Kollectaball Tennis Ball Collector Review

The last thing you want to be doing after your coach has just made you hit 60 balls like a crazy person is bend over and pick those balls up.

Granted, I am a little lazy, so sometimes I quite appreciate the break, but a lot of time gets spent picking up balls that could be much better used.

There are a lot of different options out there for ball collectors – some expensive, some cheap, but they all do varying jobs at picking up tennis balls.

At the top of the scale is the pretty incredible Tennibot, which is pretty much your own personal robot ball collector. If you’ve got $1,000 to throw at a ball collector then I would highly recommend this, as, well, it’s pretty awesome.

Most of us aren’t looking to spend $1,000 on a tennis ball collector though. This is where the Kollectaball comes in.

You do have to do a little manual work with this (unfortunately), but it’s minimal and is still a pretty cool tool.

Roll-In Cage

The Kollectaball uses a wire cage to roll over the balls and collect them, reducing the time it takes to pick up balls and saving you from the hassle of constantly bending over.

Their best model, the KMax will hold up to 60 balls and has an easy opening system so you can transfer the balls into your ball machine or ball holder.

This system really does make ball collecting a piece of cake, as it takes virtually no effort to roll over the balls and collect them in the cage.

Of course, you’ve still got to walk around with it, which you don’t have to do with the Tennibot, but other than that, you can pretty much stand back and relax.

There are lots of tennis ball retrievers out there, but the Kollectaball is near the top of the list for ease of collection.

After the Tennibot and the Playmate Ball Mower, which again comes in at $500+, the Kollectaball is the most efficient ball picker I have come across.

Forget the tennis ball tube collector type products, this product actually makes collecting with the tool faster than picking up by hand.


The Kollectaball’s wires are fairly flexible which leads you to wonder whether they will last the hours and hours of punishment that they face collecting balls.

However, we have found this product to be extremely strong and works extremely well on all surfaces.

We haven’t had any problems with broken wires, but if you do, the product comes with extra wires that you can transfer in for any broken ones.

The KMax model also comes with an easy opening system that doubles as a stand, making it easy to empty the balls into your ball container.

This is aspect makes the Kmax a very useful tennis product. Not only does it make tennis ball pick up far easier, but it also allows you to get rid of the balls without hassle.


One of the biggest pluses with this product, especially if you are a coach, is that it makes picking up balls fun for kids. Tennis lessons with kids are a constant battle to keep them entertained and picking up balls is often a time when you can lose them completely.

The Kollectaball aids coaching sessions by making tennis ball collecting an exciting and fun prospect for kids.

Rather than running around in all directions, the kids want to be running around picking up balls with the ball collector!

The KMax is light enough for kids to be able to push it around and it takes very little pressure on the balls to collect them up, so young children can still feel like they are helping to pick up the balls.

Keeping kids entertained on the tennis court can be difficult, but at least with the Kollectaball, you can keep them happy while they pick up the balls. The real advantage, however, is you’ve got more time for teaching. Less time picking up balls means more time for the real reason you’re out there – to teach tennis.

Kollectaball Conclusion

If you’re just going out for a hit with a few balls, then you won’t have much use for a tennis ball collector. But if you’re hitting against a ball machine or grinding out a particularly strenuous practice session, then this product can be invaluable.

Time on court is a valuable thing and you don’t want to be wasting large chunks of it picking up balls.

With the Kollectaball, you will save a lot of time on picking up balls and can put that time back into improving your game. It also saves your back from constantly bending down to pick up balls!

We’ve found the Kollectaball to be a great tool, and it does exactly what it says it will. Ball collection times are cut drastically with this product which means you can put more time into practicing your game.

If you play with a ball machine then Kollectaball really is a life-saver, but it is also useful for coaching sessions.

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