Lorenzo Musetti

  • Age

    19 (Born 03.03.2002)

  • Country


  • Turned Pro


  • Height

    1.85m/ 6’1”

  • Weight

    172lbs/ 78kgs

  • Total Prize Money


Lorenzo Musetti: Playing Style

Lorenzo Musetti is one of the most flamboyant young talents in the world of tennis today. He is a prolific shot maker that brings a swashbuckling style to the court, which will surely win him a lot of fans if nothing else. But, it is not all style and no substance for the young Italian, as he has scored wins over the likes of Nishikori and Wawrinka, as well as leading world number 1 Novak Djokovic by 2 sets to love in the 4th round of the 2021 French Open.

Musetti has a very stylish and effective single handed backhand, which is an explosive weapon that he can unleash at any given moment. He can flick winners from anywhere on the court with this wing and he also has a great slice backhand. Musetti can carve the ball and mix up the pace using his slice and dice tactics, whilst also being able to rip the ball with insane topspin.

Musetti idolises the great Roger Federer and it is clear to see this inspiration rubbing off onto his game. The similarities do not end simply with the use of the one handed backhand. Musetti is a brilliant shot maker that likes to play an aggressive, all court game. This means he is just as comfortable coming into the net as he is at the baseline, and his transition game moving forward is impressive, especially considering his favourite surface is clay.

He has had good success on hard courts in his career so far, having reached the semi-final of the 2021 Acapulco Open. He also won the 2019 Australian Open boys singles title as a junior as well as reaching the final of the boys US Open in 2018.

Lorenzo is a natural clay courter, which can be seen by his long backswings on both the forehand and backhand side. His backhand is resemblant of Richard Gasquet’s as it is a long sweeping stroke that generates a lot of topspin and power. His backhand is a great weapon that can bring his opponents outside the tramlines and open up the court for him to attack into. He likes to build points using his heavy ground strokes and bide his time before pulling the trigger. Whilst he is not a passive player by any means, he does like to work his way into points rather than going for winners right from the off. Musetti plays with a lot of racket head speed on his ground strokes, he has a very quick arm which allows him to generate so much topspin and create acute angles.

Musetti also has a heavy forehand that shouldn’t be ignored. He can loop it to push his opponents behind the baseline and neutralise the points, as well as flatten out the ball and rush his opponents. His long wind up generates a lot of power that can be devastating if he has enough time to prepare. However, if Musetti is rushed he can sometimes be forced to brush up the back of the ball and take some of the pace off. It is therefore not too surprising that he has not had his best results on grass, despite his favourite tournament actually being Wimbledon.

Lorenzo is an accomplished net player too, as he has great touch in the forecourt and loves to hit pace killing drop shots. He also likes to mix up the play by hitting drop shots from the baseline in order to surprise his opponent. In addition the Italian is a great mover. He is incredibly agile around the court but has had issues with injury and cramping in the past.

Lorenzo Musetti: Personal Bio

Musetti was born in the Tuscan city of Carrara in Italy. He started playing tennis at age 4 and he is a keen fan of classic rock music. Like many professional tennis players, Musetti lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Whilst his tennis is often composed and controlled, with Lorenzo only opting to pull the trigger when he is in the right position, he can also be fiery and hot-headed at times. He plays with his heart on his sleeve and is usually able to channel his emotions in a positive way.

However, one of the aspects of Lorenzo’s personality that he may have to keep in check is his self-criticism. This is a trait that many of the world’s best tennis players share, as they maintain such high standards. This is great if used in the right way as it can hold players accountable and ensure they are always at their best. But it can also create too much added pressure and mean that a player can get down on themselves too easily.

One of the most interesting revelations that Musetti has made in recent months is that he was struggling for motivation on the tennis court after breaking up with his girlfriend. He revealed this in an Italian sports magazine and added that he had seen a psychologist to help with the mental pain he was experiencing.

This is a very honest and commendable statement that takes a good level of maturity to admit on the world stage. It just reminds us again that whilst tennis players are incredibly talented individuals, they are also human beings just like us.

Lorenzo Musetti: What the Bros Say

Lorenzo Musetti is a fantastic young talent that brings a fresh dose of that Italian flair we love to the top of the men’s game. Players like Adreas Seppi, Fabio Fognini and Matteo Berrettini have brought their passionate and powerful games to the biggest stages, often captivating the crowd support. This is something that Musetti can definitely do throughout his career if he continues to work hard and his results match his amazing potential.

He is a great player to watch thanks to his easy on the eye game style and his enthusiasm for the sport in general.

Lorenzo Musetti: How Far Can He Go?

There is no doubt that Musetti can have a bright future in the men’s time. He has achieved some impressive results in only a couple of years on tour and has climbed the rankings impressively. He most definitely has the potential to win grand slam titles throughout his career, as his talent and work ethic mean he can rise to the very top of the game.

However, whilst his talent is undeniable, his mental resilience and fitness may hamper his ascendancy to the top of the game. He is definitely a hard worker, that is clear to see. But at times he does struggle to deal with pressure in the zen like manner of a Novak Djokovic or the roaring intensity of Rafael Nadal. This is something that is normal at such a young age, especially when you have had a lot of success as a junior and the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. However, this is definitely something that Musetti will need to improve if he wants to take on some of the greats of the game, especially given how competitive the route to a grand slam title is nowadays.

When I mention Musetti’s fitness, I am not saying he lacks intensity or agility around the court. I am referring to his ability to stay injury free and stay on court for long enough to finish off matches that he is capable of winning. In his 4th round match against Novak Djokovic in the 2021 French Open, he led by 2 sets to love but ended up retiring in the 5th set. I’m sure this wouldn’t have been the way the Italian would have wanted to bow out of that match, but he has let nerves and expectation get the better of him at other times in his career. Whilst this is something he will definitely have to improve, he seems to be mature and self aware enough to realise his weaknesses and face them head on. This could prove to be a real strength to Lorenzo as he will have to learn to deal with difficult losses in his career.

Overall, Lorenzo Musetti has the potential to go on and win a grand slam one day. It is too early to say whether he will go on to be a great of the game. He has definitely shown promise so far, but there is a lot more than pure talent required to make it today as an elite professional tennis player.

Lorenzo Musetti: Reasons to Support

Musetti is one of the next mavericks of the game. He is very easy to support due to his simply sensational style. He possesses great touch, feel and court awareness which means he can win points in very creative ways. He is a breath of fresh air that cuts through a lot of the baseline grinding tennis that tennis fans have become used to in recent years.

The young Italian is a likeable character that is a deep thinker as well as a great tennis player.

Equipment Choices


Lorenzo Musetti has recently started using the all new Head Boom Pro. He has had the majority of his success on tour so far using a Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour, which is an incredibly spin friendly racket. This makes sense as Lorenzo is a player that looks to rip the ball at any given opportunity, generates a lot of racket head speed with his long swings and is a very control focussed racket. This stick helped him to win points using his hands and his spin, but clearly he is now looking for more easy power by using the Boom Pro. This new addition to the Head line is reminiscent of Babolat’s Pure Strike and the Wilson Clash. It is a new line of rackets that focuses on power and user friendliness, so Lorenzo is clearly looking for a bit more pop off the string bed. The Boom Pro has a more circular shaped frame compared to the longer oval frame of the Extreme Pro, which offers a larger sweet spot and forgiveness. Perhaps Musetti is looking to shorten the points and be even more aggressive in the 2022 season.


Musetti uses a hybrid string setup of Head Hawk Touch in the mains and Head Lynx Tour in the crosses in his Boom Pro racket. This is control focussed setup that gives Musetti the most amount of feel possible, whilst offering pop and precision. The Head Hawk Touch is a great choice for a main string as it is a smooth, control oriented option for players that want to pocket the ball and have a pure feel on contact. This is combined with the Head Lynx Tour which is slightly softer than the Hawk. The Lynx Tour is a spin friendly poly that pairs well with the Hawk as Musetti can get the best of both worlds to complement his spin friendly and control focussed game style.


Musetti is sponsored by Nike and uses their Air Zoom Vapour Pro shoes. The Italian is also sponsored by Head and uses their Boom Pro, strung with Head Hawk Touch in the mains and Head Lynx Tour in the crosses.