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Backhand Tips

Our backhand tips can really help eliminate some major frustrations from your game.

Time spent on the tennis court should be an enjoyable and hopefully productive experience. However, the backhand is one of those shots that so many tennis players the world over seem to struggle with. This is often because it is hit with the weaker hand and therefore requires more coordination, timing and power to be consistent under match pressure.

As tennis players ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be to be inconsistent on the backhand side. Not only can this take the fun out of playing tennis, but it can also see you leaking points away in matches and ultimately hamper your game.

That is why we have taken things back to basics and broken down the fundamental elements of how to hit your backhand the right way! Our in-depth instructional articles will help you fix your backhand mistakes once and for all. Whether you play with one or two hands, we can help you hit a more consistent, powerful and controlled backhand.

We want you to have a backhand to be proud of, rather than one you dread hitting!

So, stand up to those heavy topspin balls and take them on as the best players in the world. Use our backhand performance tips as a guide to success!

If you want to take your backhand to the next level even faster, be sure to check out our dedicated backhand online coaching course too.


Why Develop Your Backhand with 

Here at, we want to improve your game from the ground up. Mastering the fundamentals builds a solid foundation for success in tennis, and that can start with improving your weaknesses.

So often this means improving the backhand wing to ensure you can enjoy the game first and foremost. Sure, improving your serve and forehand are important to take control of the points. But, if you struggle to hit your backhands consistently you’ll easily be found out!

That’s why we have put time and effort into curating some of the most thoughtful and experience-driven tennis content you’ll find. We want to help improve your backhand with our purpose-built online tennis instruction, bringing professional guidance to your fingertips.

We cater for players of all levels and we are confident that you can learn everything necessary to improve your backhand from our top class, in-depth articles.

However, if you want to take things up a notch, you should take action and join our ever-growing tennis community. Our resistant ATP Professional turned experienced coach Dave now passes his knowledge on to up and coming players just like you. Dave has helped curate the content for our exclusive online coaching courses and we want to share his invaluable experience with you!


Online Tennis Coaching for the Backhand

There’s nothing like getting onto the tennis court and hitting balls to improve your game. But, doing this without the right guidance or coaching will only lead you to compound bad habits!

Take our online coaching platform onto the court with you to ensure that you have the best coaching experience at your fingertips.

Our dedicated courses include insights from Dave’s playing days on the ATP Tour, bonus clips and stories as well as intense training sessions that will supercharge your game.

So, if you are serious about improving your backhand and becoming the most complete player you can be, check out our articles below and view our range of online courses!

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