Tennis Tutor Prolite Review

Tennis ball machines can be a great tool for coaches, parents and players alike. They provide a different dimension to tennis training and allow players to practice on their own, coaches to take a closer look at their charge’s technique and parents to keep their kids playing outside of their weekly tennis lessons.

But, with a lot of stiff competition in the tennis ball machine space these days, the question of which option is the best is becoming more and more difficult to answer. So, let’s take a look at a classic from Tennis Tutor and see what’s what.

Who Are Tennis Tutor?

Tennis Tutor is a well known American tennis ball machine manufacturer who are part of the Sports Tutor group.

Sports Tutor produces a number of different ball distribution machines for various different sports including tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball and pickleball. They are renowned for their quality, user friendly design and reliability.

The Tennis Tutor Prolite

The Tennis Tutor Prolite ball machine is one of the best all rounders on the market today. The Prolite, which is the smaller brother of the Prolite plus, is one of the most compact designs out there, standing just 12” tall.

It is also very easy to pick up and carry to anywhere you like on the tennis court, as it weighs less than 30lbs and has an easy carry case style handle.

What’s more, the Tennis Tutor Prolite is made from high grade durable plastic, which makes it very robust as it can stand up to even the hardest of shots impacting it!

You can also rest assured that your new ball machine won’t go faulty any time soon, as Tennis Tutor backs it up with a 3 year parts and labour warranty.

The Prolite is also fairly reasonably priced at just $799 for the standard version, and $899 for the oscillating version. This is not the cheapest tennis ball machine you’ll find, but it is also definitely not the most expensive.

You definitely get what you pay for with ball machines, so it is well worth investing upfront to get a high quality product that will work well for years to come. You can also purchase extended warranties to give yourself even more peace of mind.



The Tennis Tutor Prolite can reach ball speeds of up to 60MPH, or 75MPH for the Prolite Plus version, meaning that no matter what your playing level is, you can get a good, strong shot back from this tennis ball machine.

The ball can be fed at a frequency ranging between every 1.5 seconds up to every 10 seconds, so you can really set up your on court drills however you like.

If you want to practice a movement pattern around a cone and then hit your shot you can, or if you want to practice reaction volleys up at the net this is also possible with the Tennis Tutor Prolite!

The Prolite also comes with a ball capacity of 125 balls, so you can drill for a long time before having to stop and pick any up. You can manually adjust the elevation of the ball, so you can vary the height of the shot from a low slice all the way up to a high lob, giving you the most variation possible.

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts 3 hours in the Prolite, and 4 hours in the Prolite Plus, but you can also purchase an additional external battery that extends the life of your ball machine even further! One of the most clever aspects of the Prolite ball machine is the Smart charging system.

It will fully charge the battery when left on overnight, but will then stop charging when it recognises that the battery is full. This means you won’t ever overcharge and damage the battery, protecting the health of your ball machine in the long run.

Another nifty feature is the start up time delay. This basically allows the player who has set the machine up a bit of time to get to the other end of the court before the balls start firing!

One of the recommended upgrades for your Tennis Tutor Prolite machine that is included as standard on the Prolite Plus is the built-in oscillator.

This fires shots at random, making the session more realistic to a match situation. This is not for everyone, especially if you are just aiming to use your ball machine for drilling specific shots over and over again.

But, if you are after an all in one solution that can effectively replicate the unpredictability of a match situation, the oscillation feature is well worth having.

You can also have your Prolite with an extended A/C power cable, so you can plug it into the mains electricity for endless ball feeding! Additionally, you can have a two button wireless remote control that allows you to stop and start your ball machine whenever you want, although this will cost you an extra $200.

Finally, there are a wide range of additional accessories that you can buy to accompany your Tennis Tutor Prolite ball machine. From smart battery chargers, to protective covers to replacement batteries, you can really pimp out your new piece of kit however you like!


The Tennis Tutor Prolite is a great all round ball machine that offers all the thrills of a high powered ball machine but without the extortionate cost and massive size.

It is a compact and well built ball machine that can do it all for a reasonable price. You can carry it around easily and it will be a reliable on court companion for years to come.

It also had a cameo appearance in an episode of Top Gear where it was compared to a Ferrari! If that’s not high praise we don’t know what is!

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