Nike Air Zoom Zero PRM Volt Shoe Review

The first thing that struck me when testing out the Nike Air Zoom Zero PRM Volt, was that this is a really weird looking shoe.

The shoes feature a curved outer sole, which is meant to promote natural momentum forwards from heel to toe.

I could list off a load of stats about the milliseconds this will save you when chasing down a drop shot, but the reality is, it feels a lot like any other shoe in terms of speed.

I felt no miracle speed when chasing down one of Will’s much-loved drop shots.

Where the Air Zoom Zero PRM Volt does stand out is in the cushioning you get from the new zoom air technology.

What the zoom air technology does is move air evenly around the shoe to create maximum comfort.

It features a mesh top which is now standard on most shoes and makes them extremely flexible.

Obviously, whilst testing the shoe out at the very beginning, I couldn’t get accustomed to sliding as you have to wear the shoes in a little but, I could definitely sense the shoes ability to slide.

The top of the shoe happily bends in half while the back of the shoe comfortably and securely holds your foot and ankle in the correct position.

I tested this shoe on both indoor hard court and outdoor artificial clay.

The shoe was perfect on the hard court in terms of what it gave me from a tennis perspective.

I enjoyed the flexibility of the shoe when pushed out wide and didn’t feel that sudden jerky feel you often get while trying to slide with new shoes.

I don’t slide very well on my backhand side and even though these were brand new shoes, I still managed one or two Djok backhands!

In terms of stability, this shoe felt as it should.

I never felt uncomfortable in the shoe and it fitted my feet and ankles well.

At 13.8 ounces for a 10.5 size shoe, it is actually 0.2 ounces heavier than the majority of the Nike zoom range.

Does .2 of an ounce make a difference?

Absolutely not.

But I thought I’d at least cover a few of the non-essentials before we get onto what really matters for most people – the look!

Yes, everyone essentially chooses their tennis shoe of choice based off the look.

Only occasionally does this actually hamper your tennis, like when you buy an old school barricade which weighs ten tons and makes you cramp up in the third set.

Not to say that repping the old school barricades is not worth it, as it definitely is for the right person.

For me, the Nike Air Zoom Zero PRM Volt just looks strange!

The curved outer sole gives the shoe a weird shape and the excessive padding on the bottom makes it look more suited for a walk on the moon than on a tennis court.

I’m also not a fan of the neon yellow colour.

It comes with a pretty sweet black and grey camo sole which I think should be on way more shoes, but with the white and bright yellow colours, it just doesn’t go.

You do have the choice of another colour scheme and this comes in black, red and white.

For me, this colour scheme is far better than the neon yellow and something I’d actually like to get my hands on permanently.

However, overall, with the weird look of the outer sole, the strange shape and the huge amount of cushioning, I think I’d rather stick to the more traditional Zoom Airs.

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