Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) Racket Review

One of our top 10 rackets under 300g, the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) is an excellent racket for intermediates looking to play some aggressive strokes and hit a heavy ball.

At 290g unstrung, this racket has the maneuverability that an intermediate player needs, but it also has enough mass to get you playing some very good tennis.

We’ve been big fans of the Prince Textreme Tour 100 rackets for a while now and really connected with the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310).

The 310 version offered a great blend of modern maneuverability and classic control that we loved and at 310g is another great option for slightly stronger intermediate players and more advanced players.

We got our hands on the 290 version a few months ago for a quick hit and liked what we saw, which prompted us to rank this racket at number 7 on our top rackets under 300g list.

After our successful first session with the Tour 100 (290), we decided it was time to get it back for a full playtest and a thorough review.

The one thing we particularly liked about this racket in our initial playtest was how the open string pattern allowed intermediate players to generate some serious spin.

However, the Textreme Tour 100 (290) did this without sacrificing control.

Too often with light rackets, you get spin or control, but this stick was able to give us spin and control in equal measures.

While the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) comes in at a very manageable 290g unstrung, it has a serious 324 swingweight which adds a great deal of stability on contact.

The extra swingweight gives this racket some extra control, meaning this stick can compete even when the power levels go up.

This high swingweight means that the Textreme Tour is suitable for a wide range of players.

Whether you’re an adult intermediate, advanced junior player, or an advanced senior player looking for a slightly lighter racket, the Textreme Tour is an ideal option and is sure to suit a wide variety of players.

As we said, we were very impressed with this racket the first time we tried it, so we were excited to get our hands on it for a proper playtest.

Having had some experience of the racket already, we knew it had quite a bit of spin potential so we set it up with some Babolat RPM Blast at 56lbs, just to try and maximize the control aspect of this stick.

I tend to produce a lot of topspin naturally, so normally my setup will try and minimize the amount of spin a racket will give me, but different players will look for different characteristics from their strings.

If you’re looking for a little bit of help with your string setup then check out Tom’s “Tennis String Tension Guide” to get that perfect setup for your racket.

We’ve been talking this racket up for a while now, so here’s our in-depth review of one of our top picks under 300g, the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290)!


7out of 10

I always find that Prince rackets feel really nice in my hands, they just seem to be very clean, no-nonsense rackets.

The same can be said of the Textreme Tour 100 (290), which feels wonderfully balanced and very clean through the hit.

I’m someone who values maneuverability and control above everything else from my racket and the Textreme Tour 100 really hits the nail on the head in this regard.

This racket has an unusually high swingweight for a 290g racket, which means there’s plenty of stability on contact, leading to huge amounts of control for such a light racket.

This excellent control, combined with good spin potential allows players to really attack with spin and accuracy.

I found this combination suited my game perfectly and I loved getting on the front foot and moving my opponent around the court with heavy topspin shots.

For intermediate players, this racket offers excellent performance when it comes to stability, spin, and control, but perhaps its one weakness might be its maneuverability.

While it is naturally a fast racket, at 290g it couldn’t be anything else, it is not super maneuverable compared to many of its sub 300g competitors.

The reason for this is probably the 324 swingweight, which makes this racket just a little bit more difficult to swing.

While this might be a negative for some players, it is certainly a tradeoff which allows the Textreme Tour 100 to achieve such good performance.

In my opinion, this aspect lends the Textreme Tour 100 towards the slightly more advanced intermediate players whose strokes are a bit more developed.

If you’re a beginner/intermediate player, you might find this stick a little bit more difficult to play with than many other light rackets.

However, for those intermediate players who are a bit more comfortable with their strokes and looking to develop their game quickly, the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) represents a brilliant option.

Stylewise, I definitely see this racket suiting someone who loves to attack using topspin to open up the angles.

I’m a player who loves to use my forehand to hit heavy topspin shots and move my opponent side to side, and I found the Textreme Tour 100 (290) to be ideal.

I had easy access to spin, but at the same time, I felt like I had the control to put the ball exactly where I wanted it.

All in all, I was very impressed with the Prince Textreme Tour 100’s performance from the back of the court.

This stick provides a great blend of maneuverability and stability that can give intermediate players a big boost in performance.

My only warning would be to make sure you’re ready for a racket with this kind of swingweight.

I gave the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) a 7.5 out of 10 for the groundstrokes.


7.5out of 10

The Textreme Tour 100 is undoubtedly one of the best lightweight rackets I have played with at the net.

The big challenge for rackets under 300g when it comes to volleying is stability because they lack the weight to absorb power effectively.

With its 324 swingweight though, the Textreme Tour 100 has an edge over its competitors in this area.

Again, if you’re quite new to the game, you might find this racket is a little bit more difficult to get into position than many other light rackets.

What you sacrifice in maneuverability though, you do makeup in performance.

For the majority of intermediate players, I don’t see this being an issue, but it is worth giving any racket a playtest before buying!

Personally, I got on extremely well with the Tour 100 at the net.

I’m a firm believer that weight is all-important when it comes to volleys, so the 290g Textreme Tour 100 wasn’t likely to be able to compete with heavier rackets.

However, it’s when it’s compared to similarly weighted rackets where this racket really stands out.

I was able to get into position quickly, giving me every opportunity to time the ball well, and when I did, this racket rewarded me.

The extra stability of this racket means you’re able to absorb power and place the ball back where you want it with ease.

The good levels of control the Textreme Tour 100 showed from the back of the court continued at the net and I certainly benefited from it.

It’s always a bit tricky scoring rackets for their volleying performance.

The weight makes a massive difference at the net so I couldn’t score this racket as high as many heavier rackets.

So, I’ve plumped for another 7.5 out of 10.

It might not sound like a great score, but it’s about as good as it gets for a racket under 300g.


8out of 10

The serve is another area where the swingweight really helps the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290).

It means this racket is not only fast through the swing but it has enough weight going through the ball at contact point to turn racket head speed into true power.

We all want to add a little bit of pop to our serves and the Textreme Tour 100 is certainly a sub 300g racket that can do that.

I found I was getting a good balance of power, spin, and control with this stick, but when I wanted to flatten the ball out and hit a big serve things really came together.

The nice thing about this stick though is that it doesn’t focus too much on any one characteristic.

Yes, it offers plenty of power on the serve but I didn’t find that it sacrificed on control in order to achieve this.

When it came to the second serve, I had full confidence in the Tour 100’s ability to produce spin and help me guide the ball into the court.

Performance wise, everything worked out nicely for me with this racket and I didn’t lose too many points on serve.

My first serve percentage was solid and I picked up a lot of free points, but when I needed it, my second serve was right there, giving me plenty of confidence to attack the first.

I found the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) performed brilliantly on serve, and it was deserving of its 8 out of 10 score.

This rounded off an excellent playtest, and reinforced my belief that the Textreme Tour 100 is one of the best rackets under 300g.


7.5out of 10

As you’ve probably guessed, we think the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) is an excellent racket.

It offers players looking for a racket under 300g an excellent option in the control/spin categories as well as a ton of performance.

This racket is strong from anywhere on the court, but it particularly impressed me on volleys and the serve.

For any intermediate players with designs on quickly progressing into more advanced tennis, I think this racket has the perfect level of performance.

The extra stability it has means it can handle the power of more advanced tennis, whilst still offering the maneuverability that a less experienced player needs.

If there is one slight weakness for this racket, I would say it is the maneuverability.

It’s a little less maneuverable than many other light rackets, so if you are someone who doesn’t have very developed strokes this could make life a little bit more difficult.

I don’t think this will be a problem for the majority of players though, and you can soon find out by giving this stick a playtest.

Overall, I gave the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) a 7.5 out of 10, which is about as good as it gets for rackets under 300g.

It gives solid performance on all shots and has a lovely blend of power, spin, and control, with a slight emphasis on spin that will really suit the aggressive baseliner.

Once again, this is another great racket from Prince and one that we love at TheTennis

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out of 10

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