Best Nike Tennis Shoes: Ace Your Style

Nike is by far the biggest name in sporting shoes and apparel worldwide, and that goes for tennis shoes too. The American powerhouse has taken tennis shoe technology to the next level, always coming out with cutting edge designs, new technology and leading the way for the tennis shoe market to follow.

But, what is it that makes Nike tennis shoes so special, and which are their best models that are worth trying out? Well, we’ll answer those questions and more in this article.

Why Choose Nike Tennis Shoes? 

Nike has been the marquee tennis shoe manufacturer for a number of decades now. Their prowess in the footwear industry has seen them sign the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams to name but a few of their elite champions. 

One of the many reasons that recreational tennis players gravitate towards Nike tennis shoes is because of these endorsement deals with top players. Many young aspiring tennis players want to play like their heroes, and Nike has made sure they are at the forefront of these player’s minds when they choose their next pair of shoes. 

Nike tennis shoes come in a range of different shapes and sizes, but they are always robustly made and sport eye-catching designs. 

This makes them very popular among beginner, intermediate, and advanced level tennis players, as Nike really does have something for everyone. 

Whether you are a player who likes to glide around the court and needs a lightweight, nimble shoe, or you prefer something that’s a bit more supportive, Nike has got you covered.

Best Men’s Nike Tennis Shoes

Here are our top picks of the Nike tennis shoe range. Naturally, the sizes, the shape of each shoe, and the feel of it around the ankle will all differ between manufacturers. So it’s well worth trying out a few pairs before you buy.

Nike Air Vapor

When the Nike Air Vapor received a major refresh in the early 2010s, it became a revolutionary design. They sought to combine the stability and performance of a tennis shoe, with the lightness and agility of a running shoe. 

They have since been the benchmark for lightweight performance tennis shoes aimed at players who like to glide around the court. 

There have been a few key variations of the Nike Air Vapor over the years, but the original is still a great model to go for. This sits out on the nimble, lightweight side of the Nike tennis shoe spectrum.

Nike Zoom Cage 

The Nike Zoom Cage sits on the other side of the coin of the Nike Air Vapor. Where the likes of Roger Federer endorsed the Nike Air Vapor, the Zoom Cage has been historically endorsed by the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal. 

These shoes sit on the supportive and bulky side of the Nike tennis shoe range. This is not to say they are incredibly heavy and cumbersome, but the Nike Zoom Cage is definitely geared towards a player who likes to slide around the court and needs a shoe that will support these intense movements.

Nike Cage Vapor

The Nike Cage Vapor sounds like a strange combination, but in recent years Nike has looked to combine the best characteristics of both their lightweight Vapor and their supportive Cage models. 

These shoes were developed for Rafael Nadal himself and feature the lightweight mesh upper of the traditional Vapor model, whilst still maintaining the stability and built-up sole of the Cage. 

This model now sits at the top of Nike’s range, but it is pricey!

Nike Vapor Lite

The entry-level shoe in the Nike Vapor lineup is the Lite model. 

This is an accessible shoe that can be worn by anyone switching to the Nike range or a beginner tennis player

The Vapor Lite is a simple, robust, and lightweight tennis shoe that does what it says on the tin. You’ll get plenty of grip, agility, and stability from this all-rounder.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro

The top-of-the-range Vapor Nike model is the Pro, geared towards serious on-court performers. With the Pro, Nike has stripped out even more weight and designed the upper and heel support areas of the shoe to fit like a sock. 

This will help you glide around the court whilst feeling locked into the shoe. Somehow, Nike has managed to improve the breathability and stability of the Vapor in the Pro version, whilst also stripping out more weight. These are a great option for an advanced player who wants to get around the court as quickly as possible.

Nike Zoom Court NXT

One of Nike’s more unique tennis shoe models is the NXT. 

These shoes have a unique design with a separate plate in the sole and springy, cushioning materials to make pushing off and changing direction a breeze. The NXT is ideal for baseline battlers who need to explode out of the corners of the court as quickly as possible. 

The NXT strikes a great balance between comfort, responsiveness, and speed.

Best Women’s Nike Tennis Shoes

Below is a comprehensive list of Nike’s best tennis shoes for women. Again, it is well worth trying these out before you buy, as the fit, level of support, and stability of each shoe will vary between each model.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor 

The flagship speed machine of the Nike Women’s lineup is the Air Zoom Vapor shoe. It is built from lightweight materials, encourages bursts of speed, and quick changes in direction. It is aimed at players who are light on their feet. 

There is plenty of breathability and flexibility with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor shoe, meaning it will stand up to the demands of intense competition without becoming a burden on the foot. 

This simply designed shoe has enough cushioning around the ankle to support lightning-fast changes in direction. But no more than necessary to ensure the design is sleek, minimalistic, and above all, fast.

Nike Air Zoom Pro

If you’re looking for a hard-wearing, durable shoe that will give you plenty of traction for running down those drop shots, the Nike Air Zoom Pro is the shoe for you. 

The chunky sole and built-up ankle support padding will keep your foot locked into this robust shoe, with the full-length plate ensuring energy return is at its maximum. The Nike Air Zoom Pro will help you bound around the court, springing from step to step thanks to the flexible yet strong materials. 

Ideal for hard court sliding, the Nike Air Zoom Pro will suit an aggressive baseliner game style to a tee.

Nike Air Zoom Lite

The Nike Air Zoom Lite is a more approachable version of the lightweight Zoom Pro. The simplistic, sleek design makes the Air Zoom Lite a great all-rounder, perfect for players who change court surfaces regularly and need a shoe that can adapt. 

The Air Zoom Pro strikes a good balance between comfort, durability, and lightweight, all in a reasonably priced package.

Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo

A unique model in the Nike Women’s tennis shoe range is the Air Zoom GP Turbo. This shoe is endorsed by Naomi Osaka and features a built-up design that at first glance resembles a comic book-style sneaker. 

However, this shoe offers excellent support in the midsole, a funky stand-out design, and unmatched durability. 

This is a hard-wearing shoe that has plenty of cushioning around the ankle, as well as a robust, hard-wearing sole. This makes it the perfect companion for athletic players who like to slide on hard courts for hours.

Nike Court Zoom NXT

The Court Zoom NXT women’s shoes by Nike offer a unique design with a separate plate in the sole to improve the spring in your step. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds thanks to the springy feel of these shoes, accompanied by the soft cushioning in the forefoot.

Game-Changing Gear with the Best Nike Tennis Shoes

Overall, Nike is one of the most prestigious and popular tennis shoe manufacturers in the world. Its presence in the game is unmatched, with a host of great champions on their roster. Their shoes are well designed, robust and have a reputation for quality. 

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