We’re always looking for the perfect balance for our rackets, and your string is one of the most important aspects of this.

Often when it comes to string setup we have to sacrifice one quality for another, but that doesn’t stop us looking for the holy grail of strings.

Today, our quest brought us to Luxilon 4G to see if this string could live up to the rest of Luxilon’s famed lineup.

Famous throughout the world for their Big Banger Original and Alu Power strings, Luxilon tend to set the bar when it comes to strings, so we were excited to see what 4G had to offer.

One of the main challenges with strings (and rackets to a large extent) is being able to balance performance with comfort and feel.

If you want lots of control and topspin from a string, then you’re generally going to have to go for a stiff string that doesn’t offer much in the way of comfort and feel.

If you take a string like Big Banger Original or Babolat RPM Blast, you’ll get extremely good control and spin but you’ll have to sacrifice when it comes to power and comfort.

These sacrifices mean that it’s important players find the right blend to suit their game.

Making a change to your string setup can make a big difference to how your racket plays, so it’s well worth looking at your strings and string tension.

Rather than being one of those strings that chases control and spin above all else, Luxilon 4G promises a nice blend of comfort and feel whilst still having an emphasis on control.

It is also designed to keep its tension for longer, which means you can play more tennis without a dropoff in performance.

For this playtest, we strung up a couple of Head Graphene 360 Speed Pros with Luxilon 4G, one strung at 48lbs, the other at 54lbs.

Playing with two different tensions allows us to get a feel for how 4G performs in different setups and really helps us understand the string.

We’d heard really positive things about this string, so we were looking forward to getting out on court with it.


Power – 6.5/10


While we talk about string offering us a nice blend of characteristics, a high score in the power category is not something you expect or want from a co-poly string.

These strings lean more towards control and easy power is not a part of that.

When a string focuses on control it allows the player to get the most out of the power they produce naturally, and that is what Luxilon 4G does.

As polys go, Luxilon 4G does offer you a little bit of free power, which can really help when you’re out of position and playing a difficult shot, but for the most part, it is control-oriented.

I found the 4G gave you just enough power when you needed it, and got things pretty spot on when it came to power.

We gave Luxilon 4G a 6.5 out of 10 for power.


Control – 8.5/10


This is what I love from a string!

When you’ve got tons of control at your fingertips you can do anything and that’s how this playtest felt for me.

No matter how bigger swing you took, you knew you had the control to keep the ball in court and it really made you feel like you were in control of proceedings.

While I would say there are strings out there that offer slightly more control than 4G, it certainly has plenty to offer in this area.

Unless you’re someone who produces a thunderous amount of power, 4G offers more than enough control.

Luxilon 4G performed very well in this area and we gave it an 8.5 out of 10.

Feel – 7/10


The difficulty with feel can be that we want different things from our strings depending on what shots we’re trying to hit.

Many players want their stings to really grip the ball on their big shots to generate spin but need the opposite when they’re trying to hit finesse shots.

Of course, it’s impossible to do two things at once, but Luxilon 4G does seem to find a nice balance.

As we’ve mentioned, the control we got from 4G was excellent, but the feel was also pretty good.

I felt comfortable hitting the more delicate shots like drop shots and lobs and was able to play with plenty of variety in my game.

Many poly strings aren’t strong when it comes to feel, but Luxilon 4G isn’t one of them. A score of 7 out of 10 on feel is a good score for a poly.


Spin – 8/10


Spin is another of the key characteristics of a co-poly string. Modern games are based on heavy topspin shots, and you need a string that’s going to allow you to generate that spin.

As we found throughout the playtest, Luxilon 4G gave us plenty of topspin, without taking away from other areas.

If you’re an absolute spin fanatic then you will find a string like Babolat RPM Blast to offer you a little bit more but for most other people, 4G does enough.

On my forehand side, I was finding lots of topspin and used this to good effect, and on my backhand side, where I don’t produce as much spin, I was still able to squeeze plenty of topspin out of the strings.

I enjoyed the level of spin Luxilon 4G gave me, and gave it an 8 out of 10.


Comfort – 7.5/10


Luxilon 4G is certainly above average when it comes to poly strings.

This group of strings is not known for its comfort, in some cases, they pretty much disregard comfort altogether.

Luxilon 4G offers its users a nice arm-friendly experience though and this is always a big bonus.

You might well find multifilaments that are more comfortable than this string but you’re going to take a big hit in performance to achieve that.

You can’t have perfect performance and perfect comfort, but Luxilon 4G can give you a very good mix of the two.

7.5 out of 10 for comfort, another great score from 4G.


Durability – 7/10


Durability is another quality that is very important to me.

I find the last thing I want to be doing is constantly restringing rackets so it’s important I have a string that is going to last.

We kept the 4G in for a good few weeks, and found this string kept its performance really well.

It’s natural for a string’s performance to drop off slightly over time, but you don’t want it to end up being unrecognizable from the string you started with.

Luxilon 4G did well in this area, and we certainly wouldn’t have any worries with it from the durability side.

This string keeps its tension well and will last you a good amount of time – 7 out of 10 for durability.

Overall – 9/10


Overall, this is an excellent string and one that I would have absolutely no problems switching to.

As poly strings go, it is relatively accessible for intermediate players as well as catering to the needs of advanced players.

The most impressive thing about this string is perhaps its weaknesses as opposed to its strengths.

Most strings have some glaring weaknesses, but Luxilon 4G doesn’t really have that.

In categories such as comfort and feel it performs admirably well, but it still gives you high-end performance for categories such as control and spin.

All of us at TheTennisBros.com enjoyed this string and were all in agreement that this string deserved a 9 out of 10.


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Review by: Will