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Complete our detailed questionnaire about your game (available on your order confirmation page). You are also welcome to send us some footage of you playing.

After carefully studying your information and getting to know you as a player, we will then recommend 3 rackets and string combinations (including tensions) for you to demo from the retailer of your choice.

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The Grand Slam


As the Challenger, BUT, we stay in touch with you for your LIFETIME in order to fine tune your choice of equipment! We will be with you every step of the way through your tennis journey with UNLIMITED Custom Fittings!

You can email us an unlimited amount of times and we will keep responding with carefully chosen recommendations until you are literally a living weapon on court! You will literally has access to our wide range of expert knowledge for the rest of your life.

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We are the first online custom fitting service for tennis!


With so many tennis players now becoming extremely “tech savvy,” we are proud to say we offer the world’s very first online custom fitting service for tennis! Sports like golf offer this as part of buying a set of clubs, whereas tennis players are just left out in the cold, both offline and online.


That is, until TODAY!


Perhaps you are a good club level player, looking for the right racket and string combination to take your game to the next level, or maybe you’re completely new to tennis and have no idea where to start!


Whatever your current situation, we are going to literally walk you by the hand and learn all about you and your game in order to recommend the perfect racket and string!


There’s no doubt about it; after using our online service, you’ll be playing the best tennis of your life.

What are the benefits?


  • Aside from playing the best tennis of your life, we feel you’ll also reap the emotional benefits too.
  • No more misery and frustration from playing poorly due to the wrong choice of equipment, no more money wasted on blindly buying equipment, and most importantly, no more lost time from endless research!
  • Between us, we’ve seen literally, thousands of people play tennis and have got pretty good at picking out rackets and string for players quickly and effectively.

Why the Tennis Bros?

We have established a reputation online as the No.2 online tennis equipment reviews resource behind multi-million dollar company, Tennis Warehouse. Our website is run by three brothers – Tom, William and Lawrence and we take pride in being an open, honest resource, that you can trust.

Between us, we bring an enormous range of experience over a huge combined age, from interaction with the average type of club player to gaining points on the ITF tour. We cater for all ages and abilities; access to tennis for everyone being a subject close to our hearts.

Every day, thousands of people visit our website and enjoy our tennis racket and string reviews and we regularly receive messages of thanks from users who have gone out and bought a racket purely from reading our reviews!

What our players say

Douglas P

Challenger Custom Fitting Package

Thanks so much for the help with selecting a racket. Of the three choices you suggested I chose to go with the Head Extreme mainly because I couldn’t find anyone that carried the Wilson in a grip size 5 (4 5/8) - not sure why. The HEAD will also be a little more elbow friendly as you noted so that should be fine. You guys offer a great service and helpful information - All of which is helpful to anyone that wants to evolve their game or is simply interested in tennis.

Dave T

Challenger Custom Fitting Package

I want to thank you for your service! I also really enjoy your website. I ended up choosing to purchase the Tecnifibre TFight. Still playing around with different string setups for it, but I really like the racquet. (I wish they made Hyper-G in a different color - the green just looks strange on the TFight)... I also considered the Pure Aero, but a new one just got released, so I am waiting to see what you guys have to say about the new one!Keep doing what you're doing, guys!

Tom B

Challenger Custom Fitting Package

I bought the Wilson Ultra 108 after 3 days of using a demo. It was a great recommendation. I tried 4 different rackets, this one was best.My stringing is your first recommendations (Wilson Revolve 16 mains, etc). As you thought the combination of power with control is working.Thanks!

Dave Skaff

Challenger Custom Fitting Package

GREAT service. I had been exploring various hybrids on my own and was curious about gut/poly hybrids in particular. Finally gave this a try and….best $49 I’ve spent on tennis, period. The suggestions were perfect and they really listened to what I was looking for. And they answered all of the questions I had while trying their recommendations – even 6 months later! Have since recommended to many friends. Navigating strings is hard – this service makes it easy. Highly recommend.


Challenger Custom Fitting Package

It is a very difficult challenge to get a new tennis racket. I was so used to my old racket that any proposed change brought anxiety and apprehension. I was still using a racket that was first produced in 1991. Especially in my case, I am troubled with 30 years of tennis elbow and am extremely sensitive to any changes.I tried innumerable rackets which always hurt my arm. I went to multiple orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to resolve the pain. The physical therapists were always able to return me to play, and the orthopedist said that even though I needed Tommy John surgery (like the pitchers), I was too old to recover from the surgery.Eventually, I found a Pro Kennex 5g which I used for 20 years which did not hurt my arm. Even though the sweet spot in miniscule, I am afraid to change.Finally, I thought that new technology and 30 years of research would find a better racket that would give me some help. Note _ I am a senior 3.5 with real strokes.I asked the Tennis Bros for their advice and they recommended three rackets and 2 different string set ups. The recommendations seemed to be thoughtful, and matched the scientific literature on rackets that would minimize shock to the arm: heavy, flexible, soft stringbed. Please refer to Technical Tennis by Rod Cross and Crawford Lindsay for further information.I demoed each of the recommended rackets and finally chose one along with the appropriate string setup. This combo works really well and I think I finally have a modern racket that has a huge sweetspot that can help my game.Thanks much, Tennis Bros.


Challenger Custom Fitting Package

Great service! Fast turnaround with very detailed advice and rationale that was specific to my game and needs.


Challenger Custom Fitting Package

Fully satisfied with recommendations provided by thetennisbros. All my comments and preferences were taken into account. Really helpful service, especially for racket geeks:)

Danny Sapsford

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, World Ranking: 170 Singles and 85 Doubles

As a former Davis Cup squad colleague of mine, Dave not only has a vast amount of experience as an ex-pro but he also has had an extremely successful coaching career. He has a wide base of experiences in coaching junior and adult players at all levels from club beginner standard all the way up to coaching national and international champions. If you would like to improve any part of your game then Dave will help you accomplish your goals!

Mark Hilton

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, Current Coach of Kyle Edmund, Former Coach of Dan Evans

Dave is a leading and well-respected coach in British tennis. Following on from a successful playing career, Dave has gone on to coach national junior champions. As a young coach, I worked with Dave at the International High-Performance Academy at Loughborough University, producing some of Britain's best junior players competing at the highest international standard. He has a wealth of experience to improve players of all ages and levels and is a true professional.

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