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Best Tennis Ball Machines

A ball machine is a great tool for any tennis enthusiast to use to improve their game through repetition. Tennis ball machines provide a unique selling point: you can control the incoming ball. Tennis is usually a very reactive game. More often than not you will...

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Types of Tennis Court Surfaces

Whilst all tennis courts will always have the same dimensions, a net and white lines, the surface of a court can vary massively. Now you may be thinking, how much difference can the surface I play on actually make? It’s still a tennis court after all… Well, we are...

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Dominic Thiem Forehand Analysis

Dominic Thiem has shot to the top of the men's professional game over the last few years. He is a player that takes massive cuts at the ball and had a breakthrough win at Madrid Masters back in 2014. He topped Stan Wawrinka on the Spanish clay to really make his first...

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Roger Federer Forehand Analysis

  Roger Federer’s forehand needs no introduction. With 20 grand slams, over 100 titles and the all time number one record, he is the greatest tennis player of all time in the eyes of many keen tennis players and his forehand has played a huge part in this! ...

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Pressureless Tennis Balls

Go into your local pro shop or online tennis retailer and you’ll be sure to find a vast array of different tennis balls. You’ll see offerings from all the major brands, each claiming their ball is the best for a specific purpose or reason. You may even see different...

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