Danlil Medvedev, ranked 4th in the world at the time of writing, has one of the quirkiest games on the pro tour at the moment. This article will delve into his equipment choices that have been carefully selected in order to enhance and complement his game, but firstly, lets take a brief look at his game, itself. This will help us develop the fullest picture as to how his chosen racket and string impact his game and could potentially help yours.

Quite simply, Medvedev drives other players crazy.

Some of you may be aware of Brad Gilbert’s famous book, “Winning Ugly” and Medvedev’s game style perfectly slots into the book’s core themes.

In a modern age of dazzling technique, topspin balls fizzing and oozing with seemingly endless RPMs, Medvedev offers a glimpse of the past with his flat backhand and ability to throw his opponent off their game.

Players describe him as “uncomfortable to play against” and “disturbing”; possessing a remarkable ability to make them miss without his opponents understanding why.

With this in mind, lets take a look at Medvedev’s equipment and evaluate how it fits the mold of his game.


Medvedev’s Racket


A Tecnifibre man through and through, Medvedev uses the Tecnifibre T Fight XTC 305 racket which is around 355-360g strung. Like many of the pros, his use of lead tape and silicone hasn’t been made clear, but the balance of the racket falls into the 32cm range.


Racket Specs


Racket: Tecnifibre XTC 305

Weight (Strung): 355-360g

Balance: 32cm

Head Size: 98 sq. inch

String Pattern: 18x19

Lead Tape and Silicone: Unknown

Danlil’s String


Medvedev has used the Tecnifibre Razor Code string in the past, but now uses Tecnifibre’s Ice Code. His standard tension is 50lbs, but this will be altered up or down depending on the tournament conditions, including temperature and humidity.


Why Are These Such Effective Combinations?


Medvedev actually plays with a similar kind of setup to Djokovic – a solid, control orientated racket with good plow through, although Djokovic strings a hybrid combination, whereas Medvedev strings a full polyester setup up in his Tecnifibre XTC 305 racket.

Both types of setups work well with a controlled style of game, which both players use to devastating effect.


Thinking About Your Game


Although we wouldn’t recommend you go to quite the same weight as Medvedev’s racket, the version available in stores is a very good stick indeed. His choice of string tension is also suitable for amateur and professional players, alike.

If you’d like some help picking out the perfect racket and string for your game to help you play your very best tennis, please get in touch with us via our popular Online Custom Fitting Packages today!


Article by: Tom