Tecnifibre Vs Babolat: Full Racket and Equipment Review (2023)

Trying to compare Tecnifibre vs Babolat rackets?

Choosing the right racket can make a big difference to your game, so we’ve researched all of Tecnifibre and Babolat’s rackets to give you the complete guide.

Here’s our in-depth guide to Tecnifibre vs Babolat.

Tecnifibre vs Babolat: Everything you Need to Know 

Both Tecnifibre and Babolat are huge, reputable tennis brands with enormous heritage. Picking between them is a tough task, especially when you consider that both brands have sponsored such great players over the years! 

Naturally, Tecnifibre and Babolat are two of the most popular brands in tennis, so they both clearly offer plenty of quality and variety to customers. However, in order to make this a fair and in depth comparison, I will be judging Tecnifibre and Babolat on their: 

  • Variety of tennis racket types
  • Quality of Tennis Rackets
  • Brand Strength.

In this article, I will explore the racket model lines of both Tecnifibre and Babolat, how the two companies have evolved over time and where they stand in the tennis world today.


Tecnifibre is a French tennis racket and string manufacturer, largely owned by Lacoste. The innovative racket maker was founded in 1979 and, whilst not the most popular brand in the world, has produced some stunning rackets over the years. 

A Quick Summary of Tecnifibre’s Tennis Rackets

As mentioned, Tecnifibre was founded in the 1970s and has strong roots in the tennis world. As far as tennis goes, Tecnifibre have produced rackets for the likes of: 

  • Daniil Medvedev
  • Iga Świątek
  • Janko Tipsarevic
  • Denis Istomin
  • Jeremy Chardy
  • Marius Copil
  • Elise Mertens
  • John Milman

Tecnifibre Racket Models

Tecnifibre offers a range of models in its line up, all of which have different playing characteristics that suit different game styles. Many Tecnifibre’s professional players favour consistency over out and out power, and love the predictable, clean feel that their rackets offer. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between modern Tecnifibre rackets due to their classy white out paint job across the range, but here is a brief summary of their model line up.

T-Fight ISO

The Tecnifibre T-Fight range of rackets are well suited to consistent players that want a racket that offers plenty of comfort, stability and control. The T-Fight ISO is the racket endorsed by the Russian star Daniil Medvedev, and is perfect for counter punchers that have versatile games.

T-Fight RS

If you are looking for an even more stable, easy to swing and well damped version of the T-Fight, the RS model could be for you. This racket is a great all rounder that emphasises comfort and usability, as it is well balanced and great for players with fast swings.


The TF40 from Tecnifibre is a spin friendly racket aimed at players that like to rip up the court with their RPMs! Tecnifibre likes to make all of their rackets capable in multiple areas, but offer a slight twist to each of their models. With the TF40, they have emphasised spin, but also added control and shock absorption to the racket.


Tecnifibre’s TF-X1 offers a great combination of power and spin. This racket is aimed more towards beginner to intermediate players and is therefore very comfortable to hit with, well damped and easy to swing. The only real downside to the TF-X1 is that at times it can become a little unstable on more powerful shots.


Tecnifibre’s tempo rackets are specifically designed for women. This subset of their model line up strikes a great balance between comfort, manoeuvrability and stability.


Babaolat is pretty much the oldest tennis brand with the richest history of them all. Founded in France in 1875, Babolat was the original tennis string manufacturer, using Bovine gut to produce the famous natural gut string. Up until the late 1990s, Babolat’s main venture was strings for tennis, squad and badminton. However, around this period the company ventured into the world of tennis rackets and has never looked back!

A Quick Summary of Babolat’s Tennis Rackets

Despite Babolat only really being a prominent figure in the tennis racket space for around 25 years, they have amassed quite an impressive stable of professional players endorsing their rackets: 

  • Dominic Thiem
  • Sam Stosur
  • Eugenie Bouchard
  • Fabio Fognini
  • Carlos Alcaraz
  • Felix Auger-Alliassime
  • Jack Sock
  • Sara Errani
  • Alize Cornet
  • Kim Clijsters
  • Li Na
  • Jo-Wilfred Tsonga

Babolat’s Racket Models

Whilst the Pure Aero is Babolat’s most sought after racket model, they also have a range of alternatives that cater to different playing styles and uses. 

Pure Aero

Popularised by the great Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Pure Drive is a spin machine that keeps adding strings to its bow year after year. Due to Nadal’s insane success on the clay courts of Roland Garros, the Pure Aero was soon thought of as a bit of a one trick pony. However, year after year, as Nadal started to perform better on both hard courts and grass courts, the Pure Aero also became more popular with a wider audience. It is still a stiff racket that has its roots set in spin, racket head speed and power, but the racket now also has better damping and control than ever before.

Pure Drive

On the other end of the spectrum to the spin friendly, low powered pure aero, is the super powerful Pure Drive! This racket was popularised by more physical and powerful players like Carlos Moya, Andy Roddick and Garbine Muguruza. The pure drive is aimed at players that want to bring their power to the court in spades, looking to crush the ball and stamp their authority on the court at any opportunity. In fact, Andy Roddick even had the record for the world’s fastest serve for over a decade at 155mph whilst using his trusty pure drive!

Pure Strike

A relatively new addition to Babolat’s racket line up is the Pure Strike. This is Babolat’s most control focussed racket to date, made famous by the big hitting Dominic Thiem. The Austrian powerhouse needs a low powered, control oriented racket to control his massive, powerful swings and offer him plenty of spin, control and precision. This is a weightier, more controlled racket than the pure drive or pure aero, so is more geared towards a high performance player.

Tecnifibre vs Babolat: Struggling to Decide Between the Two?

Both Tecnifibre and Babolat are fantastic, popular and reputable tennis racket brands. Both of these French tennis companies do a great job of offering high quality rackets, strings and equipment to their customers and sponsored professionals alike. There are a number of benefits to both brands, which can actually make it quite difficult to choose between the two. 

It is well worth testing out a few different rackets before you decide which one to go for. Babolat and Tecnifibre’s lineups actually have quite a lot of overlap in them, so no matter what sort of player you are, or what your racket requirements may be, both Babolat and Tecnifibre have got you covered. 

If you are really struggling with which racket to choose and want a definitive answer, then our custom fitting service can definitely help you decide. We put our expert knowledge into every custom fitting, ensuring you not only get a range of rackets, strings and tensions to choose from, but that they are also hand picked specifically to improve YOUR game! There is a lot to be said for having a group of experienced tennis players on your side when picking the perfect tennis racket, so give our custom fitting service a try.

Now Take Your Game to the Next Level

When it comes to choosing one specific racket brand to fit your game, it is often more helpful to aim for a racket type instead. The reality is, it is hard to pick one ‘best racket’ since everyone’s needs are individual to them. 

Think about your own game style, and where you could improve. Do you need more power, more control, more spin? 

If you can answer these questions, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the perfect tennis racket for you

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