Tennis bags are not only one of the stand-out accessories when it comes to tennis fashion, but they are also a necessity when you’re playing a lot of tennis. A bag might seem like a pretty mundane item, but when it comes to tennis and sports in general, they can make a big difference. When you’re lugging around a ton of equipment, sweaty clothes, and most probably some smelly socks, you’re going to want a bag that’s practical and makes your busy life that little bit easier.

That’s not to say we don’t want to look great when we’re walking on to court though, so ideally, your tennis bag is going to be super stylish as well as tick all the boxes when it comes to practicality. Many people like to stick to the same brand of bag as their rackets, but sometimes it’s worth straying towards another company if it means you’re going to get better value for money. The question is, which bags should I be looking at? As is our way at, we had the same thought and have been spending time picking out our favorite tennis bags.

Another reason we think tennis bags are great is that they make an ideal tennis gift for friends and family. When it comes to rackets, shoes, and clothes, there are so many variables that make buying them as gifts a dangerous business. This is not the case with racket bags though, you just find a design you like and Bobs your Uncle, so to speak!

Whether you’re buying a tennis bag as a gift or looking to upgrade your own racket carrying game, we’ve been checking out all the options so you can make the right decision. Here are our favorite tennis bags for 2019!


Men’s Tennis Bags



Wilson Super Tour


The thing I love about Wilson is how simple they keep their designs. Whether it’s rackets, bags, or even grips, everything looks clean and elegant. If I was writing this article last year, I would almost certainly be talking about the Wilson Federer Team bag, but in 2019, Wilson has upgraded their game again.

The Wilson Super Tour follows Wilson’s rules of keeping things simple and looks extremely classy in its black, grey, and white colors. It is available as a 6-pack bag, a 9-pack bag or a 15-pack bag, giving you plenty of options in terms of price and size.

The size you go for really just depends on how much you play. Personally, I would want something a little bigger than the 6 pack, and for the price difference, I would choose the 15 pack over the 9 pack.

Whichever size you choose, you get a pocket with Thermoguard technology which helps protect the rackets from extreme temperatures; very helpful for keeping your strings at the right tension.

You also get a useful flap in the other pocket that allows you to compartmentalize your other items, which is a great help when you’ve got some dirty tennis shoes.

Like most of the other Wilson bags, the Super Tour has very comfortable backpack straps, which make carrying your kit a doddle. If you’re not a fan of carrying it back-pack style, you also have the option of normal carrier straps that can hook over your shoulder.

If you or a loved one uses Wilson, then I’d say this bag is a no brainer. You can match your rackets with your bag, walk onto court looking like a boss and carry all your equipment in ultimate comfort.


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Babolat Pure Line White/Red


As someone who uses the Pure Strike, I’m pretty happy that I’ve got a great option when it comes to matching my rackets with my bag! I saw Thiem playing recently, and spent most of my time admiring his bag, so I knew that this would have to feature on my list.

Where the Wilson bags are always sleeker and more elegant, the Babolat ones tend to be much more brash and bulky. They do look pretty huge, but that allows them to fit in some great features.

The Pure Line is available as a 6 pack or a 12 pack and you can also get it in the blue, white and black colors of the Pure Drive. You might think that the Wilson bag is slightly bigger because they call it a 15 pack, but the 12 pack Babolat is actually a little bit bigger. Again, which size you get depends on your needs, but if it was me, I would go for the 12 pack.

The Babolat has two Isothermic pockets, once again to protect your rackets from the elements and keep your stings at an ideal tension. It also has a ventilated tunnel pocket to put your shoes in. This is an excellent feature, as it allows to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your gear and the ventilation helps to keep everything smelling nice!

When it comes to practicality, I’d give it to the Babolat over the Wilson, it’s just got a few more useful features. However, I think the Wilson is much more comfortable to carry, so there is a bit of a trade-off. Ultimately, these two bags are extremely closely matched, the question is whether you value comfort of practicality more.


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Head Djokovic Speed Backpack


The reason I tend to steer away from the smaller racket bags is that I find the backpacks to be a bit more convenient. If I’m playing a tournament then I want a bigger racket bag to carry all my kit, but day-to-day, a backpack does the job just fine.

One backpack that I particularly like at the moment is the Head Djokovic Speed Backpack which is super easy to carry around but fits everything that I need. This bag easily fits two rackets and is nicely padded so your rackets are protected, and it’s soft on your back.

Being a backpack, this bag is also much more versatile than the traditional racket bags. You could easily use this bag to carry books at school or your clothes to the gym and it wouldn’t look out of place. Best of all, it has a ventilated shoe compartment in the bottom (as you can tell, the shoe compartment is important for me!)

I don’t play too many tournaments anymore, so really this bag is all I need. They tend to be a little bit cheaper than the racket bags and I find them much more convenient. If you’re looking for something small and convenient, then the Head Djokovic Speed Backpack ticks every box.


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Women’s Tennis Bags


Head Maria Sharapova Tennis Racket Combi Bag


This one isn’t the newest on the list, but it sure ticks all the boxes for style and practicality. Maria Sharapova, one of the most glamorous players on the circuit, has come together with Head to bring us this awesome looking bag.

The Maria Sharapova bag has all the things you need from a tennis bag, but it looks more like a high-end carry on bag than a racket bag. It’s perfect for traveling and allows you to walk onto court looking like a queen.

This 8 racket bag features three compartments that allow you to fit all your gear, as well as thermal technology to keep your rackets safe. A handy shoe sack is included, so you can keep everything separated and smelling nice and fresh.

If you’re looking for pure style, then this racket bag has it in spades, but it is not lacking when it comes to practicality. It’s not easy to find tennis bags that look as good as this one, and it would make a great gift for your tennis player.


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Yonex Pro Series (Black/Pink)


Yonex is another racket brand that we’re big fans of at, and it’s no surprise that they produce some great bags too. We’re particular fans of the Pro Series Black/Pink 9 Pack Bag, which has all your needs covered.

The Pro Series, which is also available as a 6 pack, looks great with its flashy pink colors and is one of the most practical bags we have got our hands on. It features a climate protective pocket that can hold up to 9 rackets, whilst protecting your sticks from the elements, and it has loads of space for other accessories.

The best part for me, of course, is that it’s got its own shoe compartment that is separate from all the other pockets. My obsession with this may seem a little weird, but it makes a difference!

Often when you see a bag that’s advertised as a 9 or 12 racket bag like many on this list, people tend to see it as a bit of an overkill. The thing is, most of the space doesn’t end up being used by the tennis rackets, it’s more the other things you need. By the time you’ve got a couple of rackets in there, a wash bag, a change of clothes, change of shoes, some replacement grips, a towel, and a water bottle in there, it soon starts to fill up!

We really liked how well compartmentalized the Yonex Pro Series was and it also felt really comfortable when we were carrying it. It’s certainly one to look at if you use Yonex, but I would also recommend it even if you use another racket brand.


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Adidas Studio III Duffel Bag (Grey)


This one is not tennis specific, but much like the Head backpack, it is ideal for a training session. It will easily fit a tennis racket as well as all your other accessories, and it has some nice little touches to it.

It has a felt-lined inner pocket that is perfect for your phone and tablet and it has that all-important exterior shoe compartment! Most of the time, you don’t want to be carrying around a big, heavy racket bag and the Adidas Studio III is ideal for those days.

We found this bag looks great and just made life so easy. You can throw all your stuff in there and carry in comfort as you enter the court looking sleek and ready for action. If you want to take a break from the traditional racket bag, then give this one a go!


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Review by: Will