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Tennis tactics are fundamental to improving your game. 

Whilst they may seem complicated on the face of it, our tips help break down the tactical side of tennis, making it easy to understand and implement into your game. 

Tactics don’t have to be confusing. They can be as simple as hitting your opponent’s backhand, hit as many forehands cross court as you can or keep the ball low. 

Understanding how to choose the right shot at the right time is just as important as knowing how to hit the shots in the first place. Tennis is a game of decision making, and knowing how to beat your opponent by choosing the right strategy will help you win far more matches than simply having the biggest forehand out there. 

However, tactics are an area that many tennis players struggle to master because they simply don’t have a plan when they step onto the court. 

This is something that we can definitely help with thanks to our in-depth articles and specifically designed online courses. Our aim is to get you playing better tennis as quickly as possible! 


Why Develop Your Tactical Awareness with

You may be wondering why you should choose us to help you master the tactical side of tennis?

Well, we have produced hundreds of high quality articles for our thousands of monthly readers. Our experiences span from high level club tennis right the way up through performance and competitive tennis to ATP Professional playing experience!

So, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two when it comes to winning tennis matches!

Our high performance coach Dave was Professionally ranked on the ATP Tour and has many pearls of wisdom that he wants to impart on our online tennis community. He has carefully mapped these out in our courses specifically focussing on Singles Tactics and Doubles Tactics.


Online Tennis Coaching for Your Tactical Game

You can gain a lot of valuable knowledge from our catalogue of free online content below. We will help you decode the tactical side of tennis and ensure you can outsmart your opponent!

We know that learning tactics may be a completely new area of tennis that you may not have even realised exists however. So, if you are interested in fast tracking your tactical knowledge and gaining tangible, actionable steps to improve your performance and decision making on the court, check out our online courses!

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