Head Tour Tennis Ball Review

The Head Tour ball is one of the most popular tennis balls in the amateur and professional game, alike – and for good reason too!

There’s nothing worse in tennis than your equipment letting you down.

This could be from being too lazy to get your racket strung regularly and watching your ball constantly sail out the back of the court, to playing with a racket far too heavy for your game and catching the ball constantly late, and it flying to the right.

Another contributing factor to “frustrating tennis” is the ball.

Often the choice of ball is overlooked by club level players and organisations, but failure to recognise the benefits of a certain ball could be hurting you both in terms of performance and your finances.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Head Tour (taking over from the Head ATP) ball and look into why we believe it should be the primary choice for your game.


10out of 10

There are certainly a lot of tennis balls out there. But rest assured, over the years, we have literally tried them all!

A tennis ball’s ability to penetrate the court effectively and truly “pop” on serve is something we really appreciate at TheTennisBros.com.

There’s nothing more frustrating than making clean contact with a shot, only to find the ball dribbles off your string bed.

The Head Tour ball contains power in spades.

We feel it’s probably the most powerful ball out there, both before and after being smashed around for a couple of sets.

Tennis balls always lose some of their pop within a number of minutes on the tennis court, but the Head Tour balls remained reasonably steadfast in this aspect all the way up to to the end of the two-hour playtest.


10out of 10

Control is an aspect that we hear a lot of players talking about, whether that be in terms of their tennis racket or string.

The control aspect of a ball is something that isn’t discussed a lot, however.

How much control a tennis ball has will have a direct correlation with how easily it is able to take spin.

Additionally, a balls ability to receive spin potential is linked to the quality of the felt material, but also how well intact it is after a set of tennis or two.

You’re probably thinking I should be putting this information in the durability section, but a lot of these aspects, whether it be power, control or spin, do interconnect.

Due to the premium, professional level felt of the Head Tour Ball (and also, its great durability, which we’ll look at in a moment), its control was very good indeed.

We’ve heard some complaints from some of the more elderly female, lower level club players about these balls being “too bouncy”.

Personally, we didn’t find this to be anything near an issue and with good footwork and technique, no tennis ball out there will be “too bouncy”.


10out of 10

The Head Tour balls take spin extremely readily. When I use them, myself, I can literally hear the topspin fizzing off the ball!

It’s easy to press back your opponents with them, and when the stars align, you can deliver a fatal, heavy ball or flat winners without parallel.

Of course, your opponent can also hit the same type of shot at you, so be ready!


9out of 10

Durability is one of the most important factors for club level players who do not want to be paying for brand new tennis balls every single session.

No tennis ball out there is perfectly durable. If it were, the manufacturers would be out of business as everyone could play with the same balls forever and not have to buy any again!

The Head Tour are the best it gets in terms of durability, though. They really do withstand a pounding.

Often, you’ll find you’ll get a good number of hits out of them until they become unplayable.

This is of stark contrast to the Dunlop Fort Balls, which fluff up virtually instantly!

Personally, I find a ball fluffing up during a match to be incredibly infuriating.

The moment this happens, they lose their ability to spin effectively, suddenly sending my topspin serves a foot long, instead of a foot inside the line, where they were landing previously.

When this happens, I feel much more vulnerable out there on the court as I’m fighting with a factor which is beyond my control and sometimes have to make small adjustments in my game to help deal with this.

The game of tennis requires so many small adjustments already, so don’t add in more complication by choosing an inferior tennis ball!

Another Reason Why Choosing The Right Ball Is Important

Failure to choose the right, or even a good quality tennis ball will, quite simply, hurt your bank account.

No tennis balls out there are “really cheap”, and if you choose a lower grade ball, you’ll have to replace them in practice far more often, costing you more money in the long run.

For a club level player, the Head Tour ball will last you many hits and help you cut down on some of those painfully high expenses tennis can bring!



Buy In Bulk

Do you buy your tennis balls can by can? Match by match? Training session by training session?

If you do, you’re missing a trick. I (Tom) never do this as I know I’m basically throwing away money.

The more tennis balls you buy at once from good tennis retailers, the cheaper each ball costs, and the more money you will save.

In England, where we are based, the Head Tour balls tend to average about £1.25 a tennis ball/ £5 for a can of 4.

These numbers don’t sound like they will break the bank, but when you’re buying one, two or even three cans a week for this price, the numbers soon add up.

Instead, it’s far better to bulk buy your balls from reputable online retailers, as you can get the cost per ball MUCH cheaper.

In England, providing I buy enough balls, I can get mine for about £0.80 a ball, which is insanely cheap in comparison! I tend to buy a year’s supply of balls at once to get them for the cheapest price I can.

Of course, the downside lies in the fact that you need a suitable place to store them if you do go for a larger bulk buy.

You’ll also need to make sure that you store the balls in a room with medium temperature and where conditions don’t increase and decrease too dramatically.


10out of 10

In our opinion, here, at TheTennisBros.com the Head Tour tennis ball is THE BEST ball on the market today.

It’s durable, powerful, easy to spin and all of these attributes contribute to maintaining a fair tennis match between opponents.

There’s a reason the pros use this ball, so be sure to give it a try!

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out of 10

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