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Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Playing on different tennis surfaces requires a range of different adjustments to be made. This varies from playing style, tactics, mentality to equipment. Arguably the most significant adjustment needed in this situation is the transition on to a clay court from a...

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How To Build Endurance For Tennis

Tennis has become a very physical sport over the last couple of decades. With so many more players taking up the sport at such an early age, along with the advancements in racket, string and fitness based technology, being in good physical shape has become a more...

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How to Use Lead Tape on Your Tennis Racket

There are a lot of factors that play into creating the perfect tennis racket. The weight, balance, swingweight, stiffness and simply individual feel of a tennis racket all play into how it may suit your needs. Getting a good fit for you is of course a key element to...

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Best Tennis Stringing Machines

Stringing your own tennis racket is a great skill to have. It can save you time, money and help you create your own small business. But, once you have learned how to string a tennis racket, you will then need to get yourself an appropriate stringing machine. However,...

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Best Tennis Bloopers of All Time!

We tend to think of professional tennis players as supreme athletes that have poise, grit and determination. This is of course true the vast majority of the time, however even the world’s elite players slip up from time to time! We talk a lot at TheTennisBros.com...

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Best Sunglasses for Tennis

When you are playing tennis out in the sun, it is important to protect your eyes from damage and glare. Wearing an appropriate pair of good quality sunglasses will help shield your eyes from the sun, helping you to see better, puts less strain on your eyes and...

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Best Kids Tennis Rackets

Buying a tennis racket for your child may not be the easiest task in the world. Kids may be heavily swayed by the rackets their peers are using, what their coach recommends or what their favourite professional player on TV is playing with at the time.  There can often...

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Ultimate Guide to Tennis Etiquette

Tennis has historically been a ‘gentleman’s’ sport. Through the years it has been taken up globally by more and more people, but fundamentally, tennis is supposed to be played in a ‘polite’ way. Whilst many players will want to be competitive on court, show their...

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How To Regrip a Tennis Racket – The Right Way!

Having a freshly gripped tennis racket is a very satisfying thing. Feeling the tack and softness of a fresh grip can give you more confidence when you play, as you feel the racket is nice and secure in your hands.  But, many players may not actually know how to...

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Tennis String Gauges Explained

Picking the perfect tennis string alone, can be a difficult task! With so many different string types out there, not to mention different manufactures and playing characteristics, cutting through the noise to find the right string for your game can require a lot of...

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Tennis Ball Machine Drills

Buying a tennis ball machine is a great way to improve your game, regardless of hitting partners or matchplay opportunities. You can set a tennis ball machine up on a court, have it feed a range of different balls to you at your chosen frequency, allowing you to...

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Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Buying a tennis ball machine is a statement of intent to improve your tennis game. You are making a serious investment of time and money towards bettering your performance on court, so you want to use the best equipment.  As tennis ball machines go, Lobster is one of...

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PlaySight Review

Court tracking technology has become an integral part of tennis over the last 20 years. Technology that can track the ball, automatically call lines and even give coaching insights are now very popular at professional tournaments and even recreational clubs.  Whilst...

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Buying a Tennis Racket on a Budget

Tennis can be an expensive sport. When you factor in rackets, strings, balls, court hire, shoes and memberships it really does start to add up. One of the more expensive pieces of equipment you can save money on however are tennis rackets. If you are looking to buy...

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Best Tennis Resorts Online

For many keen tennis players, going away to a high quality tennis resort is the dream holiday. Spending a couple of weeks away from home, in lovely hot weather playing the sport you love with friends, family and other passionate players is nothing short of bliss. ...

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Tennis Evolution – Jeff Salzenstein Review

Online tennis instruction has boomed in recent years. There are an awful lot of online training courses out there, along with a lot of free content on Youtube. Often, having a credible pro or coach teach these courses helps them to stand out from the crowd and attract...

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How to Hit a Better Overhead in Tennis

Picture the scene. You are playing a tennis match and you take on a nice easy short ball. You approach the net and your opponent pops up a high defensive lob. You step back to hit an overhead, and you miss it… This is a nightmare that haunts most tennis players on...

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Best Tennis Strings For Power

If you are looking to inject some power into your game, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can decide to play with a more powerful racket, hit the gym with a new workout plan or loosen the tension of your strings.   But one often overlooked option for...

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How Do You Become a Professional Tennis Player?

It’s the question that most tennis players at some point have asked themselves… When out there on the court, watching the professionals on TV or sitting in the court watching a live tournament, ‘How do you become a professional tennis player?’  We see the pros in all...

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Babolat Play Review

Data has become a massive part of sports in recent years. The advancement of sports tracker technology has meant that recreational players and professionals alike can track, record and use their playing data to improve their game.  Back in late 2013, Babolat released...

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Rafael Nadal Forehand Analysis

The Rafael Nadal forehand is undoubtedly one of the most feared shots in the history of men’s professional tennis. Often viewed as one of the more unconventional forehands on the circuit, it is certainly a profitable weapon for the 20 times Grand Slam champion. ...

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