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Tennis Serve Tips

Our tennis serve tips can help you make an immediate improvement to your results. 

The serve plays an outsized role in tennis so it’s the perfect place to start improving your game.

When you have the ball in your hand ready to start the point, it’s the only time when you’re in complete control. On every other shot, your opponent has an important say in what’s happening, but not the serve. 

This means tennis serve tips are a great way to improve your game. 

We’ve put together a collection of tips for all levels of players, from beginners all the way through to advanced players.

Simply scroll through our free, in-depth articles, and if you feel inspired, check out our dedicated tennis serve courses.

Why Learn with

Why should you spend your precious time reading our tennis serve tips?

Well, not only are we one of the most established tennis websites in the world, but we also bring together some incredible experiences on the tennis court. Our coach, Dave, is a former ATP Tour player with a glittering coaching record, and he’s put together all his best tips to help create our courses. 

Together, we know what it’s like to play at all levels of tennis, and most importantly how to bring this knowledge together online. We’ve created our own tennis community, and over 60,000 people join in the fun each month. 

We’re happy to have you here and look forward to sharing everything we’ve learned.

Online Tennis Coaching for the Serve

You can access all our tennis serve tips for free below, but if you’re looking for a more complete online tennis coaching course, then check out our dedicated courses page!

We truly believe you can improve every element of your game with our free tennis tips, but the best way to cut your learning curve is to get everything in one place. You’ll get bonus videos, where Dave shares his knowledge from years on tour (as well as bossing the junior ITF circuit).

So, enjoy exploring our tennis serve tips, and be sure to check out the dedicated courses!

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