The Tactical and Mental Sides of Tennis

So, this title might not be accurate when speaking about the professional game, but it certainly rings true in the amateur game.

We’re obsessed with improving our strokes and making our game better, but how often do we take steps to improve our mental and tactical game?

As someone who always used to turn up to the court and hit the ball without much of a plan, it would always annoy me that “a lesser” player could out think me and outmaneuver me on the tennis court.

However, for whatever reason, my answer wasn’t to think harder, it was always to try and play better.

Tennis matches are won and lost on the turn of just a handful of points though, and your mental and tactical approach to those points can have as big of an impact as any slight technical advances you’ve made in recent months.

For many players though, improving strokes comes before improving their mentality, and for these players, they’re often going to find themselves losing out on those points to players who out think and out prepare them.

Of course, you’re always striving to improve your strokes, but in many cases, the easiest gains to be made are in your mental and tactical approach.

A Quick Way to Boost the Most Important Areas of Your Game

Working on your mental and tactical game isn’t necessarily easy, but it is a way to see quick results on the tennis court.

Winning tennis matches is about winning the right points, and if you can improve your chances of winning those points by having the right focus and the right tactical approach, then you’re going to give yourself a better chance of winning the match.

If you look at some of the key statistics that affect the outcome of a tennis match such as:


  • First serve percentage
  • Service games won
  • Break points saved
  • Second serve return points won
  • Break points converted


They are all aspects that can be significantly affected by your mental and tactical approach.

For example, many players struggle with pressure points such as break points, but they don’t take steps to fix this.

Those players that you feel like you’re a better player than, but they always seem to beat you, they have plans for these situations and they have learned to maximize their chances of winning the big points through their mental and tactical approach.

You can do the same, but it takes practice!


Create a Plan

Just like when you go about improving the technical side of your game you need a plan to improve the tactical and mental aspects of your tennis.

The better you can understand your strengths and weaknesses, the easier it will be to make improvements and see results.

Find out what areas let you down, and use the resources at your disposal to improve them.

In today’s world, the internet offers you so many resources to help improve your tennis, so make the most of them.

Treat the mental and tactical sides of your tennis with the same importance as the technical side, and watch as you start to win many more matches.

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