Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Shoe Review

I have always loved the Nike Air Zoom Vapour range and so I was very excited to try out the new Air Zoom Vapour X shoe.

The Vapour range always remains classic, with great colour schemes and an instantly recognizable outline and frame.

It brings as much class to the court as the legend who’s made them the much-loved shoe they are today – Federer.

The new Air Zoom Vapour X provides an extra padded portion around the ankle for extra comfort and they have tried hard to fix its biggest previous downfall.

Normally, if you purchase the Vapour and play a lot, you’ll be purchasing the Vapour again in a couple of weeks!

How did they do it?

They added more rubber in certain areas and took it away in other areas.

By doing so they were able to increase the amount of tread in the quickly worn areas whilst keeping the renowned lightweight feel of the shoe.

So, did they succeed?

The Air Zoom Vapour X most certainly feels the same as other Vapour’s I’ve had in the past.

It has great support, it’s lightweight and evenly balanced; so, Nike certainly did a great job at keeping the same feel.

As for the longevity of the Vapour, I really can’t say.

I’ve only just given them a go!

However, I will endeavour to play with them as much as possible in the upcoming weeks and report back on how long they lasted.

I have read up on a few other reviews though and they weren’t overly impressed with the durability.

But hey, this is the Air Zoom Vapour X.

You buy them because their comfortable, extremely lightweight and Fed wears them!

Which brings me nicely on to the most important aspect of your kicks – the look.

There’s a huge range of different vapours out on the market, and despite Nike’s marketing mumbo jumbo, this one doesn’t feel any different to the others, so I would definitely advise shopping around for the colour scheme you like.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting shoe or a slightly heavier shoe, don’t go for this one.

The vapour is always a good fit for the player with a slight foot.

If anything, this particular version has a slightly wider front of the shoe, but again, it’s still a great shoe for a slight foot.

With regards to its slide-ability, it is much like any other vapour shoe and that means it’s up there with the best!

It doesn’t give you as much grip as other shoes, which I personally like, and it’s this trait of the shoe combined with a lesser tread than many other shoes that makes it so weak from a durability stand point.

The last thing I feel I should mention about the Nike Air Zoom Vapour X shoe is that it is the pinnacle of the lightweight shoe range in my opinion.

If you love racing round the court, chasing down balls and sliding from one side to the other, this is a fantastic shoe!

It weighs in at 13.6 ounces for a 10.5 shoe size and gives you the best bang for your buck in terms of lightweight shoes in my opinion.

If on the other hand you don’t like a light shoe and instead prefer a grippy shoe that is going to allow you to push a lot of weight on your back foot whilst receiving a strong shot, maybe look for something else.

What I have found when looking for this particular type of shoe is that you’re often best to also look at the varied Adidas range.

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