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When we launched, we did not expect quite the overwhelming interest and response to our site.

We have been very touched that so many of you are regularly visiting our site and have written to us expressing your appreciation towards our racket and string reviews.

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With so many tennis players now becoming extremely “tech savvy,” we have just launched,

The world’s very first online custom fitting service for tennis!
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It baffles us that this isn’t already in place. Sports like golf offer this as part of buying a set of clubs, whereas tennis players are just left out in the cold, both offline and online.

That is, until TODAY!

Perhaps you are a good club level player, looking for the right racket and string combination to take your game to the next level, or maybe you’re completely new to tennis and have no idea where to start! Whatever your current situation, we are going to literally walk you by the hand and learn all about you and your game in order to recommend the perfect racket and string!

There’s no doubt about it; after using our online service, you’ll be playing the best tennis of your life.

Who Are We? Why Trust Us?

We have established a reputation online as the No.2 online tennis equipment reviews resource behind multi-million dollar company, Tennis Warehouse. Our website is run by three brothers – Tom, William and Lawrence and we take pride in being an open, honest resource, that you can trust.

Between us, we bring an enormous range of experience over a huge combined age, from interaction with the average type of club player to gaining points on the ITF tour. We cater for all ages and abilities; access to tennis for everyone being a subject close to our hearts.

Every day, thousands of people visit our website and enjoy our tennis racket and string reviews and we regularly receive messages of thanks from users who have gone out and bought a racket purely from reading our reviews!

What Packages are You Offering?

How Much Does It Cost?

How Fast Are The Deliveries of Your Packages?


For our Challenger Package, we can turn around delivery in less than 48 hours.

For our Grand Slam Package; due to the ongoing nature of the service, we will respond to each of your communications with us in less than 48 hours.

In summary, we’re quick! We want you to spend less time worrying about your equipment and more time on the court playing your best tennis!

What Benefits Will I See?

Aside from playing the best tennis of your life, we feel you’ll also reap the emotional benefits too.

No more misery and frustration from playing poorly due to the wrong choice of equipment, no more money wasted on blindly buying equipment, and most importantly, no more lost time from endless research!

Between us, we’ve seen literally, thousands of people play tennis and have got pretty good at picking out rackets and string for players quickly and effectively.

How To Order

To order please CLICK HERE and purchase your chosen package.  We will then respond within 48 hours to discuss your personalised online custom fitting with you.


We can’t wait to work with you and look forward to hearing from you soon!


Tom, William and Lawrence

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