Wilson vs Head Tennis Racket Comparison (Choose the Right Racket)

Using the right tennis racket is a key part of improving and enjoying your tennis game. There are many big brands out there that offer a range of different playing experiences, so finding the right one for you can be a bit tricky.

Wilson and Head are two of the best known tennis racket manufacturers, both supporting two of the greatest players of all time, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Millions of budding tennis players around the world will affiliate with either of these brands because they have a preference for Roger or Novak, but the question still remains, which is actually best? Well, if you are in the market for a new tennis racket and are considering trying out either a Wilson or a Head, you’ve come to the right place!

What to Consider When Choosing Your Next Racket

Before we dive into the full comparison between Wilson and Head tennis rackets, let’s consider what actually matters when picking your next stick.

It’s one thing choosing a racket just because your favourite player happens to use that brand, but there is much more to picking your perfect stick than that.

Your Game Style

The first thing to take into account when picking your perfect tennis racket is how you actually play the game. You should choose a racket that suits your natural game style, rather than fitting your game style around the racket.

This helps you play to your natural strengths and shields your weaknesses. These tend to have larger heads and more open string patterns to generate more spin.

For instance, a counter puncher that likes to sit back behind the baseline and hit ground strikes, a power or spin friendly racket may be best off for you.

Whereas, if you are the type of player that likes to get into the net and win your points with precision volleys and drop shots, then a more control oriented racket would be a better fit for your game.

These rackets tend to have smaller heads and more dense string patterns to offer better control.


Weight is a really important part of getting the perfect tennis racket for you, but it is often something that recreational players get wrong.

A heavier racket will generally be more difficult to swing, but offer more control and plough through on your shots. It will also have a solid feel and be more suitable for intermediate to advanced level players.

Whereas, a lighter racket will usually be easier to swing, offer more power and forgiveness whilst also feeling a little more tinny or flexible. Lighter rackets tend to be more suitable for beginner to intermediate level players and juniors.

Head Size

Amongst other things, head size is also an incredibly important element to consider when it comes to tennis rackets.

A racket with a larger head will offer more power and more margin for error, making it more forgiving to play with. On the other hand, a smaller headed racket will offer more precision and control, as well as less power.

Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson is one of the most prestigious and best known racket manufacturers of all time.

They have a long history of creating control oriented rackets, and their famed Pro Staff and Hammer lines in the 1980s and 1990s were used by some of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Wilson rackets were honed in the serve a volley era, so they are designed from the ground up to offer great feel and precision.

Wilson has diversified their rackets in the past couple of decades to cater for a range of different playing characteristics. This ensures they keep up with their competition.

Wilson’s brand image has always been associated with classy, more minimalist designs that focus on elegance and simplicity rather than brash colour schemes.

This is seen with their endorsement of players like Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Grigor Dimitrov and Serena Williams.

Head Tennis Rackets

Head has revolutionised the tennis world with their innovations, using modern technology to combine old school feel with modern shock absorption.

They have sponsored many grand slam champions and amazing players in the modern era, including Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova.

Head offers six different racket ranges that all offer different playing characteristics. There is a long heritage in each of these, whilst Head have also recently released their new Boom line.

Head has an eclectic mix of racket options to choose from, no matter what your needs are. They have provided some of the most complete ‘player’s’ rackets in the world for baseline players to dominate the court.

Rackets for Power

Wilson Ultra

The Wilson Ultra is a relatively new racket in the American power house’s line up. It combines power, spin and plough through to create a sturdy and pure feel on contact.

It has technology to increase the sweet spot of the racket so the Ultra is both forgiving and user friendly. It is a relatively stiff racket, but it is well damped so it is still appropriate for high level players.

Wilson Clash

The newest addition to the WIlson family is the Clash. It manages to combine power, spin, feel and stability in the same racket, which is pretty unique even for modern sticks that are packed with technology.

It is a pretty powerful racket, which is usually synonymous with being on the stiffer side and therefore not particularly arm friendly, but the Clash is a great all rounder that suits the demands of the modern game.

Head Gravity

The Head Gravity is great all rounder and has taken the line up by storm. It is a plush racket that offers fantastic levels of comfort, plenty of power but doesn’t skimp on feel.

It is ideal for players that like to slice and dice, using their hand skills to win points.

There is a broad range of options within the Gravity line up, so no matter your level of experience, you’ll be well catered for if you choose a Gravity racket.

Head Instinct

The most user-friendly rackets in Head’s line up are the Instinct models. They are very powerful rackets that are aimed at beginner to intermediate players who are looking for the cleanest strike possible.

They are easy to swing too, making them ideal for less experienced players to generate a load of racket head speed as they develop their techniques.

Rackets for Spin

Head Extreme

The most spin friendly racket in Head’s arsenal is the Extreme model. It aims to cut through the air and offer as many RPMs on the ball as possible, whilst also rewarding long, fast swings.

They are designed for heavy hitters that like ripping their shots from all areas of the court.

Wilson Burn

The Burn from Wilson is ideal for players that want to hit with a lot of topspin, as they are relatively stiff rackets that reward faster swing speeds.

The aerodynamic head shape slices through the air with ease, helping you to generate as much spin as possible.

Rackets for Control

Wilson Pro Staff

The Wilson Pro Staff has always been the go to racket when it comes to control. It has been refined for decades and offers unrivalled feel and precision.

This makes it ideal for attacking players that like to force the issue and finish their points off with a crisp volley at the net.

Wilson Blade

The Wilson Blade has gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to the slightly softer feel it offers.

Whilst it is a relatively low powered, control oriented racket, it is more supple than the Pro Staff and therefore more appealing to a wider range of players. It has become increasingly popular on professional tours.

Head Radical

One of the best rackets for counter punchers is the Head Radical. Players like Andre Agassi, Andy Murray and Diego Schwartzman have wielded a Radical to countless titles, relishing in the control, spin and usability.

It is a reliable all rounder that suits the requirements of a consistent, relentless game style.

Head Prestige

The Head Prestige is a real throwback racket that is perfect for modern players that want to hark back to that old school plushness and premium feel.

If you are an advanced player that wants precision, plough through and control, this is a classic racket that won’t let you down.

Head Speed

Popularised by the great Novak Djokovic, the Head Speed is a control oriented racket that places precision on a pedestal.

The racket will help you get the most racket head speed into your shots as possible, whilst also retaining stability and control.

Which Brand is Best?

Both Wilson and Head offer a broad range of fantastic rackets. They both cover all of the bases well, although it has to be said that Head’s racket line up is perhaps a little better differentiated than Wilson’s.

There are very clear distinctions between each racket in Head’s line up, and the difference in feel is also more noticeable.

However, Wilson does offer some very popular rackets, so it is hard to say for sure which brand is best!


Overall, Wilson and Head offer a wide variety of rackets to suit the demands of the modern game. Both brands are extremely popular and for good reason!

It can be argued that Head’s racket line up is a little better defined and broader reaching than Wilson’s. However, Wilson does also offer some high grade purist rackets that remain very popular.

We hope this guide has helped you on your way to choosing your perfect Wilson or Head tennis racket!

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