Head Instinct PWR 360+ Racket Review

Head’s new range of rackets really do stand out from the crowd.

Their asymmetric colour scheme is not for those who love uniformity in their racket design!

However, their use of bright, vibrant colours does help you bring a certain sense of presence to the court.

Head are renowned for making great ‘players’ rackets, offering a great mix of choices throughout their range, but all focussing on feel and precision.

Some of the most creative players out there including Andy Murray, Fabrice Santoro and Bernard Tomic have used Head rackets, owing to their impressive feel and use of the latest technological advancements.

Back in 2013 Head introduced graphene technology into their line up of rackets and it revolutionised their range.

Their new 360+ technology combines graphene with spiral fibers in the lower part of the racket’s head, giving the racket a more flexible and clean contact on the ball.

This technology has been applied across the whole range, meaning whether you are an advanced player looking for control, or a recreational play searching for extra pop from your racket, you can benefit from Head’s latest technology.

The Head Instinct PWR 360+ being a comfort and power oriented racket is aimed at those looking for an arm friendly stick with a large sweet spot.

This lighter, oversized racket is aimed at players who are looking to focus on precision, whilst allowing their racket to do the heavy lifting.

With this in mind, the Head Instinct PWR 360+ is a great option.

It delivers a powerful punch with a plush, supple feel that makes the most of its enormous sweet spot. You won’t be struggling to middle it with this racket!

If you are a less experienced player, have been suffering from arm injuries or simply want to maximise the amount of power you can generate, this racket is a stand up choice.

It offers a comfortable feel and allows you to swing freely due to its super light weight.

The technology built into the racket also makes it consistent and forgiving, whilst the open string pattern offers more spin than you might expect from this type of racket.

Overall, this racket felt powerful and whippy, yet solid enough to feel confident even when hitting off centre shots or when playing on the back foot.

The Head Instinct PWR 360+ is a versatile racket that is great for experienced players, as it offers a crisp feel whilst maximising power.


7out of 10

A light, oversized, power friendly racket is usually designed for a player looking to improve their strokes due to the large sweet spot.

This offers a very forgiving platform that effectively hides mishits and allows a player to feel comfortable and confident in their shots, even if their timing is slightly off or they are not middling every shot.

With this in mind, the Head Instinct PWR 360+ definitely lives up to its reputation.

It is a power friendly racket that certainly makes you feel confident in your shots and the massive sweet spot does feel plush to strike with.

I found I could really hit through my shots with confidence and the racket stayed stable on contact, which was quite surprising for such an arm friendly racket.

In some ways, this racket reminded me of the Wilson Clash 108 as it offered great pop and a plush feel, whilst maintaining a stable and crisp feel on contact.

As with the rest of Head’s Instinct line, the PWR 360+ is built for power from the ground up.

This racket benefits from a head heavy, 37.5cm balance point, allowing it to punch above its weight in terms of force generation.

It really does feel a lot more solid and stable than a sub 250g racket should.

You can feel the technology working in this racket as you strike the ball, it allows you to hit with confidence, knowing you are very unlikely to experience any unwanted feedback or vibrations from the racket.

This makes it the ideal racket for a player that may be returning to the court off the back of a long break, may be suffering from an arm injury or tennis elbow, or simply is looking to improve their game without wanting any interference from the racket.

To my taste, this racket was a bit on the powerful side. Although its open 16×19 string pattern, combined with its ultra lightweight allowed for ample spin generation, I did feel that I had to adjust my swing slightly to compensate for the additional power.

My backhand felt very solid hitting with this racket and I really felt I could lean on the stick and trust the ball to travel through the court with pace.

However, on my forehand drive it did rear up on me slightly as I was trying to add more power and spin.

So, if you are used to playing with an intermediate or control orientated racket, the Head Instinct PWR 360+ may be a bit too much of a step into the power end of the spectrum for you.

However, for players looking for a comfortable, easy to swing racket with plenty of power that is still able to generate spin, this could be the racket for you.


6out of 10

The light weight and crisp feel of the Head Instinct PWR 360+ made striking volleys relatively comfortable.

The massive head size and extended length also allowed me to reach for wide volleys with good success.

This makes it good for a doubles player that is looking to cover the doubles alley and needs a crisp feel on their volleys.

The racket was helpful on smashes and high volleys that required a firm wrist and a good amount of power to put the ball away, as the large sweet spot offered a lot of forgiveness.

However, as out and out control goes, this racket left a lot to be desired.

Whilst the upgraded technology did a good job of dampening any shocks on low volleys, I found it difficult to control the oversized frame.

However, on volleys that required a bit more deft touch, the Head Instinct PWR 360+ was a bit too power oriented to be effective.

That being said, this isn’t necessarily an issue with the racket in its own right.

As a power racket it does its job very, very well. But, unsurprisingly it by definition does not have the same control or precision that a smaller headed racket would.

Therefore, its larger head, thick beam and flexible nature made it more difficult to take pace off the ball or put the ball exactly where I wanted it.


7out of 10

The thick beam, large head size and open string pattern made this a good racket to serve with.

It was easy to generate power with the Head Instinct PWR 360+ on serve, which helped me relax as I got to the end of my hitting session.

Knowing that I didn’t need to generate as much of my own power helped me focus on placement and spin.

Both of these were surprisingly easy to find with this racket, thanks to the open string pattern and advancements in technology.

The Instinct PWR 360+ really does hold its own when you are looking to serve to your spots, especially for an oversized stick.


8out of 10

For such a light and power friendly racket, the Head INstinct PWR 360+ felt remarkably stable when hitting returns.

The massive sweet spot in particular allowed me to really lean in to my returns, particularly my backhand slice.

The large surface area of the 115sq in. head allowed me to feel confident blocking the ball back on both the forehand and backhand side.

I knew that I could take a short, compact swing at the ball and it would be guided deep with little effort.

This again inspired more confidence in my game, helping me transition up the court and take on the next shot more aggressively.

The stick was solid in all areas of the court, and was particularly adept at taking the ball early.

Although the odd ball would fly long on me, it was nothing that a bit of calibration to the racket couldn’t solve.


7out of 10

Overall, the Head Instinct PWR 360+ serves its intended purpose very well.

It offers a great blend of easy to access power, comfort and a large sweet spot that suits the game improver very well.

If you are a player that has previously suffered with arm issues, this is a great choice for you.

Moreover, the graphene technology built into the racket helps to reduce vibrations, giving the racket a crisp feel.

Its power oriented credentials give you the confidence to hit the ball with depth and power, even if you have compact swings.

The racket really stood out on the return of serve, as the large sweet spot made even off centre hits effective.

Therefore, this is an accessible, player friendly racket designed for those looking to maximise the power from their game.

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out of 10



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out of 10

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