Wilson Clash vs Blade vs Ultra: Which is the Best Racket?

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Trying to compare the Wilson Clash, Blade, and Ultra tennis rackets?

Choosing the right racket can make a big difference to your game, so we’ve researched Wilson’s most popular racket models to give you a complete guide.

Here’s our in-depth look at the Wilson Clash, Blade, and Ultra so you can make the best choice for your game!

Wilson Clash vs Blade vs Ultra: Everything You Need to Know

Wilson is one of the world’s oldest and most iconic tennis brands. They have been front and center of the tennis rackets and equipment game for decades! Wilson has also sponsored some of the best tennis players of all time, such as Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams. 

With this in mind, it is pretty clear why Wilson is such a popular racket brand today, across both recreational and professional tennis. 

Whilst some of Wilson’s most iconic racket models include the Hammer and Pro Staff, we are going to look at a few of their most modern models in this article. The Clash, Blade, and Ultra are well suited to the modern game of tennis, but for quite different reasons. 

We will explore each of these in more detail below, and decide which one will suit your game best!

Wilson Clash

One of Wilson’s most recent rackets to join their lineup is the Clash. Sometimes, players aren’t quite sure what they want from their tennis racket. Power, spin, control, comfort, and stability all sound fantastic, but more often than not you have to trade off some of these playing characteristics somewhere along the line.

This is just part and parcel of speccing up a tennis racket. However, the Clash promises the best of all worlds.

Power, control, feel, stability, and comfort all in one racket? Surely not!

A Quick Summary of Wilson’s Clash Range

The Wilson Clash has become very popular amongst recreational club tennis players that want a bit of everything from their stick. Comfort, flexibility, stability, power, and spin are all on offer with the Clash.

Here are the different variations of the Clash that you can choose from, there really is something for everyone!

Clash 98

The Clash 98 is the most control-focused version of the lineup. The smaller head size and middle-of-the-road weight make this a great all-rounder for the consistent baseliner looking for more control.  

Clash 100

The Wilson Clash 100 is an impressive blend of power, forgiveness, spin, and comfort. It is a truly unique racket that many brands have struggled to emulate. There was a lot of hype about this racket when it was first launched, and it is clear why! The main thing that stands out is the suppleness combined with stability. 

Clash 100 UL

The Clash 100 UL is the most user-friendly, lightweight, and easy-to-swing racket in the clash lineup. It is ultra-light, hence the name, and is a fantastic beginner racket for a player developing their technique. 

Clash 100 L

The Wilson Clash 100 L takes the original CLash 100 and sheds off a bit of the weight to make it a little more forgiving and easier to swing. This racket is perfect for improving beginner or intermediate players that want to develop their game with a racket that ticks all the boxes. 

Clash 100 Tour

The Clash 100 Tour is the most performance-orientated racket in the lineup. The heaviest version of the Clash seems to have a bit of split personality, in the sense that it offers comfort and power, but can feel a little sluggish at times. It is still a great racket if you need stability, comfort, and power all at the same time, but at times it feels a little overpowered. 

Clash 108

The oversized, power-focused version of the Wilson Clash is the 108. This racket is great for older players or those suffering from tennis elbow, who want a comfortable racket that suits their compact swings. 

Is the Wilson Clash the Right Racket for Me?

If you need a great blend of power, comfort, spin, and stability all in the same racket, then the Clash really is for you. Not all of their models hit the target, but in general, the Clash is a great racket to play with since it has so much to offer.

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Wilson Blade

The Wilson Blade is one of the most iconic models in their entire lineup. Aimed at aggressive players that like to hit the ball with power, and need plenty of precision to keep their shots in the court, the Blade is a great racket for big hitters. 

The spin, control, and precision that the Blade family of rackets offers have to be felt to be believed!

A Quick Summary of Wilson’s Blade Range

The Blade took over from the old Hammer rackets back in the early 2000s. It has always been used by powerful players like Serena Williams and Milos Raonic, who love to hit the ball hard and therefore need plenty of control to tame their brute force. 

Let’s take a closer look at the rackets in the Wilson Blade lineup so you have the full picture!

Blade 98

The original Blade 98 is a control-oriented racket that offers a supreme blend of control, spin, and feel. This makes it perfect for the aggressive baseliner that needs pinpoint accuracy and a racket to match their fast strokes. The blade 98 comes in a 16×19 string pattern for more spin, or an 18×20 string pattern for more control. 

Blade 98 S

The Blade 98 S is an even more spin-friendly version of the original model, thanks to its spin effect technology and 18×16 string pattern. This is the perfect stick for players that want to rip up the court but also want plenty of control when doing so.

Blade 98 L

The Blade 98 L brings a bit more user-friendliness to the table, shedding some of the weight and making the control-oriented racket a bit more accessible to a wider audience. The L is great for beginner to intermediate players that want to generate a bit more racket head speed whilst developing their technique, whilst retaining that signature precision and feel. 

Blade 104

The Blade 104 is the racket of choice of the great Serena Williams and offers a bit more power and forgiveness thanks to its 104 sq inch head. The bigger sweet spot makes it easier to strike the ball big, even when on the run or off balance. 

Blade 100 L

The Blade 100 L takes the middle ground between control, precision, maneuverability, and forgiveness. This slightly lighter, slightly larger version of the original blade is perfect for improving beginner to intermediate-level players that still want that signature feel, precision, and control to up their game. 

Blade 100 UL

The lightest, entry-level racket in the blade family is the Blade 100 UL. This is a great choice for aspiring young tennis players who want to take their game to the next level and hit the ball with precision and develop an attacking game style.

Wilson Blade

The Wilson Blade is one of the most iconic models in their entire lineup. Aimed at aggressive players that like to hit the ball with power, and need plenty of precision to keep their shots in the court, the Blade is a great racket for big hitters. 

The spin, control, and precision that the Blade family of rackets offers have to be felt to be believed!

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Wilson Ultra

The Wilson Ultra is arguably the company’s most powerful model. The ultra has become incredibly popular throughout the recreational and professional game, thanks to its power, spin, and user-friendliness. 

The Ultra rackets are very easy to swing and help you generate a lot of racket head speed, perfect for big ball strikers that want to dominate their opponents with powerful shots.

A Quick Summary of Wilson’s Ultra Range

The Ultra family of rackets is aimed at beginner to intermediate players but is also suitable for advanced players that want a bit more power and forgiveness from their rackets. 

This is a relatively new line of rackets for Wilson and replaces the old Juice range. 

Here is an overview of the Wilson Ultra lineup.

Ultra 95 Countervail

The most control-oriented version of the Ultra lineup by far is the 95 countervail. The technology in this racket is great for vibration damping and the small 95 sq in head promises optimum control and precision, as well as a supple feel. 

Ultra 100

The classic Ultra 100 by Wilson is a great all-rounder that offers a blend of power and spin. It is incredibly easy to swing thanks to the relatively low swing weight and aerodynamic design. This accessible racket is great for big baseline hitters that want an easier approach to generating power.

Ultra Tour

The Wilson Ultra Tour is a weighty, sledgehammer of a racket that offers stability, power, and spin in buckets! If you are a strong player that has solid technique and can handle the weight, this is a very rewarding racket to hit with.

Ultra 105 S

The Ultra 105 S is a spin-friendly version of the forgiving 105 sq in Ultra. You get a bit less weight and a larger sweet spot with the Ultra 105 S, which makes it easier to swing if you are developing your technique. 

Ultra 100 L

The Ultra 100 L is simply a version of the original Ultra, but it’s been on a diet! This makes it a little easier to swing and generate racket head speed, which helps with creating more spin. However, you won’t lose any of that signature feel or power in the process.

Ultra 100 UL

The entry-level version of this line of rackets is the Ultra 100 UL. It is a very light racket that offers a tonne of power, perfect for the beginner or junior players who are just learning the game. 

Ultra 108

The Ultra 108 is perfect for older players or those who have suffered from arm issues in the past. It is a little more supple, easier to swing, and a lot more powerful than the original Ultra.

Is the Wilson Ultra the Right Racket for Me?

If you are a modern tennis player who needs a bit of help with power generation and wants a large sweet spot to help you do it, the Wilson Ultra is a great racket for you. It is easy to swing and can generate a tonne of spin too!

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Clash vs Blade vs Ultra: Struggling to Decide Between the Three?

Picking the right tennis racket for you can be pretty difficult, especially when you are considering three great models like the clash, blade, and ultra. Therefore, having a bit of help along the way to help you decide which make and model is best is no bad thing. 

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Now Take Your Game to the Next Level

Whilst there is no perfect racket in the world, the best racket for you is the one you feel most comfortable with. The new generation of Wilson rackets are great for catering to the demands of the modern game. From power, to spin, to control, the models discussed above have got it all. 

We hope this article has helped you compare and contrast some of Wilson’s most popular models. 

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