Babolat Pure Aero Tour Racket Review

The Babolat Pure Aero Tour is the heavier version of its younger brother, the Pure Aero. At 315g, this racket is a yellow and black rocket launcher for tennis balls.

If you’re looking to add a little pop to your shots then the Pure Aero Tour is a great option to get a little bit more out of your game, but it also maintains an adequate amount of feel and control.

The sleek frame of the Pure Aero Tour gives it a very light feel which encourages fast, aggressive strokes.

If you generate a lot of racket head speed then the Pure Aero Tour is going to accentuate this, bumping up the RPMs you can generate on the ball.

If you are someone who is looking to add a little bit more topspin to your shots, then purchasing the Pure Aero Tour is an easy way to accomplish this.

Thanks in large part to tennis legend, Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Aero series are some of the most recognizable rackets on the market.

In fact, over the years, many a young player has donned a bandana and gone out and bought the Pure Aero Tour, looking to recreate the heroics of the great Nadal.

The good news for those seeking to play like Nadal is that this racket really does help you play a little bit more like him.

Sure, you might have to start running a lot more and increase your intensity levels by 10,000%, but it will give you more spin, and more power.

If you like a flashy racket, then you’ll love both the look and playability of this one. Its sleek frame is eye-catching and extremely maneuverable.

The newest version features FSI Spin Technology, which has increased the distance between the cross strings, giving you even more grip on the ball, and thus, more spin.

This latest upgrade from Babolat has taken the Pure Aero Tour from being a racket that gets a lot of spin to a racket that can generate an unbelievable amount of spin.

Also, if you’re a player who has the ability to create angles and get your opponent running all over the court then you’re going to love this racket.

The Pure Aero Tour definitely leans towards the feel of a lightweight racket that makes hitting powerful topspin shots easy, but it doesn’t sacrifice everything else in order to achieve that.

It’s certainly not the racket for someone who wants a buttery level of feel and control from their racket, but it is still a genuine all-around racket, rather than just a power machine like the Pure Drive Tour Plus.

We took the Pure Aero Tour out for a little test drive and had some contrasting opinions.

As it is Lawrence’s regular racket, I (Will) took on the review in order to keep things unbiased!

Lawrence loves to hit the ball as hard as he possibly can, and then hit the next ball even harder, so the Pure Aero Tour is a pretty logical choice for him!


8out of 10

Like most rackets these days, the Pure Aero Tour is aimed at the aggressive baseliner, and its easy power and spin make it an attractive proposition for anyone that likes to hit through the ball.

Think of Rafael Nadal’s game, and you almost have the perfect template of what this racket is good at, lots of racket head speed, lots of spin, and lots of energy.

Off the backhand side, I was looking forward to seeing what the “easy maneuverability” of the Pure Aero could offer me.

With heavier rackets, I often feel like I don’t generate the racket head speed I should on my backhand side, and I did feel a slight difference when using the Pure Aero.

I was swinging through the ball nicely, but I kept dropping the ball just a little short.

I felt like I really missed the extra weight of my Head Speed Pro, just to finish off the shot and get a bit more drive through the ball.

This racket would perhaps suit someone who likes to use their backhand to really move their opponent around the court with spin.

The initial power is very easy to get and any spin you create is accentuated by the Pure Aero Tour, so aggression through spin is rewarded.

This style of play is much more suited to how I hit my forehand, and it did make my forehand feel extremely effortless.

Without putting in too much energy I was able to hit powerful forehands with great net clearance and lots of spin to push my opponent back.

The only problem was, it was a little too easy to generate pace, which sometimes caused some depth control issues.

This shouldn’t be seen as a criticism of this racket though, it just didn’t suit my style is all.

The number of racket sales the Pure Aero series has says everything about the racket; it is very good indeed. It just needs the right person to be using it.

If your game plan utilizes a lot of spin to move your opponent around the court, and you like being able to generate easy power then the Pure Aero range will tick a lot of boxes for you.

We gave the Pure Aero Tour an 8 out of 10 for groundstrokes.

This is a very good racket for groundstrokes, it has easy power, lots of spin, and allows for a lot of racket head speed.

Its only drawback was the lack of feel, it just felt unremarkable, the ball pinged off the strings and you didn’t really get much feedback.


9out of 10

I think the whole town heard when I hit my first serve of the day with the Babolat Pure Aero Tour; it sounded like a bomb exploded on impact.

This racket is an absolute missile launcher on the serve, so if you’re looking for more mph on yours, then this racket is ideal.

The balance of the racket feels like you’re swinging fresh air, yet it still feels strong and stable on impact.

Of course, you should always remember that there is a fine balance between power and control, and once again I felt like the Pure Aero Tour lacked the feel that I normally look for in a racket.

However, that extra power can be invaluable if you can manage to keep it in the court, and I managed to hit plenty of booming aces when I gave the Pure Aero Tour a whirl in a men’s doubles match!

As with this racket’s ability on groundstrokes, whether you get along with it will depend on preference.

For those players who value feel and control more than anything else, you’re not going to get along with the Babolat Pure Aero Tour.

It simply doesn’t give you the kind of feedback and sense of connection to the ball that something like the Pure Strike would do.

But, if you’re looking for something that is power-based yet still a very good all-round racket then you won’t find many better candidates than this one.

The Pure Aero Tour gets a 9 for serves. The power potential is unbelievable, but you’ve got to figure out how to tame it!


7.5out of 10

The Babolat Pure Aero Tour was a solid racket at the net. It’s got a fairly large sweet spot, so it’s quite forgiving if you don’t happen to hit the ball right out of the middle.

Additionally, its great maneuverability ensures you can easily get your racket in position when someone has hit a big ball at you.

The only negative at the net was once again the lack of feel, it’s quite a pingy racket which is nice for popping away volleys and hitting with some depth, but it just lacked a little something on the finer shots.

The Pure Aero Tour would suit someone who comes to the net only when they’ve set the point up perfectly and they know they’re only likely to have to hit one volley.

It’s not the kind of racket you see a chip charger using, but that doesn’t stop it being an effective volleying weapon in the hands of someone who’s worn their opponent out from the baseline before coming in to put the volley away.

The Pure Aero Tour gets a 7.5 for the volleys. Essentially, volleys are not what this racket is designed for, but considering it is a power-based racket it is not too bad at the net.

If you’re playing more singles than doubles, and love to come in to finish off points from a very dominant position then this racket will be more than enough at the net.


8out of 10

Overall, this is another Babolat racket that does exactly what it promises to do.

You can’t fail to feel the extra power and spin the Pure Aero Tour can give you, and if you’re looking for a racket with these things then you won’t be disappointed.

Naturally, if a racket is going to give you buckets of spin and power, then you can’t expect it to offer tons of control and feel as well, so you will have to decide what it is you’re looking for in a racket.

If the answer is a bit more power and a bit more spin, then we recommend you seriously consider the Babolat Pure Aero Tour.

It may not get you playing exactly like Nadal, but it will certainly give you a great deal more spin.

In the end we gave the Babolat Pure Aero Tour an 8 out of 10.


Final Thoughts

It is a really good racket for people who are looking to quickly add a bit of spin and power to their game, but we were put off by the lack of feel that led to.

Also in the Babolat range is the Pure Strike. Despite both being relatively light, intermediate to high-performance rackets, the Pure Aero and the Pure Strike couldn’t be more different.

The Pure Aero is firmly a power racket, while the Pure Strike is a precision, control racket. If you’re not sure what you are looking for in a racket, then it is well worth giving both of these rackets a try.

You might just find the one that is really going to transform your game!

These rackets do exactly what they advertise, and we can certainly see why they are so popular.

So long as you are aware of what you’re looking to develop in your game, you can’t go wrong with these rackets.

While the Pure Aero Tour didn’t particularly suit my preferences, I really enjoyed accidentally smashing my first serve at 300mph to the back fence (“wink face”).

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out of 10



out of 10



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out of 10

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