Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP Racket Review

The Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP is yet another racket that I used to use during my junior career! Although I played with the pro version, I really enjoyed the all-round nature of this racket in the past.

It did everything well, with good power and control, so I was looking forward to giving this version a go.

We were immediately struck by the similarities between this racket and the Pure Aero Tour. Both have the same kind of color pattern, but most importantly, they are both power and spin machines!

This racket has clearly been set up with power in mind, with a 318g unstrung weight, and swing weight of 325 that is accentuated with Head’s 360 grommets for extra spin and power.

The racket feels great in your hands. I find the 315-320g weight category a perfect balance where it’s not so heavy you pick up needless injuries, but at the same time feel like you aren’t wielding a feather.

The Graphene Touch Extreme MP is 3pts HL which means slightly less maneuverability on take back, but plenty of weight coming through the ball on impact. This is the main area it gets all its power from.

You will immediately notice the extra “oomph” this racket gives you as the ball explodes off your racket with an impressive sound.

The Graphene Touch series is endorsed by Richard Gasquet, a man with a backhand so sweet that it made us want to hit some single-handed backhands with this racket.

You can see how Gasquet manages to produce the incredible spin and power off his backhand with this racket, and we enjoyed emulating one of our favorite players!

The racket is decked out in a yellow and black trim, which for us minimalists, is not our favorite. But if you’re playing on a far-away court at least your friends and family can spot you!

We had a lot of fun playing with the Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP and were impressed with the power and speed that it could generate.

Unfortunately, free power never comes with control, and this particular version of the touch series was severely lacking in control.

If you generate a lot of power you may find that you have to back out of your shots with this racket, otherwise you’ll end up hitting a lot of balls to the fence.

We had a lot of fun hammering the ball as hard as we could, but in the end, when it came to playing seriously, we both had to focus on putting a lot of spin into our shots with a safe flight path to ensure we kept some level of consistency.

If you’re in need of a big power boost then the Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP could be the racket for you. It feels comfortable in your hands and can certainly increase the speed and spin you put on the ball.

As always though, you’re going to have to sacrifice a bit of control for this, and that is certainly the case with the Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP.


7.5out of 10

The Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP needs just one word to sum it up – power. Power, power, and more power is what we got with this racket.

When warming up we found that it had a nice feel to it, and we enjoyed the solid swing weight that helped us to hit through shots with a flourish.

But we noticed early on that balls were flying deep of the baseline, and we were struggling to get a decent rally together.

Any sensible tennis player would have made adjustments there and then, but of course, we found the power quite entertaining and decided to see how far it could take us.

The results were quite impressive – power wise, but certainly not consistency wise!

Eventually, we buckled down and made the adjustments needed to put together a half decent rally, and things changed a great deal.

Instead of focusing on hitting through the ball we were forced to play with a lot of topspin, exaggerating our flight path over the net, and taking a lot of pace off the ball.

On the backhand side this wasn’t such a problem for me, as I sometimes hit the ball a little bit flat off that side, so it was quite useful to get a bit of extra spin and try and push my opponent back.

I was swinging through the ball nicely and was quite happy with the results I got.

Unfortunately, on the forehand side, this racket was just not what I needed. I generate a lot of pace and spin naturally, so the fact that I felt like I had to take a bit off the ball to keep it in the court was a big negative.

If you have really fast, whippy strokes this racket is not the one for you, it lacks a lot of control and you end up slowing things down in order to compensate.

This racket would better suit an intermediate player who is looking to get a power boost without having to throw absolutely everything at the ball.

The Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP would certainly be a good option for someone who has played at a high-level, but perhaps has advanced in years a little bit and is now looking for something a bit easier to play with.

If you’re looking for power, then the Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP is an ideal candidate.

We struggled with it on the groundstrokes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible racket, and we gave it a 7.5 out of 10.


8out of 10

The Graphene Touch Extreme MP has some of the characteristics that we like at the net, and others that we don’t like, so we were interested to see how it played.

It has a good swing weight, which we feel is something that lends itself to volleys, and is very solid, which is exactly what you want for stability at the net.

On the negative side, it’s not a control racket, which we would normally associate with good volleying rackets.

The combination turned out to be quite enjoyable, however. The Graphene Touch Extreme MP was very responsive and was nice and solid on impact.

It gave us a bit of extra pop on put-aways and overheads, but still had the feel to allow us to pick up difficult volleys from our feet.

When you’re not taking big swings at the ball, the massive power is negated, and it is actually a very good volleying racket.

The Graphene Touch Extreme MP would suit someone who likes to ping back returns and take over at the net, its easy power can take your opponent by surprise, and before your opponent knows it, you’re up at the net putting away a volley.

As much as I’d love to be able to throw in the odd chip and charge, that’s not really my style, but I had fun with this racket at the net nevertheless.

We gave the Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP a solid 8 out of 10 at the net.


7.5out of 10

I really enjoyed the extra power boost that the Graphene Touch Extreme MP gave me on the serve, but you do have to make some big adjustments to make sure you don’t lose consistency.

When I started out with this racket everything seemed to drift a foot or two long on the serve, and I had to make sure I really snapped my wrist down over the ball.

Not only did this make me feel like Pete Sampras, but it had a good effect, as my serve picked up some tasty power and my consistency shot up.

While I was just about managing to land the ball in the court, my accuracy was not particularly amazing with this racket.

Normally I would pride myself on being able to pick my spot on the serve, but this wasn’t the case with the Head Graphene Touch Extreme as I was only able to target rough areas.

One serve that was particularly difficult was my sliding lefty serve out wide (the sort you probably hate returning).

Normally I like to cut right around the ball with tight strings and generate the spin myself, but with this racket, my usual tension was too loose and it became very difficult to control the shot.

If I was to use this racket I would look to string it extremely tight with some very control orientated strings to rectify some of the issues I had with the racket.

The only problem with this is you’re just moving the racket away from what it was originally designed to be.

If you like bombing flat serves and creating easy spin on the second serve, then this is a great racket for you.

For me, it wasn’t ideal, and I think the majority of people would prefer something with a little more control – I gave it a 7.5 out of 10 on the serve.


8out of 10

We enjoyed the weight and feel of this racket, and it would be a perfect racket for anyone looking for a power boost, or to take the strain out of hitting through the ball.

For me, I felt that I had to concentrate so hard on putting the ball in that all the easy power was wasted so I won’t be going out to buy the Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP, but as always, that shouldn’t stop anyone else. It just depends on what kind of game you have.

The Graphene Touch Extreme MP is an all-round power racket, and one that would suit players who love to get easy power.

It is effective at the net, and so I could see it being used effectively in the hands of someone who loves to chip and charge or come in behind a big serve.

The way it generates power and spin is contrasting to the Head Prestige. It just seems to work in completely the opposite way, even though the weight of the two rackets is very similar these days.

This will reign the power in a little bit and add some control.

Final Thoughts

The Graphene Touch Extreme is a nice change-up from Head and offers something very different to other models such as the Prestige.

As someone who has always been a fan of Head, I like the variety this racket provides their range.

I love the Touch Speed Pro myself, but I can completely understand someone with a different game style getting along well with this racket.

Overall, I gave it an 8 out of 10, it was good, but beware of all that power!

For a more advanced player, I would recommend a pretty tight string tension, and some control-focused strings as the racket is going to generate a lot of power for you anyway.

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out of 10



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out of 10

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