Forehand Tips

Biggest Forehands Ever in Tennis!

Over the years we have seen some players with massive forehands grace the professional game. These players possess the power to unleash thunderbolts on the court, blistering balls past their opponents and shocking tennis fans with their unrivalled pace.  To become a...

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The Two Handed Tennis Forehand

There are a number of ways to hit a forehand in tennis. You may hit the ball flat or with monster topspin. You may hit the ball with a traditional technique or as a buggy whip. But one thing that most players agree on is hitting the forehand with one hand.  There is...

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The Buggy Whip Tennis Forehand

Mastering the tennis forehand is a very important part of improving as a tennis player. The forehand is a very important shot that some of the best players of all time have been able to center their games around.  The likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have built...

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How To Hit The “Heavy” Forehand

The forehand is one of the most weaponized shots in tennis. It is very often used to dominate an opponent following an aggressive serve. Many of the greats of the game including Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams have based their games around their...

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How To Hit Monster Topspin in Tennis

Hitting the ball with topspin is a fundamental part of improving your tennis  game. Topspin has become an ever more present part of the modern game of tennis, so much so that most racket and string manufactures offer products specifically designed to maximise it! ...

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Dominic Thiem Forehand Analysis

Dominic Thiem has shot to the top of the men's professional game over the last few years. He is a player that takes massive cuts at the ball and had a breakthrough win at Madrid Masters back in 2014. He topped Stan Wawrinka on the Spanish clay to really make his first...

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Roger Federer Forehand Analysis

  Roger Federer’s forehand needs no introduction. With 20 grand slams, over 100 titles and the all time number one record, he is the greatest tennis player of all time in the eyes of many keen tennis players and his forehand has played a huge part in this! ...

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The “Best” Forehand Grip

The “Best” Forehand Grip

Western, Semi-Western, Eastern, Continental. What do these Forehand Grips Mean?   Have you ever to spoken to someone about tennis forehand grips and felt consumed by weird names that sounded like they belong more on a compass than a tennis court?   Even some...

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The Eastern Forehand Grip

You often hear people talking about different forehand grips and the general benefits and disadvantages of each one. With all the different names though, it can be difficult to know what’s what, so we thought we’d put some guides together to help you out.  For a...

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