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Babolat Racket Reviews

About Babolat

Babolat is known for its modern player’s rackets which encourage big, fast swings and plenty of topspin (think Rafael Nadal). While there are three main racket lines, each line has a variety of rackets aimed to suit different players.

Hailing from Lyon, France, Babolat is one of the biggest tennis racket companies in the world. Repped by superstar Spaniard, Rafael Nadal, these rackets are commonplace in any tennis club around the world, but it’s not just Rafa who is sporting Babolat sticks. 

Tour Pros Include:

With some of the most identifiable rackets on the planet, Babolat is a popular option for players of all standards. Between the Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike ranges, there’s lots of great rackets to pick from.

The Babolat Range

Babolat Subcategories 

Within Babolat’s different racket ranges there are certain subcategories that are worth looking at. Here’s a run-through some of the important details of each category. 


As the name suggests, the Lite rackets offer a slightly lighter option for beginner and intermediate players. Both the Babolat Pure Aero Lite and the Babolat Pure Drive Lite weigh 270g unstrung, making them extremely easy for beginners to use. 

Unfortunately, there is no Lite version of the Pure Strike offered at present. 

These rackets are perfect for young players who are still learning their strokes and are worth a look at for beginner adults who are worried about playing with a heavy racket. 


The Babolat Team rackets are ideal for intermediate players who have mastered the basics of their swing but are still working hard on their technique. They are a middle ground between the Lite rackets and the regular version and offer a good compromise between ease of use and performance. 

The Team tennis rackets are an excellent stepping stone between the light rackets and the regular versions. 


The Tour rackets are slightly heavier than the regular versions and offer a little extra in the way of performance. The extra weight in these rackets will allow players with advanced strokes to maximize their power and spin potential and get the most out of their games.

If you’re going to select a racket with a little bit more weight then you need to know your swings are up to it, otherwise, you might find they hurt your performance rather than help it.


The Plus rackets are what’s called extended length rackets. These rackets are slightly longer than the regular size rackets and allow players some extra reach. They can be quite useful for shorter players to maximize their power, but once again, you do need to have some reasonably strong strokes to get the most out of these rackets. 


You will find VS versions of each of the Babolat racket ranges. These are rackets that used to be a part of a different family but have been incorporated into one of the main three racket ranges. 

The VS rackets will generally lean slightly more towards control than their none VS siblings.


Other Considerations 

Head size 

This number will normally be included at the end of the racket name, common examples are 97 and 100. Smaller heads tend to lean towards precision.

String Pattern 

You will see lots of rackets listed as 16 x 19 or 18 x 20. This refers to the number of strings in the racket. 18 x 20 rackets will be more control-oriented vs easier spin and power from 16 x 19 rackets.