Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff (Full Racket Comparison for 2023)

Choosing between racket models can be quite tricky for the recreational tennis player. There are so many brands out there to start with, then breaking those down into different model lines, and finally ending up with the correct weight, head size and exact racket you like is no easy task! Wilson is one of the oldest, best known and highest quality tennis racket manufacturers in the world, and they have plenty of great rackets to choose from.

Two of their most popular models are the Blade and the Pro Staff. These rackets have long liniages dating back decades ago, but have been brought right up to speed with modern technology and design. So, if you are considering which of these two iconic rackets are best, you’ve come to the right place!

Who Are Wilson?

Wilson is a prestigious tennis racket brand that has been around for over a century now!

The American tennis racket manufacturer became incredibly popular in the mid 1980s, introducing the kevlar derived Pro Staff in 1984. This racket was famously used by Pete Sampras, and even Roger Federer in his early career.

They then ventured into K-Factor technology which saw the introduction of the Hammer model, a more powerful and more forgiving racket upon which the Blade is based.

Wilson has sponsored some of the greatest tennis players of all time, and their brand image reflects class, elegance and simplistic design.

Wilson Blade

The Wilson Blade has become incredibly popular amongst recreational and professional players alike in the past decade or so.

It is a great all rounder that is designed to offer plenty of control and precision, but is also supple and forgiving enough to be more user friendly than other rackets in its class.

The eighth generation in particular has a stunning new paint job that actually changes colour in different lights.

Players like Milson Raonic, Emma Raducanu, Serena Williams and Stephanos Tsitsipas have wielded their Wilson Blades to countless victories on the professional tour.


Virtually all Blade models come in a choice of 16×19 or 18×20 string pattern. The 16×19 will offer a more lively feel and increased spin, whereas the 18×20 offers better control and accuracy.

Below are a list of the different Blade models on offer by Wilson for the latest version:

Who it is Aimed at

The Wilson Blade is a racket focussed on control, so it offers great feel, touch and precision.

However, it is also meant to be a more accessible racket that anyone can play with, which is why Wilson does it in a larger 104 sq in head size and a lighter ‘L’ version.

We have seen many baseline players on the professional circuit using the Blade in recent years, indicating that it is not a purely control oriented racket. In fact, you can play a very versatile all court game whilst using a Wilson Blade.

The stand out features of the Blade are feel, control, spin and plushness.

Wilson Pro Staff

Arguably the most recognisable racket with the richest heritage out there, the Wilson Pro Staff needs no introduction.

This racket has been heavily refined over the years to the point that Roger Federer himself co-designed the latest version!

It was historically a razor sharp racket, offering the last word in control and scalpel like precision. However, this also gave the Pro Staff a reputation for being quite unforgiving, as off centre hits would send shivers down your arm!

Despite this, Wilson had always kept the head size around the 90sq in mark up until 2015, when they released an updated 97sq in model in collaboration with Federer.

This brought the Pro Staff right up to date, ensuring that the masses could now enjoy playing the attacking, net rushing tennis that the Pro Staff was always built for!


All of the Pro Staff models come with a 16×19 string pattern to give them a spin friendly and lively response.

Who it is Aimed at

The Wilson Pro Staff has historically been an uncompromising racket aimed at serve and volley players that demand as much control and precision as possible.

Whilst in recent years the Pro Staff has been made more user friendly thanks to its thicker beam and larger head size, it is still a weighty racket that demands respect.

It is mainly aimed at intermediate to advanced level players that produce their own power and need more control and feel from their racket.

Which is Better?

Picking between these two iconic models from Wilson isn’t easy. They are both fantastic rackets that almost have cult followings of their own!

In essence, the Pro Staff is more of a purist racket, whereas the Blade is more of an all rounder.

Therefore, unless you are a very aggressive player that likes to attack the net and win as many points on your own terms as possible, the Blade will most likely suit your game better.

The Pro Staff is definitely a more demanding racket to play with. Its smaller head size and slightly thinner beam, coupled with its stiffer frame make it less forgiving if you time the ball wrong.

However, if you have finely tuned technique and can handle these specifications, the Pro Staff will also be more satisfying and rewarding to play with.


Overall, both the Wilson Pro Staff and Wilson Blade are very popular racket models for good reason. They have their merits and are two of the American racket brand’s best sellers.

In general terms, the Blade will be better suited to a baseline player that wants to play an all court game, whereas the Pro Staff is better suited to an attacking player that wants to win their points in as few shots as possible.

If you aren’t sure which racket is best, give our custom fitting service a try! We take all the fuss out of picking your perfect racket, plus it is great having an expert team on your side to make racket, string and tension recommendations!

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