Wilson Six One Team 95 Review

I absolutely love the specs for the Wilson Six One Team 95!

In my opinion this is an absolutely wonderful set up for a young player who is looking to continue their improvement in tennis before they move onto a slightly heavier racket.

I’m a big personal fan of the 18 x 20 string pattern, and I think it is great for encouraging people to hit through the ball and generate their own top spin and power.

With an unstrung weight of 289g, the Wilson Six One Team is a nice, light weight for young bodies, or indeed slightly older bodies, but it has a very solid 320g swing weight that ensure stability and comfort.

As usual, Wilson have styled the Six One Team with minimalist beauty; its slick white and red paint job as eye catching as any out there, and this racket looks very much like a pro style racket despite its lighter weight.

My favorite thing about the Six One Team 95 is that it appears to be a stepping stone racket.

It’s got all the characteristics of a pro style racket, but with a more manageable weight, so young players can benefit from the control and precision of a professional style racket without doing untold damage to their bodies.

The Wilson Six One Team doesn’t give you much for free, so it will encourage you to take full swings at the ball and develop your technique in order to see big improvements in your game.

This is ideal for a young player, or someone who has played an advanced level of tennis but has matured in age a little bit and no longer wants a heavy racket but still hits through the ball nicely.

While the Six One Team would be a little on the light side for myself, I was really excited for this play test to see how closely it could replicate some of the more advanced Wilson rackets.

Ever since I started playing tennis, I have enjoyed the same kind of pro-style racket feel, but it can be hard to find those characteristics in a racket that is light enough for younger kids to succeed with.

So perhaps the Six One Team was the racket I needed in the past!

I got a great feeling from this racket as soon as I started warming up in the service boxes with it.

It has a good-sized sweet spot (something that I can struggle to find when I’m warming up) and feels wonderfully balanced.

If you’re coming down in weight from a much heavier racket, then it is going to take a bit of getting used to, but it is worth persevering with if you feel like that’s a change you need to make.

As I moved to the back of the court, I found that I was swinging through at like 10,000 mph with this racket, as the low weight but solid swing weight gets you swinging the racket faster and faster.

But the impressive thing about the Six One Team 95 is that it was still very stable on contact for such a light racket.

If you’re looking for rackets in this kind of weight category you might find it annoying that essentially every racket that’s low weight seems to be a “cheat racket” that just trampolines the ball back without thought for anything else.

Be annoyed no longer though! The Wilson Six One Team is a real tennis racket with which you can play some very good tennis.


8.5out of 10

Once I got used to the huge swing speed potential on this racket, I felt very comfortable very quickly.

The blend of power and control is brilliant, and while I would normally like some more stability on contact, the Six One Team 95 is still excellent for its weight.

On the backhand side I generally benefit from a bit of extra weight to help me drive through the ball and get some depth, and I did find myself dropping the ball quite short with the Six One Team.

But this was to be expected.

The main benefit was that this racket encouraged me to swing through the stroke and attack the ball with venom.

For such a light racket its control levels are brilliant, and I had immense fun going after small targets and working my opponent all around the court.

I barely missed a ball off the backhand side with the Wilson Six One Team, and it showed its quality for precision and control.

My only personal difficulty with this racket was the depth, but that was to be expected.

The forehand side is where I often have big difficulties when play testing light rackets, and I ended up really simplifying the stroke.

However, the 18 x 20 string pattern on the Wilson Six One Team 95 gave me the stability and control that I need to succeed on my forehand, and I felt like I could put it wherever I wanted.

I naturally have better depth control on my forehand than my backhand, so keeping the ball deep wasn’t a problem, and I felt like

I was hitting with a great blend of spin and power that pushed my opponent all over the court.

Of course, the 285g Six One Team couldn’t give me the extra power that a heavier racket can, and my ball wasn’t as heavy as it would normally be.

But for what it is, it gives you superb results.

The Wilson Six One Team excels in the qualities that I love in a racket: control, precision and feel, and that is quite rare in such a light racket.

I think this setup is perfect for any aspiring young tennis players keen to improve their game.

Likewise, if you have played tennis at a very good level, but feel you need to drop down in racket weight, this could be an excellent option.

You can continue to hit through your strokes with this racket and still maintain great control.

I gave the Wilson Six One Team an 8.5 out of 10 from the back of the court.

I can just picture it in the hands of a young Federer out there somewhere.


8out of 10

I tend to enjoy a lot of weight in a racket when I’m at the net.

The weight just gives you that extra stability and solidity upon contact.

So, the Wilson Six One Team 95 isn’t my ideal volleying weapon, but it certainly didn’t do a bad job.

As I approached the net, I was faced with a very difficult low volley that had been drilled at me, and I absolutely pinged it back in nonchalant fashion.

The lightness of the Six One Team allows you to get into position quickly, and the lovely control you get from the 18 x 20 string pattern allows you to absorb the power coming at you and direct it back in the other direction.

This racket is never going to be a superstar at the net, but it is solid enough to be classed as a very good all-rounder.

I see it mainly in the hands of a baseliner, but someone who likes to come to net to finish the point off will certainly have fun with this stick.

I have given the Wilson Six One Team an 8 out of 10 at the net. A good all-round racket for someone looking for a lighter stick.


7.5out of 10

Another area where I prefer a bit more weight is the serve.

Unfortunately, the Six One Team felt very lightweight on the serve.

Naturally I was getting a ton of racket head speed from this racket, but it didn’t really translate into a lot of power.

This may seem like a bad thing, but the Six One Team 95 focuses on control, and it makes a nice change from a light racket that gives you crazy, “rocket launcher-level” power.

With the Six One Team you can focus on going after your serve, hitting precise targets and expanding your technique.

The great control this racket gives you is coupled with wonderful comfort.

There’s no need to worry about the injuries you can get from heavy rackets and it gives you a chance to develop your game before you move on to a more pro-style frame.

The serve wasn’t my favorite part of this play test, and I have given it a 7.5 out of 10.

It is a very solid all-round racket and it makes a nice change from your average light weight racket.


8out of 10

A must try for any young player.

The Wilson Six One Team 95 gives young players space to develop their game whilst offering them brilliant control and great feel.

Likewise, I could see this racket suiting an older player who plays a good standard but is looking to drop their racket weight.

You get all the characteristics of a pro style racket with the Six One Team, just without the baggage of all that weight.

Of course, you’re going to lose some of the benefits of the extra weight, but that shouldn’t put you off this racket if you think you need something lighter.

I really enjoyed this play test, and it’s nice to know there is a good option out there at the lower weights.

As I said, I’m sure there’s a baby Fed out there somewhere tearing up the court with this racket.

Overall, I gave the Wilson Six One Team an 8 out of 10.

I think Wilson have accomplished exactly what they were aiming for with this racket and it fits into their range nicely.

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