Prince Textreme Tour 95 Specs


Head Size:    95 in² / 613 cm²

Length:    27in / 68,5cm

Strung Weight:    337g / 11,9oz

Unstrung Weight:    320g/11,3oz

Balance:    31,75cm / 8 pts HL

Swingweight:    325

String Pattern:    16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Our Review


If classic feel and precision are what you seek then look no further than the Prince Textreme Tour 95!

This 95sq inch 320g racket oozes control and swings through surprisingly quickly.

While the 95sq inch frame isn’t for everyone and players who are used to modern power and spin might find this racket lacking, this stick is a dream for players who thrive on control, precision, and stability.

This probably isn’t the best mix for beginner players, but for experienced intermediates and advanced players, this racket offers all kinds of possibilities.

You don’t find too many rackets with this kind of setup anymore and it makes a nice change for players who aren’t obsessed with big spin and power from their rackets.

It reminds me a lot of the Head Graphene Touch Mid plus that I used to use back in High School which just brings back good memories.

For me, I love having a so-called “underpowered” racket, and have always set my rackets up to go for control.

You don’t have to do much tweaking of the setup to get the Prince Textreme Tour 95 working in this way though.

The more surprising aspect for me though was the ease with which I could get the stick swinging.

You can get some 320g rackets that are quite cumbersome but I didn’t have any such problems with the Tour 95.

When you combine that ability to get the racket swinging quickly and the exceptional control the 95sq inch head gives you, you have a recipe to hit a seriously big ball.

I made sure I took full advantage of this in our doubles, teeing off on a few returns that had Larry ducking and diving at the net to try and get out of the way.

Since the Textreme Tour 95 already had control taken care of, I went for quite a loose set up by my standards for this playtest.

We strung the Tour 95 with Solinco Hyper G at 46lbs for a little bit more comfort whilst still focussing on the control.

The Prince Textreme Tour range is one of our favorites, and the Textreme Tour 95 didn’t do anything to change our minds.


Groundstrokes – 8.5/10


The thing I liked about this racket was that it clearly focusses on control, feel, and precision, but it didn’t struggle in other areas like spin potential.

Tennis rackets are about compromise, you can’t have 10/10 power, 10/10 control, 10/10 comfort, that’s probably why there are so many racket options.

You need to find the right blend for your game because every racket is going to be good at somethings and not so good at other things.

That being said, the Prince Textreme Tour 95 doesn’t give you too many downsides.

The lack of power is going to be the one that puts some players off, but it’s not that underpowered, especially if you’re used to control-oriented rackets.

The compromise the Textreme Tour 95 offers suited me down to the ground on the forehand side where I was able to let rip with lots of racket head speed and really go for my shots.

It didn’t matter how ambitious I was, I always felt like I was going to come up with the goods because of the racket’s brilliant precision.

On the backhand side, the difficulties of selecting the perfect racket showed.

The compromises you make with the Tour 95 might work well on my forehand side, but it left me a little short on the backhand side.

That’s just the way it goes, and it shows that you’ve got to give your racket selection a lot of thought.

I can’t fault the Prince Textreme Tour 95’s performance from the back of the court, it does exactly what it is designed to do.

It worked well for me on the forehand side, but I kept dropping the ball a little bit short on the backhand side.

We gave the Tour 95 an 8.5 out of 10 for groundstrokes.


Volleys – 8.5/10


Let’s be honest, with these specs, the Prince Textreme Tour 95 was always likely to be good at the net.

When you combine maneuverability, stability, precision, and feel, you’ve got a pretty good package to do some damage at the net and that’s exactly what I found.

Although I don’t spend too much time at the net in singles (I probably should spend more time there), I got plenty of time playing doubles with this racket and couldn’t have felt more at home with the Textreme Tour 95.

It didn’t matter what kind of volley I had to hit, whether it was difficult or not, hit hard at me or floated back to me, I had exactly what I needed to deal with it.

The main thing for me is the stability and this allowed me to effectively block everything back.

The Tour 95 is definitely an all-around weapon and it’s as comfortable at the net as it is from the back of the court.

We gave it an 8.5 out of 10 for volleys.

Serve – 8/10


The serve is the one area where I like to have a little bit more easy power and this meant I had to work pretty hard to make sure I was maximizing my racket head speed and being aggressive.

Everything worked out pretty well on my first serve, especially on my lefty serve out wide to the ad where I was able to generate plenty of slice and get the ball to move off the court whilst keeping a lot of control.

However, on the second serve, I did have a tendency to leave the ball a little bit short and found my opponents were putting me under a lot of pressure.

I think the Prince Textreme Tour 95 would be best suited to someone who is a naturally big server and can use the control of this racket to increase their serve percentages and improve accuracy.

It worked fine for my mediocre serve, but I could have used a tiny bit more pop.

The Prince Textreme Tour 95 still did enough to get an 8 out of 10 on the serve.


Returns – 8.5/10


This might sound weird, but our Tennis Bro, Larry always equates the return to volleys.

In some ways, he’s right.

You’ve got the ball coming at you very fast and you want to use a short swing to hit the ball out in front of you and block it back into court.

You also want those same characteristics, stability, feel, and maneuverability that serve you well at the net.

Needless to say, this meant that the Prince Textreme Tour 95 was pretty dreamy to return with.

I have to admit when I’m returning well, it’s one of my favorite shots, conversely, when I’m not returning well it’s probably my least favorite shot.

However, on this occasion, with the Tour 95 in my hand, I was middling everything and the breaks of serve were flowing.

This racket has the speed and stability to redirect a big first serve back into court and allow you to start the point on a good footing.

This earned the Prince Textreme Tour 95 an 8.5 out of 10 on the return.


Overall – 8.5/10


Overall, I think the Textreme Tour 95 is a very good racket, but you’ve got to be very confident in your strokes to get the most out of it.

For me, this meant I performed extremely well with this stick on the forehand and at the net, but struggled a little bit on the backhand and serve.

Players who are looking for easy power probably shouldn’t be looking at this racket, but if it’s control and feel you’re looking for then you are in the right place.

This racket certainly won’t suit everybody but it is well worth giving a try if you’re looking for these characteristics.

At the end of the day, this racket achieves everything it is designed to do and it’s very difficult to find any faults with it.

It might only suit a select group of players, but it can offer those players a huge amount of performance.

The Prince Textreme Tour 95 fully deserved its overall score of 8.5 out of 10.

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Review by: Will