Best Tennis Strings For Power

If you are looking to inject some power into your game, there are a few different ways to go about it.

You can decide to play with a more powerful racket, hit the gym with a new workout plan or loosen the tension of your strings.

But one often overlooked option for adding some much needed power to your game is to change to a more powerful string set up.

The strings you play with will have a big impact on how you hit the ball, how the ball feels off the racket and should be tailored to suit your game.

We launched our own custom fitting service to help you find the best strings for your game, but if you are specifically looking for more power, there are a few stringing options to consider.

Best Tennis Strings for Power

Babolat VS Team Natural Gut

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Wilson NXT Power

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Babolat Xcel

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Head Reflex MLT

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Tecnifibre NRG2

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The Best String Types for Power

Cutting through the noise when it comes to tennis strings can be a challenging ask.

Especially when you are looking for a straightforward solution to your problems.

Now, while there is certainly not one ‘best string’ on the market, or even necessarily a ‘best string’ for power, there are common traits that the most powerful strings all share.

But first, in order to identify which the best strings for power are, we need to understand the different types of tennis strings and their individual characteristics.

This will help you choose the right string for your wants and needs, and help you save time and money!

Now, there are a few key principles you should know about tennis strings that will help you decide on the most appropriate string for your needs.

In general, we are looking to create the most flex in the string as possible to generate power.

This means that as you contact the ball, the strings will help it spring off and add more power to your shots.

A simple way to achieve this is to lower the tension of your strings, as this will naturally create more of a trampoline effect on your string bed.

Stringing your racket towards the lower end of its recommended tension range is a good way to go here. This will usually fall a few pounds either side of 50lbs.

But, in terms of the strings themselves, you should look for a thinner gauge of string when seeking more power.

This again creates more flex in the string bed, adding to that trampoline effect.

Generally speaking, a gauge between 19 and 17 (1.10-1.25 mm) will offer a good amount of power, but bear in mind the thinner you go, the quicker the string will likely break.

You should also aim to use as soft of a string as possible when looking to generate more power.

It goes without saying that a very thick, stiff string that is strung tightly will feel stiff as a board!

This is only going to improve your spin, not your power.

So with that being said, let’s take a look at the best string types for adding more power to your game!

Natural Gut

The clear winner in this category is the natural gut string. Typically made from Bovine intestines, these strings are very flexible and tend to maintain their tension throughout their life very effectively.

Many players on the ATP Tour use natural gut strings thanks to their unparalleled feel and exceptional pop off the string bed.

To get the most power out of these strings, we would recommend going for as low of a gauge as possible.

A 1.15-1.25mm natural gut string will give as more power than any other string type, whilst feeling the most natural and plush.

These strings are also the most comfortable and forgiving on the arm.

So if you are a player suffering from arm or elbow injuries, playing with a natural gut string strung at a low tension could give you the relief you are searching for.

However, natural gut strings are by far the most expensive on the market, so consistently using them can be unaffordable for most recreational players.

Also, whilst they tend to hold their tension very well in dry conditions, in the wet they can lose their tension and break a lot easier thanks to extra string wear and heavier balls.

So, whilst natural gut strings are certainly the best tennis strings for power, they can be very expensive and need to be replaced very regularly for heavy hitters.

If you are looking to increase the durability of your natural gut strings, adding them to another polyester or multifilament string will certainly help.

You can also combine the characteristics of both string types by using a hybrid set up, which is very popular amongst the pros!

Synthetic Gut

Unsurprisingly, synthetic gut strings are very similar to natural gut strings in terms of their soft, comfortable feel.

They combine the characteristics of a soft polyester and natural gut strings to give a soft feel with good playability.

They are made from nylon so still offer decent playability when compared to multifilaments and polyester strings, but are not quite as soft and plush as their natural gut counterparts.

Therefore they will of course last longer than natural gut strings in all weather conditions, meaning that they have to be replaced less often and are more versatile overall.

Synthetic gut strings are quite neutral in their feel, offering a good starting point for players who perhaps aren’t quite sure which strings are right for them.

Synthetic gut strings offer a more cost effective alternative to natural gut strings, compromising ultimate softness and power but still delivering a good amount of pop!


Multifilament strings really do what they say on the tin. They are made up of hundreds of small strands of nylon which mirror the construction of natural gut strings.

In a similar way to synthetic gut, multifilament strings offer a lower cost alternative to natural gut whilst retaining a soft, arm friendly feel.

In terms of playing characteristics, multifilament strings are the closest you will get to natural gut without breaking the bank.

They tend to be more expensive than synthetic gut strings, but offer superior softness and touch.

Polyester Strings

Polyester strings tend to be on the stiffer end of the spectrum compared to natural gut, synthetic gut or multifilament strings.

These strings help advanced players control the ball, allowing them to hit with full swings, whilst maintaining control over the ball.

Although most polyester strings would be too stiff and harsh on the arm for players looking for maximum power, some newer strings come equipped with softening agents which make them more supple and power oriented.

These strings are durable and provide a good amount of spin and control.

So if you are looking for power, a softer polyester string, strung at a low tension and combined with a multifilament or natural gut would be the way to go.


Best Tennis Strings for Power

Babolat VS Team Natural Gut

The best selling natural gut string of all time, the Babolat VS Team is a fantastic choice for adding power to your game!

This iconic string is extremely soft and pliant, making it the perfect choice for creating that trampoline effect for your racket.

Wilson NXT Power

This popular multifilament string from Wilson has really caught fire in the tennis string marketplace.

The Wilson NXT Power is our favourite multifilament string for good reason!

It offers a sensational feel, great power and is as close as you will get to a natural gut string. Truly one of the best multifilament strings on the market!

Babolat Xcel

Babolat Xcel has always been a popular soft string for players looking for a more neutral feel from their string bed.

It is less lively than its more natural feeling counterparts, offering slightly more spin than a traditional multifilament.

Head Reflex MLT

One of the more polyester-like strings in this selection, the Head Reflex MLT delivers a remarkably crisp feel for a multifilament string.

You won’t get the typical string notching that is found in most multifilament or natural gut hybrid setups.

It is an affordable and powerful alternative to the more conventional multis on the market!

Tecnifibre NRG2

This long standing string from Tecnifibre offers a great amount of power and a natural gut-like feel.

It has been on the scene for a long time now, which is testament to its reliable old school feel.


Ultimately, there are a number of factors that play into generating power in tennis.

But choosing the best tennis strings for power is a straightforward way to improve one of the most important pieces of equipment you will use on the tennis court.

Make sure to try out a range of different strings to get the best fit for you.

And when looking for power, focus on natural gut, synthetic gut, multifilament or a very soft polyester string.

Get these strung at a low tension and opt for a thinner gauge where possible.

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