Everyone in the tennis world is aware of the great strings Luxilon produces, but how would Big Banger Ace compare to some of its better-known counterparts such as Alu Power, and Big Banger Original?

We tested Big Banger with a Babolat Pure Strike 18 x 20 strung at 50lbs, so how would we get on?

Power – 5.5/10


Poly strings aren’t geared for big power, and Big Banger Ace certainly isn’t.

You’ll still be able to hit your aces, but you do need some strong swings to generate the power to do so.

This string does have some brilliant qualities (as we will see in a minute) but you’ve got to be able to generate your own power.

Don’t be surprised if you get a little bit of pop when you come out with a fresh restring; it quickly settles down and becomes a very control focused poly.

For those that love the control, this is ideal, but if you’re someone who needs power, then Big Banger Ace isn’t going to be the string for you.

As poly users, the Big Banger Ace fell right into our zone when it came to power, allowing us to swing through aggressively without feeling like we were going to hit the back fence.

We gave this string a 5.5 out of 10 for power.

Control – 9/10


Here’s where the control/power tradeoff works in your favor with Luxilon Big Banger Ace.

This string has oodles of control, allowing you to swing aggressively and be ambitious with your shot placements.

This is exactly what people want when they go for a control poly and you really get that feeling you are in control of exactly what happens to the ball.

For us, that’s exactly what we want from our string, and we had absolutely no complaints in this area.

If you’re not a regular poly user, then the balance of control over power might be a little bit tough to get used to in the beginning, but as long as your producing enough racket head speed, there is so much potential with this string.

Big Banger Ace gave us exactly what we wanted when it came to control and we gave it a strong 9 out of 10.


Spin – 8/10


This was an area where I really enjoyed Big Banger Ace as I was able to get lots of topspin without ever losing control of the ball.

There are strings out there that offer more spin like a Babolat RPM Rough, but for me, this string got the balance pretty much spot on.

I rely on hitting with plenty of topspin, especially on the forehand side, and getting the ball to kick off the court, so I always enjoy these playtest with good polys such as Big Banger Ace.

Of course, topspin comes from your swings, but the strings do play a part and can give you that little edge when it comes to getting the right amount of spin, and this one does an excellent job.

We gave Big Banger Ace an 8 out of 10 for spin.


Touch – 6.5/10


Big Banger Ace is quite a stiff string, which gives it plenty of durability but considering this, it has pretty good feel.

Touch isn’t the main characteristic of poly strings, and those players coming from multifilaments might find it to be severely lacking in this area, but again it’s something you get used to.

Some players prefer the less responsive feel, but Big Banger Ace gives you a pretty good middle ground that anyone can play with.

I was expecting this string to get a slightly lower score here, so, 6.5 isn’t a bad score when you consider how well it does in other categories.

Comfort – 6.5/10


We really enjoyed the comfort levels of Big Banger Ace given the control, spin, and durability it provides.

There are a lot of poly strings that give you great performance and then don’t do a great job on comfort, but Big Banger Ace is fairly strong in this area.

Poly strings are never going to be the most comfortable strings out there, but people are willing to make sacrifices in order to get the performance.

With the Big Banger Ace, that sacrifice doesn’t have to be all that great.

We gave this string a good score for a poly of 6.5 out of 10.


Durability – 9/10


We love a durable string at TheTennisBros.com and that’s exactly what we got with Big Banger Ace.

This string keeps tension pretty well, and you will get a very good lifespan out of it. Breaking strings all the time is a huge hassle, so any string that stops us breaking out the stringing machine is a bonus.

Overall – 8.5/10


This string does everything you want a poly to do. It’s got great control, good spin, durability, and surprisingly good comfort levels.

As with many of the control-oriented polys, you’ve got to be comfortable generating your own power, but for those that can, there are many advantages to this string.

We really enjoyed our playtest with Big Banger Ace, and would certainly recommend it – 8.5 out of 10.


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Review by: Will