Head Graphene 360 PWR Speed Review

Head’s most powerful racket, the Graphene 360 PWR Speed is one that will suit more senior players and lower level players looking to get some easy power without putting too much pressure on their joints.

This racket is not one that advanced players should consider, as it proved difficult to tame during our playtest.

Essentially, the ball just pinged everywhere and anywhere with not much control to talk about.

If, however, you are starting out in your tennis journey and your strokes are not fully developed yet, then this might make an excellent option for increasing the power available to you.

It will also give you a little more confidence when playing points.

I would not recommend this racket for a junior though, as it is simply too powerful.

If juniors are to progress their tennis game, then they need to have a racket that encourages them to swing through the ball and make their own power; developing their strokes so they can move to the next level.

The Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR doesn’t really help with this as it rewards half shots at the ball with good power and doesn’t give you the control when you do hit through the ball.

So, we’ve narrowed this racket’s “ideal user” down to more senior players, who perhaps don’t want to be swinging at 100mph at every ball any more, or adult beginners who want a little boost at the beginning of their tennis journey before they move onto a slightly more advanced racket.

For people of a more senior age, the Head Graphene 360 PWR Speed is a very friendly 255g, so it’s not going to tire your arm out, and its 16 x 19 string pattern and 2PT HH balance are sure you to get you a power and spin boost.

The Graphene 360 Speed PWR also boasts a huge 115 sq. inch head, so you will benefit from a massive sweet spot, which gives you a comfortable hit 99% of the time.

This particular version has been updated with Graphene 360 technology which strengthens the frame at certain points to ensure extra stability, meaning the racket shouldn’t turn and bend as much on contact.

All this lends itself to a very comfortable racket to play with that should minimize the impact on your muscles and joints.

The Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR is decked out in the same black and white color scheme as the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro that Novak Djokovic uses.

It’s a racket that we love, and despite the Speed PWR’s enormous looking head, we think it still makes for quite an attractive racket.

This racket is most likely to appeal to people whose main concern is comfort. It is set up to give you plenty of power and spin without having to swing through the ball too hard.

This aspect would certainly suit a more senior tennis player.

It’s definitely not the racket for me just yet (Will), although I always appreciate comfort in a racket!

Nevertheless, we took the Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR out on court and put it through its paces…


7out of 10

The Graphene 360 PWR Speed is quite probably the lightest racket that I have ever played with, so I wasn’t expecting much stability from this stick.

The 360 Speed PWR does have a slightly heavier swing weight of 313g though, and it did surprise me with its stability.

Despite me swinging through the ball really hard, I was impressed by the racket’s stability on contact, as it stayed quite firm in my hand, and felt very comfortable on contact.

I was able to generate a lot of racket head speed, as expected with such a light racket, and the head heavy balance kept the ball driving through the court very nicely indeed.

However. if your swings are very advanced and you generate natural power then you’re going to find the Head Graphene 360 PWR Speed very difficult to control.

But if you’re starting out in tennis, then it will give you a good mix of power and spin that can be very useful.

The Head Graphene 360 PWR Speed rewards players who keep things simple, and I got my best results with the Speed PWR on the backhand when I kept it quite flat and let the racket add the spin for me.

If you start over complicating things then the open string pattern can get a bit hectic, and you’ll end up with a big shank.

The forehand side was much more difficult for me with the Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR, as it is a much more complicated shot.

I struggled with the extra power and spin, and the strings moved way too much for me to keep the kind of control I like.

Again though, the Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR would really suit someone who keeps things simple and looks for a little extra power and spin from their racket.

It is a wonderfully comfortable racket, and I would recommend it to someone who suffers from joint pains.

The 360 Speed PWR does exactly what it’s supposed to, it is wonderfully comfortable and will minimize the aches and pains of tennis whilst giving you some easy spin and power.

That being said, it’s not really a great tennis racket, and the better you get at tennis, the more it is going to limit you.

That doesn’t stop the Graphene 360 Speed PWR from being a good racket for a senior tennis player, or an adult just starting out in the game. I gave it a 7 out of 10 on the groundstrokes.

Good comfort levels, and nice and easy to play with.


7out of 10

This is definitely not a racket for someone who spends all their time rushing to the net, but it does a fairly decent job nonetheless.

It’s a very light racket, so you have no problem quickly moving it into position.

You’ve also got a big sweet spot to aim for.

Upon contact with the ball, the Graphene 360 Speed PWR offers good stability considering its weight.

This is always a good thing on the volleys, and it pops the ball back with minimal effort.

Again, you’ll want to try and keep things fairly simple with this racket.

It doesn’t have a huge amount of control, so you don’t want to be playing fancy drop volleys all over the court!

If you just keep your ball contact out in front of you, the Graphene 360 Speed PWR will put the ball consistently back into play.

The Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR’s performance at the net continues to lead me to believe that it would make an excellent racket for a slightly older tennis player who doesn’t want to be swinging through the ball at 100 mph anymore.

It’s very comfortable upon impact and won’t let you down at the net!

This is a very basic volleyer’s racket and doesn’t offer you a great deal of touch and feel but does offer some good power and stability.

I gave the Graphene 360 Speed PWR a 7 out of 10 at the net.

It’s nothing special, but it’s comfortable and gets the job done.


7out of 10

The Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR makes the serve easy and ensures that you don’t have to swing the ball with too much speed to achieve decent results.

Without having to put too much effort in, the Graphene 360 Speed PWR creates power and spin for its user and offers a little boost that can help a beginner out.

Once you try and complicate things by swinging through to a greater extent, or add a lot of spin, then the Speed PWR reaches the limits of its capabilities.

But, if you keep things simple then it will serve you well.

This could certainly be beneficial for someone in their first year or so of playing tennis, but as they improve, they will likely want to step up to a slightly more advanced racket.

I liked the feel of the Head on the serve, and again, would recommend it to a more senior tennis player who is no longer hitting through the ball to the same extent as they used to.

You will get some decent power with this racket without having to pull your shoulder out of your socket every time you swing through the ball!

For me, it was a case of trying to control the Graphene 360 PWR Speed as I found myself swinging way too fast with this light frame.

It wasn’t a brilliant serve playtest and I ended up getting pummelled in the points.

But, I guess it was to be expected! This racket is not aimed at a player of my standard, so you could never expect it to be a perfect playtest.

I think the Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR warranted another 7 on the serve.

It did its main duties well, namely it felt very comfortable, and would give someone good power without having to generate too much racket head speed.


7out of 10

The Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR is very much designed for people who are starting out on their tennis journey or are very seasoned players who are looking to take a step back and give their bodies a little break.

The Speed PWR is very comfortable and easy to play with, and you get a good amount of spin and power for very little swing speed.

The light weight of the frame means you won’t have any difficulty swinging through with this racket, and all of this means your joints are going to be happy that you made the switch to this bat!

I don’t really see this as a racket suitable for juniors, because they need to learn to create their own power without such help from the racket.

If they’re getting all this power without using the correct technique than it can dissuade them from developing their technique as they should, so I would stick to a more traditional style racket if it was for a junior.

For adults just picking up the game though, this could make a decent first racket if they want a little extra help early in their journey.

The Graphene 360 Speed PWR will give you some extra spin and power if your technique is quite basic, but as you progress you will need to move up to a slightly more sophisticated racket.

This is the lightest tennis racket I have ever play tested, and certainly not for me.

But, if someone who was a little older came to me and asked for a racket that will take all the stress of their body and still allow them to play a decent game then I would be inclined to point them in the direction of the Head Graphene 360 Speed PWR.

All in all, I gave the Graphene 360 Speed PWR a 7 out of 10. It’s got limited capabilities, but what it does do it does well.

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out of 10



out of 10



out of 10



out of 10

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