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Dominic Thiem Racket and Strings

Which racket and string setup does Dominic Thiem use? We hear you ask! Before we tell you though, ask yourself why you want to know… Even amongst professional players, there is an enormous variety in choices of racket and string tension alike. I would even...

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How To Approach Pressure Points in Tennis

Pressure. It can proceed some of our greatest moments and it can also leave us ruined. Sometimes it makes us feel like the world is about to collapse on us, sometimes it makes us feel as if we can fly. Some of us deal with it better than others. But I can assure you,...

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Best Tennis Rackets Under 300g

We’ve been trying out a lot of the sub 300g rackets lately, so we thought, why not put our findings into a convenient list? Sub 300g rackets represent a great option for beginners, intermediates, juniors, and even advanced players who need a little extra...

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Improve Your Return of Serve in 3 Easy Steps

No matter how good we get, we’re always looking out for ways to improve our game. Like in all sports, there’s no such thing as perfection and there’s always something you can do to take that next step forward. Rafael Nadal is 32-years-old, has won 17 Grand Slams and...

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How To Play The I Formation In Doubles

Do you often find yourself struggling to win service games in doubles? For some reason, your opponents just seem to get on to your serve, the game drags out, and you have to fight tooth and nail just to hold onto serve. I often get this feeling. I don’t lose my serve...

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Tennis Warm Up Games

It might be a vital part of any sport, but getting kids to do good warm-ups can be a near-impossible challenge sometimes. I’ve seen kids of all ages and standards doing some pretty horrendous warm-ups in my time, and it’s not difficult to see why this would be the...

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How To Beat Pushers In Tennis

“My opponent was rubbish, but I still lost!” “They brought me down to their level.” “That was the worst I’ve ever played!” These are all common complaints we hear from tennis players all over the world when they play “pushers”. Often these remarks have been preceded...

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The Best Tennis String Tension Guide

Choosing your tennis racket tension can be a slightly daunting process to begin with. A quick search online will reveal a staggering amount of possible string tensions and types; often leaving tennis players no closer to understanding tension choice and more confused...

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Profit From Being Left Handed in Tennis

You didn’t ask for it, and many people will try and convince you it’s a negative thing, but you’ve been given a gift! Now you’ve just got to figure out how best to use it. You’re left-handed of course, and in tennis terms, there are few bigger advantages you can have...

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What To Look For In A Tennis Racket

When play testing any tennis racquet, I have three categories: Category 1: I never want to touch this racquet again. Category 2: I need some more time with this racquet. Category 3: I’m taking the Wimbledon title this year Obviously, category 1 racquets have no chance...

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The “Best” Forehand Grip

Western, Semi-Western, Eastern, Continental. What do they all Mean?   Have you ever to spoke to someone about forehand grips and felt consumed by weird names that sounded like they belong more on a compass than a tennis court? Even some of the most...

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