5 Strategies to Master Communication in Doubles

Are you looking to add a new tactic to your doubles game? Understanding doubles' communication is a great way to improve your overall performance on the court.

We’re going to walk you through every step so you can master doubles communication and get you and your partner in sync!

So, let’s take a look at how to master doubles communication so you can start winning more matches!

Why is it Important to Learn How to Master Communication in Doubles?

Understanding how to get the most out of your doubles partner is an essential part of improving your doubles games. Strategy in doubles is of course great, but if you and your partner aren’t on the same page, all the tactics and techniques in the world will go to waste! 

When we talk about communication, in doubles tennis, this doesn’t just mean having a chat at the change of ends. Communication in doubles is really about setting up predetermined patterns of play, encouraging your partner, and being the most effective team possible. 

When you understand your partner’s strengths and weaknesses and how you can use specific patterns of play like the ‘I’ formation for example to shock your opponents, doubles tennis becomes a lot more entertaining!

5 Strategies to Improve Your Communication in Doubles 

As you might expect, mastering doubles communication doesn’t happen overnight. But, with the proper instructions and practice, you can be on the same wavelength dominating the court in no time!

Step 1: Look at TheTennisBros.com’s Doubles Tactics Course

The first thing you can do that will make a big difference to your ability to communicate in doubles, is to check out our doubles tactics online course. Whilst there is no substitute for hard work on the tennis court, it is equally important to have a strategy and know what you’re trying to work on. 

We have worked with ex-ATP professional turned master performance coach, Dave Ireland, to bring you one of the most comprehensive doubles tactics courses on the internet! We’ll cover positioning, communication, and movement patterns to help you cover the net much more effectively. This is a key part of improving your relationship with your doubles partner. 

Unlike singles, doubles tennis lends itself a lot more to ‘plug and play’ tactical patterns that can be pre-determined and used at any point. This is exactly what we teach in our course and it will help you improve your game on the doubles court. Understanding these set plays can make communication a lot easier, especially in high-pressure moments. 

Therefore, using our Doubles Tactics course to improve your doubles communication is the perfect way to feel more confident on the court!

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Step 2: Understanding Hand Signals

One of the most common areas that recreational doubles players could improve is their hand signals. Whilst these may look complicated when professionals use them on TV, they are actually quite straightforward. As the net player, you are simply telling your partner where you want them to serve, and what action you are going to take after that. 

This is where you can let them know if you are going to stay where you are, cross onto the other side of the court after the return, or fake to put your opponents off. Having a set plan as the serving pair of exactly what both players are going to do before the point even starts is a great way to calm your nerves and get the best out of your game.

Step 3: Your Partner’s Strengths and Weaknesses

The next step towards mastering double communication is to improve your understanding of your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. This is both in terms of which shots they do or don’t like to hit, and the way they like to think. Some players need to be hyped up and some need to be calmed down. Some players love hitting their return and rushing to the net, whilst others enjoy ripping shots from the baseline. 

Either way, communicating with your doubles partner about what you both do and don’t like is a great way to make your relationship more effective.

Step 4: Have a Plan and Set Plays

Next, on the practical side of things is to have a few set plays that you can rely on under pressure. Knowing what works for you and your partner, how you are going to approach the upcoming point, and that you have a well-thought-out plan will make decision-making a lot easier. 

For example, if you know that you are going to return cross-court, follow into the net, and then your partner will look to cross, then it takes a lot of pressure off not having to think about which option is best to go for under pressure.

Step 5: Understand Your Roles

Finally, part of mastering communication in doubles tennis is understanding who plays what role in your partnership. In general, there is usually one player that is more solid, calm, and consistent, and another that perhaps takes more risks. Both of these roles are important, but if you both think you are the flashy one, your consistency could go out the window! 

Also understanding which of you is calm under pressure and which needs to be motivated when the chips are down is a great way to improve your synergy as a doubles team!

Once You’ve Mastered Doubles Communication, It’s Time to Improve Your Volleys!

Understanding how to communicate better on the doubles court is a great way to become a more effective team. However, if you want to become more efficient and effective at the net, you should think about your volley technique itself. 

So, if you want to take your net game to the next level and improve your volleys, check out our Art of Volleying online course today!

Simple Guide to Mastering Communication in Doubles

Overall, learning how to communicate better with your doubles partner is a great way to improve your presence and overall effectiveness in matchplay. Having a clear plan, knowing what makes your partner tick, and respecting the roles that you both fill all go a long way to getting the most out of your doubles game. 

So, if you want to take your doubles communication to the next level, start by following the simple steps listed above, and then check out our Doubles Tactics Online Course!

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