Jannik Sinner Racket and Strings (How Does He Hit So Big?)

Jannik Sinner is one of the most successful bright sparks of the ATP tour to date. His huge hitting and athletic game style have helped him climb the rankings, being as high as number 9 in the world at age 20!

Sinner has a whole bunch of potential and could well go on to be a future grand slam champion. Many have compared him to the great Novak Djokovic, as the Italian likes to hit huge balls whilst sliding around the court.

Both Sinner and Djokovic are keen skiers, but Sinner was actually a junior champion prior to taking his tennis so seriously. The ankle mobility and strength in both the Serb and the Italian can be seen from a mile off.

Sinner is incredibly strong out of the corners and hits an incredible heavy ball, which is reflected in his racket and string choices.

Sinner’s Racket

As far as we can see, Jannik Sinner plays with a Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP with added lead tape.

Many pros will use pro stock rackets and then endorse the rackets that they appear to be using, and this may well be the case with Sinner.

Nonetheless, Sinner’s Speed MP has been customised with lead tape to give it a more weighty feel and more stability on contact. This is essential for his game style, which revolves around crushing ground strokes and consistently heavy balls.

One of the most impressive aspects of Sinner’s game is how hard he can hit the ball considering how slight his build is.

He has long levers and is a tall guy, so he clearly generates a lot of power from the momentum of his strokes and technique rather than brute force.

The Speed MP is a racket designed for fast racket head speed and prides itself on accuracy and a sharp shooter game style.

This suits Sinner down to the ground as he clearly loves to pick apart his opponent with clean, heavy and accurate ground strokes.

You can see from the specs below that although the static weight of Sinner’s racket is pretty low for a professional player, the swing weight is actually much higher, suggesting he is using lead tape in the hoop of the racket to gain some extra momentum.

This will give him more power on his shots and get the racket travelling through the path of the ball more like a sledgehammer!

Racket Specs

Racket: Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro Stock

Strung Weight: 325g

Lead Tape: Yes

Length: 27in

Swingweight: 340

Grip: Hydrosorb Pro with Head Prime Tour Overgrip

String Pattern: 16×19

Sinner’s String

Jannik Sinner plays with a full bed of Head Hawk Touch strung up at around 61lbs depending on the conditions.

This is a pretty high tension for a full bed of polyester, but clearly Sinner wants that extra control from his racket and string setup, so he can feel free to take massive cuts at the ball.

This setup definitely wouldn’t suit everyone however. A lot of professional players actually choose to go for a combination of both a polyester and a softer natural gut or multifilament string to get a ‘best of both worlds’ situation.

This offers the blend of control and spin from the poly, along with power, touch and feel from the softer string choice.

As far as Sinner is concerned, his choice of Head Hawk Touch is quite interesting. This is a polyester string of medium firmness, which offers plenty of control and spin but is not overly harsh on the arm.

This is clearly what Sinner is looking for given he likes to crunch the ball with so much pace, but his lighter racket dictates he needs a lower powered string to control his huge racket head speed.

Therefore, using a relatively firm poly that will give him that ‘dead’ or neutral feel but also isn’t going to give him tennis elbow, seems to be a winning formula for Sinner.

Why Are These Combinations a Good Choice for Jannik?

Jannik Sinner is the type of player that has learned to be consistent but also simply hit the ball as hard as possible within the lines.

He is not the type of player to just roll the ball in and wait for his opponent to make an error. Whenever possible he looks to take on short balls and attack them to take time away from his opponent.

He can hit the ball both with a lot of spin and flat, so having plenty of control in order to change up the spins is clearly something that Jannik values.

It is a bit unusual that he would opt for a lighter frame and add lead tape, whilst stringing up a full bed of polyester at a high tension. However, this is something that he clearly likes and doesn’t want to change a winning formula.

The fact that Sinner uses a racket based on the MP version of the Head Graphene 360+ Speed rather than the Pro suggests that he may have used this model whilst his body was still developing and perhaps prefers the slightly softer feel.

Since hitting the professional ranks he has clearly beefed up the racket in line with the weight of shot required to hang with the top guys.

The combination of a lighter frame along with his relatively stiff, full poly string bed strung above 60lbs offers Sinner plenty of opportunity to manoeuvre his racket quickly, whilst maintaining both a heavy ball and plenty of control.

Thinking About Your Own Game

One of the most important aspects of being a tennis player is understanding your own game. This is especially the case when it comes to equipment, as learning how to tailor rackets and strings to suit your needs can have a huge impact on your game.

Sinner bucks the trend of many professionals, opting for a lighter racket with a very high tension, whereas many of the world’s best are now preferring lower tensions and softer strings.

The young Italian shows that equipment choices really do come down to personal preference and there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

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