNick KyrgiosAndy Murray
Nadal and CoRafael NadalMatteo BerrettiniPablo Carreno BustaHolger RuneAndy MurrayNick Kyrgios
The OracleNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniMarin CilicBotic Van De ZandschulpMaxime CressyRichard Gasquet
LaurelRafael NadalFelix Auger-AliassimeTaylor FritzGrigor DimitrovBenjamin BonziLiam Broady
UTVRafael NadalCarlos AlcarazJannik SinnerFilip KrajinovicRyan PenistoneFernando Verdasco
Rafa The GoatRafael NadalHubert HurkaczCameron NorrieMiomir KecmanovicStan WawrinkaFernando Verdasco
The StringersNovak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniMarin CilicDaniel EvansMaxime CressySteve Johnson
FresnayeFalconsNovak DjokovicFelix Auger-AliassimeMarin CilicJohn IsnerStan WawrinkaAndy Murray
Telly TennisRafael NadalFelix Auger-AliassimeDenis ShapovalovJohn IsnerBenoit PaireThanasi Kokkinakis
ZgembeStefanos TsitsipasHubert HurkaczMarin CilicDaniel EvansTim van RijthovenMarton Fucsovics
Willytennis2019Novak DjokovicMatteo BerrettiniMarin CilicGrigor DimitrovStan WawrinkaJack Draper

How Does Fantasy Wimbledon Work?

It's going to be a breeze to choose your fantasy Wimbledon team. 


All you've got to do is wait until the draw comes out on Friday, and we will send you an email with a link to a form where you can choose your team. 


Once your team is chosen, then you've just got to sit back and support your boys.

Fantasy Tennis Scoring

So, how do we add up the points?


Well, each player gets a point for every match they win. 


However, an unseeded player winning a match is much more impressive than a number 1 seed winning a match, so there’s also a bonus point system. 


Each player gets a bonus point when they win a match they weren’t expected to win. So, for example, as we don’t expect unseeded players to win matches, they get a bonus point for every match they win. 


Let’s take a look at exactly how the bonus point system works:


Seeds 1-8: These players are expected to reach the quarterfinals (5th round) so for every match they win after this (quarterfinals, semifinals, final) they will get a bonus point.

Seeds 9-16: These players are expected to reach the last-16 (4th round) so for every match they win after this they will get a bonus point.

Seeds 17-32: These players are expected to reach the last-32 (3rd round) so for every match they win after this they will get a bonus point.

Unseeded Players: Unseeded players get a bonus point for every match they win. 


Here’s a simplified version of this:


Seeds 1-8: Bonus from quarterfinals (5th round)

Seeds 9-16: Bonus from last-16 (4th round)

Seeds 17-32: Bonus from last-32 (3rd round)

Unseeded: Bonus point for all wins.

The Leaderboard

Once the tournament begins, we'll update the leaderboard at the end of each day's play. 


You'll be able to find the leaderboard on this page, but don't worry, we'll check in with you at the end of the day to keep you updated and point you in the right direction. 

The Prize

The main reason for fantasy Wimbledon is so that we can all have a little bit of fun. 


That being said, we do have some prizes. 


We're offering gift cards to our favorite tennis shop, the RacquetGuys. 


First Place: $100 gift card

Second Place: $50 gift card

Third Place: $20 gift card

Get started


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