Tennis Gifts: The Best Tennis Presents for Him and Her

Are you looking for inspiration? Struggling to find a unique gift for the tennis player in your life? Or are you a tennis player yourself, looking to curate a wish list of tennis gifts?

Fear not, The Bros are experts when it comes to knowing what makes any tennis disciple smile. Just sit back and let us make some stellar suggestions, suitable for any occasion.

The Ultimate Tennis Gift – Better Tennis!

Nothing satisfies a tennis player quite like winning matches and making progress, and the best way of achieving these goals is by learning the skills and techniques necessary to improve your game. And this is where the Bros have you covered.

The Tennis Bros Courses

Here at Tennis Bros we have invested a huge amount of time and effort into sharing our expertise in putting together the best guides to help you perfect any and every element of tennis.

Whether you want to perfect your backhandforehandserves or footwork, and more, we have something for absolutely everyone and each aspect of the game with a selection of targeted courses presented by some of the most respected names in tennis.

And, if you prefer to cover every base, you can purchase our entire catalog too – a gift your recipient can return to whenever they like – it is like having an expert coach on 24-7 speed-dial forever – for a one-off price, one that’s a fraction of what it costs to cover this type of ground via actual lessons.

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Racket Fittings

So many players start with beginner’s rackets that they outgrow without knowing it, or they choose a frame that is ill-suited to their game simply because their favorite pro endorses it. And without the right tools, it is almost impossible to play tennis at an optimum level.

Here at Tennis Bros we are constantly testing rackets and strings, forever studying and experimenting to discern what will work for every player, and we are always happy to share our considerable expertise with you.

Treat your loved one to one of our custom fittings and they will receive a questionnaire they complete and return. Then, we will get working and will reply with a detailed analysis, offering a shortlist of specific frames and strings best suited to that player’s precise ability and aims.

If you are tired of your partner forever blaming their racket or conducting expensive experiments with yet another new purchase every few weeks, let us take the guesswork away!

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Amazon Finds – Tennis Gifts to Your Door

Sometimes, you just need the speed and convenience of Amazon, and while we would not recommend the online giant for many tennis-related items (you have Raquet Guys for that!) they have some interesting items that you may not immediately think of.

Good tennis often starts away from the court and these tennis gifts will help make you a healthier and sharper player.


Tennis professionals will not hit a ball without warming up first, an example we now see mimicked by players of all levels, and justifiably so. Tennis is such a physical sport and playing ‘cold’ just invites the risk of injury. So, Therabands are incredible value for something that could have a huge impact on not just injury prevention, but the quality of your tennis too – helping to improve flexibility and strength.

Use these bands for a variety of stretching, strength work, and core exercises to help build a better tennis body.


Staying with the theme of fitness, we love this simple yet hugely effective tool for helping mobilize and strengthen the hands, wrists, and forearms. This device also helps to activate and stretch the muscles/tendons that are responsible for every player’s nemesis, tennis elbow.

Your recipient may wonder what you have gifted, but if they are serious about their tennis they will soon thank you for something that has become a staple in The Tennis Bros bag.  Check out Flexbars to help combat tendonitis and tennis elbow.

Tap It! Game

We all love a gift that everyone can enjoy, not just for the person we are buying for, and this game brings the family together for a lot of fun with a little exercise too. And in case you are wondering what this has to do with tennis, it is a game based on reactions and there are very few elite players who ignore this skill. Consider it a way of having fun while secretly helping your recipient hone skills that will help their tennis!

Digital Tennis Gifts – Convenient but Impactful

Far from being the lazy option, there are a small number of downloadable apps that will make a big difference to the serious tennis player.

Apeak Tennis App

The popularity of the Apeak Tennis app has grown exponentially, it is a subscription-based resource where players can train their minds to help maximize their fullest potential.

Psychology has become a huge component within competitive sports and as with physical conditioning, many amateur players are embracing this area as a vital component of being a better tennis player.

So many players understand the importance of developing the right mental approach, whether it is for training, playing, preparing, or reflecting, but few can afford the services of a professional sports psychologist, which is where the affordable Apeak app comes in.

Swing Vision

For the serious tennis geek, there could be a few things more exciting than being given a Swing Vision subscription. This app, once paired with the accompanying accessories, offers a mesmerizing array of stats to satisfy those players who really love to dive into their shot patterns, ball speed, accuracy, etc.

It may not be the cheapest of purchases, but if you are a serious player or know someone who is, this will be the gift that keeps on giving, offering players the type of detailed insight that, generally speaking, has only ever been available to pros.

This app brings accurate data to each player, helping them analyze their game in rich detail. This information makes identifying strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies easy and can prove invaluable for players eager to understand their own tennis. Specifically, we like how this data can be recorded and taken to your next coaching session, letting your coach know when you need the most help.

Budget-Friendly Tennis Gifts

Tennis can be an expensive sport to participate in, but thankfully there are a whole host of options for those on a budget or simply looking for stocking fillers.


Okay, socks are not the most exciting of tennis gifts, we get it. But we love the feeling that comes from sliding our feet into a new pair of socks and when it comes to tennis, our feet take a pounding and deserve a little TLC.

Our friends at Racquet Guys offer a wide selection of tennis-specific socks, all designed to protect a key area of a tennis player’s body. Whoever you are gifting for will notice the difference a good pair of socks makes and while they may not be too excited at first, we bet that they will be no less grateful when they take to the court!


We do not know any serious player who doesn’t love a good book. Whether it is a tell-all autobiography from one of the greats or insights from some of the game’s brightest minds on how to play better tennis, books are a superb way of connecting with the game on a deeper level.

And if you need inspiration on what book to buy, the Bros have shortlisted a selection of the best reads out there.

Vibration Dampeners

There is a good chance you or your loved one already has a dampener. For those unfamiliar, vibration dampeners are those small rubbery devices that sit in a player’s strings to reduce vibration.

Fundamentally, you can never have too many dampeners and with a variety of styles to choose from, you can pick a dampener that matches your racket or one that is endorsed by your favorite player.


Nearly all tennis players use an over-grip, it is the most cost-effective way of being able to achieve the ‘new grip’ feel at regular intervals. From the model used by Roger Federer or that used by Rafael Nadal, to more creative and colorful options, an over-grip is a budget-friendly winner, a nice way to refresh your racket and recreate that ‘new racket’ feeling.

Isotonic tablets

It may not be the most glamorous of presents but hear us out. We have long been disciples of using isotonic tablets because they are convenient, effective, and far cheaper than purchasing bottles of Gatorade or similar isotonic drinks.

Most tennis players have found themselves stopping by a gas station before a game to stock up on some unusually colored drinks, whereas for the same money, a tube of isotonic tablets can make ten or so drinks – plus, you only need to add water – what could be simpler?

Good hydration is a cornerstone of optimum performance and these tablets come in a variety of flavors and are often low in sugar too.

Tennis Gift Care Package

If you like the idea of isotonic tablets but feel like you are being a little too stingy, why not curate a tennis-specific care package?

Take your tablets, add a drinking bottle, maybe some dried fruit like dates (just read our piece on Novak Djokovic’s diet for inspiration), a towel, socks, and maybe some sweatbands and before long you have a super thoughtful collection of tennis related goodies that show you have really thought hard about the gift and who it is for.

Bigger Price Tag Tennis Gifts

If your budget allows, there are a few tennis gifts that are both unique and genuinely worth the money. We would though advocate against buying rackets unless you are certain about the exact specification, especially if you elect to get the racket strung. Tennis players are a pernickety breed of people when it comes to brands, frames, and set-ups, so buying a racket can be a risky move unless you are 100% certain about what you are buying.

The Functional Tennis ‘Saber’

Once unwrapped, your recipient may initially look very confused. The Saber is an odd-looking racket thanks to its strangely small head – but it is engineered this way for a very specific reason.

The small head is designed for practice and the aim is for the user to improve their accuracy over time. Being forced to focus on a small hitting area, once a player migrates back to their standard racket, the theory is that their ball striking will have improved dramatically – and believe us, along with pros like Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka, it really does work!

This is a fantastic tool to help groove a player’s focus, motor skills, and general shot-making, contrary to the odd appearance.

Whoop subscription/band

You may have seen a variety of sports people wearing Whoop bands, from golfers such as Rory McIlroy to a raft of NFLNBA and tennis pros, Whoop bands are used to gather and present data that helps the wearer optimize their rest, strain, and general fitness in granular detail.

If the tennis player in your life is super serious about their general health and well-being and is constantly looking for an edge, this is the tennis gift for them.

Having road-tested the band for a while, here at Tennis Bros we are sold on Whoop (albeit for the most dedicated of tennis disciples). We love that the band automatically senses when you are playing tennis and thanks to a slick app that offers a mesmerizing array of metrics covering sleep, heart rate, stress, and respiratory rates, you can really begin to understand your body and begin to make changes to help optimize your fitness and performance.

For the tennis player who has everything, this gift could really be a game changer for their health and performance, an impactful purchase with multiple benefits, many of which will translate into better tennis.

The Tennis Bros Best Tennis Gifts 2022

So that is a wrap! All of your gifting needs are covered, something for every budget and level of player, with some inventive options to really wow the tennis devotee in your life. But while we are obviously biased, the pick of all gifts has to be one (or all) of the Tennis Bros courses, the ultimate game changer.

Our courses are the gift that won’t grow old, the most impactful of resources that you will be thanked for months after the occasion.

Alternatively, giving our Custom Fitting can really help players who are either new to the sport or just lost among a bewildering sea of rackets and strings.

We know that finding that special gift can often be stressful, but when it comes to all things tennis, lean on the Bros expertise to alleviate the pressure – happy shopping!

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