If there’s one area where we’re a little bit biased at thetennisbros.com it’s on grips.

We’re big fans of the Wilson Pro Overgrips for most players, and for the people with super sweaty hands we’d always recommend Tourna

However, in the Volkl V-Dry we think we might have found a superior alternative, and it’s for those players with very sweaty hands who value absorbency and grip over all else. 

As Tom is our resident sweaty hand man, he was the one that put the Volkl V-Dry overgrip through its paces with a thorough week-long playtest. 

Just to ruin the surprise – the results were extremely impressive!

Comfort – 5.5/10


Ok, so you don’t expect scores of 5.5 out of 10 when we’ve just said this grip is extremely impressive. 

The thing is, these grips aren’t there to be comfortable, they’re there to keep your racket in your hand, and that’s not always easy.

If it means good grip, then you don’t mind too much about comfort, and that’s where we were at with the V-Dry. 

It’s all well and good playing with the most comfortable grip in the world, but if it’s slipping in your hand on every shot, and your racket ends up cartwheeling down the court, then it doesn’t count for much. 

If you’ve got perfectly dry hands, then this grip probably isn’t for you because it’s not super comfortable, but as anyone with sweaty hands will know, comfort isn’t everything. 


Absorbency – 9/10


Here’s where the Volkl V-Dry starts to come into its own. It absorbs moisture brilliantly, offering the extra grip that anyone with sweaty hands needs.

It’s got plenty of tack, and unlike with some grips, it doesn’t get really slippy as your hands start to sweat.

The basic job of an overgrip is to keep your racket in your hands and there are few that do this better than the Volkl V-Dry. 

If you’re someone that needs that extra grip, then we would 100% recommend the V-Dry as a great alternative to the Tourna. 


Thinness – 6/10


Again, this isn’t really what these grips are about. You need a little thickness to absorb moisture well and that’s what these grips are for. 

Having said that, the V-Dry isn’t overly bulky and gives you a good feeling on the racket handle.

If you’re someone who likes to round the grip out then you’ve always got the option of adding a second grip over the top, but that won’t be necessary for most people.

Longevity – 8/10


This is another area where the Volkl V-Dry overgrip does really well. While a lot of people love Tourna, we do hear complaints about them not lasting that long and being a little on the expensive side, and this is an area where the Volkl performs exceptionally well. 

The more absorbent grips tend not to last as long, but we got plenty of tennis out of the V-Dry.

We probably managed about 10 hours of play before we felt it needed changing, but we could have gone on with it a little longer than that. 

Long lasting grip is a major plus for the V-Dry and it’s one of the main reasons we’d highly recommend it.  


Overall – 9/10


Overall, you’ve got to give the Volkl V-Dry extremely high marks because it does exactly what it sets out to do. 

It’s got great absorbency and offers you top levels of grip.

The great thing about this is that it does it without losing out on longevity meaning you’re not constantly having to put a fresh overgrip on. 

If you’re someone with very sweaty hands, then you’ll love these grips.


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Review by: Will