Solinco Hyper-G Review

Solinco Hyper-G is one of the most vivid looking polyester strings to hit the market in recent years!

Developed alongside touring pros to get the best possible playability, this string is a square-profiled co-poly that promises exceptional control and feel.

I (Tom) was excited to give this one a try, partly because I knew it was going to look awesome in my all black Wilson Pro Staff!

Once I’d strung it, it sure did look great; the cool black frame accentuating the vivid green hues of the string.

Aside from aesthetics, which aren’t all that important when it comes to getting a ball in the court, I had also heard some awesome things about Solinco.

Their name isn’t as mainstream as companies such as Babolat and Wilson, but their best-selling string, Tour Bite, is truly superb, so I was eager to get going with the Hyper-G Playtest.

From my research, I was expecting a crisp response from the string bed and a pleasing blend of power and control.

Let’s see how the playtest went…


6out of 10

6 out of 10 for my power rating is exactly where I want a polyester to be.

A co-poly that is too elastic is just plain irritating – often they lose tension quickly and have an exaggerated trampoline effect right from the go.

When I’m using a polyester string, I want to know the ball isn’t going to fly on me and that it’s going to dive down inside the baseline.

Conversely, I don’t like my polys to be too dead, like Luxilon Big Banger Original.

Don’t get me wrong, some players will love this feel (our big man Will from – it just isn’t for me.

Solinco Hyper-G really delivered on the power aspect for me. It wasn’t super dead or lively as far as polyester strings go.

I’d say it offered similar power to RPM Blast (my favourite polyester of all time) in terms of raw mph.

Similarly to RPM Blast, I also found Hyper-G gave me access to a hidden power level once I accelerated faster through my strokes.

Some strings I’ve played with don’t respond quite as well (this is neither good or bad) when you increase your swing speed, but I felt there was a good correlation between what I was putting in and getting out with Hyper-G.

On serve, there was enough pop available to me to get the job done.

Those that have read some of my other reviews will know that I normally prefer to string a hybrid, with natural gut in my main strings to complement my control-orientated racket.

However, I felt I would be happy using this string in a full bed if I had to. I’ve found this rule of thumb to be useful to me evaluating strings in the past when creating reviews.

For me to be comfortable using this full bed of poly in a racket like mine really pays testament to the superb qualities of Solinco Hyper-G.


8out of 10

Control came in spades with Hyper-G. On the playtest day, we were indoors.

It’s always pleasing to create something of a sonic boom in this environment; the echo can be phenomenal for your ego!

So, I went for a little more on the forehand side just to push the string’s boundaries and to see how it responded to greater racket head speed.

I was delighted to see my forehands dipping inside the baseline rather than sailing long and I felt very dialled into my targets on court.

As I was playing, I remember thinking, “this has to be a 9 out of 10”!

Although I love to use natural gut, I also love the crisp more deadened feel of a poly and the sensation of ultimate control it can bring to your game in a full bed.

Hyper-G certainly delivered the goods on this front, as I tapped into pinpoint precision on volleys and a peace of mind that the ball wasn’t going to trampoline on me during groundstrokes on serve.

In comparison to Solinco’s most popular string, Tour Bite, Hyper-G is probably on the softer side of the polyester spectrum with its increased ball pocketing capabilities.

We’ll get on to touch a little later, but the thing that impressed me the most was that I didn’t notice any loss in control that so often happens with these more pocketing polyesters.

That was truly a joy to experience!


8out of 10

I’ve compared Hyper-G to RPM Blast a little already in this review, so I’ll keep going a little with that train of thought! Like RPM Blast, this string also had exceptional levels of spin.

The square profile of the string is an interesting choice of shape in today’s game; many strings often being more extravagantly shaped into hexagonal or octagonal profiles.

It would be interesting to see if there are any readily available research studies between the various shape profiles, but we don’t often come across square strings.

They certainly work though!

For me, swinging with a polyester string is all about knowing the ball is going to stay in the court when I turn on the gas.

I often see a lot of lower level club players stringing poly who don’t have a lot of natural power and know they would be far better off with a multifilament string or natural gut.

But often, they won’t have had a say.

When they broke their last set of strings in their racket, they would have handed their racket to their local stringer and just asked them to string it without specifying type or tension.

Their lack of equipment knowledge limits them here, as a stringer will just put in a poly as default these days, such are the popularity of the strings.

If you don’t produce a lot of your own power and spin, then I would leave this review now and go and check out Babolat VS Team.

However, if you do, you’re going to love Solinco Hyper-G either in a full bed setup or a hybrid setup.

I particularly enjoyed the biting sensation of Hyper-G, as the strings gripped the ball, shooting it away with an insane number of RPMs.

Slices carved, and top spins kicked; pressing my opponent deep behind the court and allowing me to step in and eat up the point.

The high levels of spin this string gave me access to encouraged me to take big swings at the ball without me worrying about the ball flying long.

For me, there’s nothing more annoying in tennis than feeling like you connect with a shot well and have it fly on you.

I never had this sensation with Hyper-G.


7out of 10

Solinco Hyper-G was hands down one of the most comfortable, pocketing polyester strings I’ve ever played with.

I mentioned earlier about the slight give in the string that is so rare with polys these days, but it was great to play with. I felt the ball pocketing aspect positively enhanced my touch and gave me greater confidence at the net.

In my own game, I don’t spend all that much time at the net – I’m working on it! I’m the shortest out of TheTennisBros.

At 5’9, I still have good pop on the serve, but serve-volleying isn’t really my thing and I don’t often come into the net from a baseline rally unless I have to.

Players on the tour with similar physical attributes to myself seem to be baseline grinders and only come in occasionally.

However, they are also very capable at the net, whereas at the date of writing this article, it’s something I’m developing.

Hyper-G definitely gave me greater confidence in this.

The controlled, pocketing effect of the string bed helped me to find excellent directional control; further enhancing the stability and effect of my Wilson RF 97 racket.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally comfortable string, definitely don’t go with a polyester.

Check out our range of articles on multifilaments/ synthetic guts and natural guts if you want that.

However, as far as polyester strings go, you don’t get much more comfortable than Solinco Hyper G!

7/10 really is top notch for a poly.


7out of 10

One of my most desirable aspects for durability is tension maintenance.

I won’t name and shame in this article, but I’ve played with polyester strings in the past that literally became a trampoline after one hit.

I’m not as rich as Roger Federer, so I can’t afford to string my tennis racket, or several for that matter, every day!

I’ve just accepted now that strings don’t last long, but I would at least hope to get at least get a few decent hits in before the string’s tension dropped off to the extent where it was no longer playable.

Solinco Hyper-G had a good level of tension maintenance and it was several hits before the tension dropped away before the string broke.

It’s definitely one of the better polyester strings when it comes to tension maintenance.

So, for you big hitters out there, that are perhaps on more of a budget when it comes to stringing regularly, Solinco Hyper-G would make a great choice.


8out of 10

Solinco Hyper-G is one of the most playable, pocketing polyesters that we have ever tried.

It contains a delightful combination of power, control and spin and I was really impressed by the string’s tension maintenance and all-round feel from anywhere in the court.

This shouldn’t be something I should really be commenting upon, but I absolutely loved the colour!

It might not be to everyone’s taste, but I certainly thought it looked pretty tasty in my black, Wilson Pro Staff.

It was also very interesting to try a square-shaped string, as opposed to the abundance of multi-sided shaped profiled strings out there.

I did not feel this negatively affected spin potential in any way or even its lifespan for that matter.

If you love a polyester string and are a fan of the Luxilon and Babolat range, you must try this string and see what it can do for your game.

Solinco aren’t quite as popular in the media as these “big gun” brands, but they certainly don’t fall short in quality.

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out of 10

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