Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody Racket Review

I referred to the Babolat Pure Aero Tour as a yellow and green rocket launcher.

Well if that’s true, then the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody is the rocket that it launches.

Upon contact with the ball, it’s like an explosion of beastly proportions has occurred, and it’s no wonder they call it the Beast.

Extra length rackets have always been associated with extra power, but the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody takes that to a new level with its mammoth 351 swingweight.

This all comes from a frame that weighs 325g and looks super unassuming in its black and orange paint job.

Don’t be fooled though, this racket is dynamite, and if you can hang on to a stick with this much swing power and can keep it up for three sets, then you’re in for one hell of a ride.

The Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody has been set up with big American John Isner’s specs, so that sort of explains such a big swingweight, but who would have thought someone who is 6ft 10 inches tall would need an extended length stick?

No wonder he makes hitting a 140mph serve look like a piece of cake.

Evidently, Big John is a pretty strong guy and he’s more than capable of swinging this beast with vicious racket head speed.

But Isner has got 64lbs and 8 inches on me, so I was a little bit worried about what kind of effect this racket would have on my (Will’s) skinny old wrists and elbows.

10 years ago, I would probably have seen the specs for this racket and thought to myself, “this is awesome” and convinced myself it was the right racket for me.

But you’ve got to remember most of us aren’t pro athletes, and a racket like this can have some negative effects on your body.

So, it’s pretty clear from the specs what you’re going to get with this racket.

Stability and power in buckets; the extended length also creating a little bit of extra reach, always useful on the serve when you’re looking to hit down on the ball.

What it won’t be – maneuverable.

It is very headlight, but you’ve got a whole lot of racket to move around, which will reduce the ability to whip the racket over your head.


8.5out of 10

Pwoah! What a weapon the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody is!

The first thing I noticed was the depth I was getting from this racket.

The ball is just propelled down the court with staggering ease.

You have to be careful with this as it can be easy to hit balls long, and it can be tempting to just back out of shots in order to keep them within the court.

This is not the answer though – instead you have to keep hitting through with the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody and turn that power into spin.

If you’ve got the technique and strength to swing through the ball with good racket head speed, then this racket is going to give you everything you want.

The open 16 x 19 string pattern allows you to get the strings moving an introduce some much-needed spin to counteract that power.

What transpires when you get things right is a seriously heavy ball that’s going to put your opponent in all kinds of trouble.

What do you get when you get things wrong? Well if you’ve got any spectators then they might have to duck for cover.

I hit some spectacular shanks with this racket which had us playing with just one ball after about half an hour!

As you might expect, a racket with this kind of swingweight isn’t particularly controllable, much like the Babolat Pure Drive Plus in that sense.

Off the backhand side, I was a little bit more dialled in with the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody and I really benefited from the extra length when I was pushed out wide.

You can’t help but drive through the ball with this racket and I was given a much-needed power boost on this side that made me feel like my backhand was less of a weakness.

The feeling on contact is absolutely fabulous with this racket and it really does feel like an explosion between the ball and the string when you hit the ball.

The ball zooms off to the other end of the court with animosity and you naturally take a step into the court for the short ball that’s inevitably coming your way.

The forehand side was a little more complicated for me with the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody as there are more intricate stroke meachanics involved on this side.

The Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody’s lack of maneuverability did feel like a big of a negative on this side, and that caused me some difficulties.

This was definitely the side where all the shanks came from, as I struggled to get accustomed to the beast.

When you do get it right with this racket, it feels amazing, and the results are brilliant.

The difficulty is getting it right. If you’re not a very accomplished player, then that is always going to be a struggle.

Clicking with the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody is like taming a wild beast.

You might need to be the horse whisperer of tennis to do this, but there are surely some of those out there.

If you’re good enough for this racket, it’s unbelievable.

For myself, and the vast majority of people though, it won’t be a good fit.

So, balancing out the unreal potential of this racket with the fact that most people won’t be able to harness it, I’ve given the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody an 8.5 out of 10 on groundstrokes.


9out of 10

It will be of no surprise that all that stability made for a great volleying racket.

You can have a ball smashed at you at 100mph and the Beast makes it feel like nothing at all as it pops it back with great feel and complete comfort.

The only difficult part about this racket at the net is the maueverability.

The extra length is brilliant for your court coverage, but it also makes it a little slow to get into position.

This wasn’t of huge concern to me, as I’m pretty good at getting my volleys out in front, but for some people this might put them off the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody.

What you can’t deny is the exceptional stability and feel of this racket, that works perfectly at the net.

Get your partner to smash ball as hard as they can at the net and you’ll have great fun with this racket as you make volleying feel like the easiest thing in the world.

I always go on about my two favorite volleying rackets been the Wilson Pro Staff and the Head Graphene Touch Prestige, but I’m going to have to add this Prince to my list.

The one area where I felt the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody wasn’t quite as good as the Pro Staff was its maneuverability, so I’ve given it a slightly lower of 9 out of 10.

It’s just a slightly differen’t feel to both the Prestige and Pro Staff, but it is fabulous at the net none the less.


9out of 10

John Isner is an absolutely huge server.

I am not, but when you’ve got the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody in your hands, you feel like an absolute world beater when you step up to the line.

You’ve got to have a fairly solid technique and go after the ball with a lot of aggression, but if you get things right, boy are you rewarded.

No matter how tall you are, the extra length gives you a little bit of extra leverage and consequently, power.

This can make a huge difference, especially if you’re under 6ft tall.

The whole set up of this racket is geared towards power on the serve, with the extra length and big swingweight coming together to unleash the beast!

I feel like I gained an easy 5mph on my serve with this racket without losing and control or feel.

The obvious negative is the effort involved in trying to swing such a hefty racket around for a couple of hours.

By the end of the play test I felt exhausted and my arm was getting pretty tired.

This is one aspect with the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody that you’ve really got to take into consideration.

The benefits sound great, but they can easily be negated if playing with this racket means you’re going to get injured.

I would recommend you spend a good amount of time demoing this racket if you are serious about buying it, because it’s easy to buy it and then find out you get arm pain a month down the line.

Once again, I couldn’t really fault the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody and I gave it a 9 out of 10 on the serve.

I can see why someone like John Isner loves this racket, and if your game is a little like his, then I’d highly recommend you give it a go.


8.5out of 10

Well, what do you know?

The beast turned out to be a beast! This is a brilliant racket, but there is one big drawback.

The chances are it’s not going to be the right racket for you.

How do I know?

The majority of people just don’t have the combination of strength, technical ability, and right game style that actually get the most out of this racket on a consistent basis.

You might be able to get things right with the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Longbody once in a while, but in a game where every point matters, that is not going to be good enough.

At the end of the day, whether you will benefit from this racket comes down to knowing yourself and being honest with yourself.

Not everyone is cut out for this racket, and I know I certainly am not.

Despite that, I recognize the brilliance of this racket if you get it in the right hands, and I have given it an 8.5 out of 10.

It was one of my favourite playtests ever, and I hope many people find their perfect match with this racket!

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