Tennis Gifts For Him or Her

Tennis is a very sociable sport. It is a great activity to bring families, couples and friends together and can be enjoyed at all ages and playing abilities. There are a lot of tennis accessories out there today, so finding a gift for that special someone has never been easier!

However, if you are stuck on how to get started, carry on reading! We have put together a list of some of the most thoughtful tennis gifts for both him and her.

The Best Tennis Gifts for Him or Her

Whether you are looking for a tennis gift for a significant other, parent, child or just a friend, there are a lot of thoughtful options out there to choose from!


Personalised Tennis Balls 

One of the most thoughtful yet often overlooked tennis gifts are personalised tennis balls! We all know the struggle of getting balls mixed up with other courts.

It can be very frustrating when one of your brand new balls ends up on another court, and a player sends your back an old, tatty ball instead!

However, personalised tennis balls are a great solution for this problem, as you can put your name or even a funny message on the ball felt itself.

This is a great alternative to writing a little symbol on a ball with a marker pen. It looks a lot more professional and makes your tennis balls stand out from the crowd!


Personalised Tennis Towel

Another great gift that can be given that personal touch is a personalised tennis towel.

Whether it is a  plain hand towel for personal use to wipe the sweat off your hands mid match, or a larger towel for a full body clean up at the change of ends, having your own personal towel is a nice touch.

You can even get a towel personalised from the official websites of the four grand slams for that special someone. So they can really feel like a champion!


Tennis Rackets

Now, as we know, picking a new tennis racket is a very personal experience. There is nothing worse than asking for a tennis racket for your birthday or any other special occasion, only to be given one that is the wrong size, shape, weight or feel.

However, if you have done your research and have a good idea of what racket that special someone would be suited to, then a tennis racket could be the perfect present for them!

Of course, we recommend that you try out any racket before you go ahead and buy it, but if you need a little extra help finding the perfect stick, give our custom fitting service a try.

We take the hard work out of choosing your perfect tennis racket as we give you personalised recommendations based on your playing style and needs.

Once you have a good idea of which racket to go for, look out for some deals at your local pro shop.

Holiday season is prime time for tennis enthusiasts to buy the latest and greatest rackets, but this can present a great opportunity for the savvy customer. You may get a good deal on a slightly older model as retailers look to make room for brand new models.

Also, many junior versions of mainstream rackets will come in custom colours, for example the purple Babolat Pure Drive aimed specifically at the female market.

Don’t forget, you can also choose to add custom strings to your new tennis racket for that ultimate personalised experience!


Tennis Bags

Replacing an old, tatty tennis bag is the perfect way to show that person you care about that you’re thinking of them! Tennis bags come in all different shapes and sizes, so there really is something out there to suit everyone!

On the smaller end of the scale, you can get a backpack with racket holders from all of the major tennis brands. These are great if you are only carrying a couple of rackets and some bare essentials, or are travelling a lot for your tennis matches.

Alternatively, some brands have released ‘handbag’ style tennis bags that bring an element of fashion to the tennis court. Head worked in collaboration with Maria Sharapova to bring out a tennis bag that could be worn over the shoulder and effectively took on the design of a large handbag.

If you are looking for a more permanent fixture, you can go for a 6, 9 or even a 12 racket bag. These are larger options and tend to have multiple compartments for rackets, spare clothes, shoes, accessories, strings, grips and towels.

Whilst they tend to be more expensive, they are a lot more durable and can hold pretty much anything you may need to bring on to the court.

There is also a lot of technology that goes into tennis bags nowadays.

Since larger bags are actually designed for professional players, they are fitted with materials that help to regulate the temperature of your tennis rackets and strings, so they remain intact and damage free when in transit or in extreme weather conditions.

This means you can rely on your rackets to perform just as well as you’d expect, since your new racket bag will keep them in pristine condition!


Tennis Clothes

Tennis clothes don’t just have to be plain sports t-shirts. You can buy replica kits of your absolute favourite tennis players, with their personal logos embroidered onto the apparel too!

Whether it is a smart tennis t-shirt, a high performance jacket, tennis skirt or even just a personalised cap or headband, tennis clothes allow you to express yourself and show your true colours out on the court!



Tennis books make for some of the most interesting reads in all of sport!

There have been many flamboyant tennis personalities over the years, so digging deeper to understand more about what made them tick and how they rose to the top of the sport can make for some very eye opening reading!

There are even some great books out there that can help you improve your game, learning about the inner workings of the game from some of the most prolific coaches of all time.

Some of our recommendations that you should give a try are ‘Open’ by Andre Agassi, ‘Serve to Win’ by Novak Djokovic, ‘Unstoppable’ by Maria Sharapova, ‘Rafa’ by Rafael Nadal and John Carlin, ‘Winning Ugly’ by Brad Gilbert and ‘String Theory’ by David Foster Wallace.


Reusable Water Bottles 

One of the most popular new trends is for sustainable, reusable water bottles. Not only are these great for the environment and your health, they also make for a very stylish tennis court companion!

Again, these bottles can be personalised with your loved one’s name or a meaningful message, to give it that extra special touch. Some of our favourite reusable water bottles are from Chillis, Nova, Bambaw, Ocean Bottle and Frank Green.


Tickets to Tennis Events

An often forgotten about but hugely rewarding tennis gift is actually a ticket to a live tennis event! This could be your local tournament, a lower level Challenger event or even one of the Grand Slams if you really want to push the boat out!

This is a great gift that can give you and that special someone a once in a lifetime experience, so it is well worth researching when you are thinking of your next tennis related present!



As technology has seeped its way into the game of tennis over the years, there are now a wide variety of tennis related gadgets that you can buy as a useful gift.

These come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a small vibration dampener, to portable ball machines, to line calling machines!

When it comes to tennis racket gadgets, you can go for a simple vibration dampener or some string savers (as used by the great Roger Federer). If you want to add more data to your game, you could go for a smart sensor.

These simple but effective devices fit securely onto the butt cap of your tennis racket and measure your swing speed, approximate ball speed, spin generation, number of forehands and backhands and rally length.

Smart sensors can even track your progress against your friend and rivals, whilst giving you personalised tactical and technical advice to help you get the most out of your time on the court.

However, if you are looking down the route of a small, portable and affordable tennis ball machine, look no further than the Tennis Twist ball machine!

This is a great option if you are new to the world of ball machines and are looking for a lightweight, compact machine that will simply feed you short, slow balls to practice the more technical elements of your game.

Whilst there are some very powerful high performance ball machines on the market, the Tennis Twist machine brings an element of freshness and extreme portability to the court.

It makes a great gift and means your friend, child, parent or partner can improve their tennis game no matter where they are or who they’re with!

What’s more, a new and innovative gadget that can make for a great tennis gift is the In/Out line calling device! This is dubbed the ‘friendship saver’ thanks to its ability to take the disputes of calling your own lines out of your tennis sessions.

The company recommends at least 2 of these devices (one for each net post) for the most accuracy, however you can even go for upgraded standalone sensors that make your automatic line calls virtually at professional tournament standard!

The machine works using a built-in camera that tracks the lines on the court and whether the ball has bounced in or out.

It then beeps if the ball has landed out, taking away any on court disputes between players! This is a great tennis gift that can make your time on court a lot more harmonious!

Other Great Tennis Gifts for Him

Tennis Cufflinks

If you want to show off your love for tennis at your next black tie event, tennis cufflinks can be one of the best ways to do it!

These come in various designs, depicting anything from tennis balls, to rackets, to nets even! So, whether you are at a wedding, formal dinner or annual party, you can always show that you are a big tennis enthusiast.

Other Great Tennis Gifts for Her

Tennis Ankle Chain

Some of the best female tennis players in the world have been seen sporting various pieces of lightweight jewelry on the court.

This is a bit of a throwback to previous generations when tennis was a more regal and high class sport, where seeing women wearing extensive items of jewelry was not uncommon.

In the same vein, you can purchase discrete but stylish ankle chains, necklaces or bracelets to help you bring an element of class to your tennis outfit, without compromising your performance!



There are a lot of tennis gifts out there for tennis enthusiasts to give to one another, making their time on the court more enjoyable and productive.

Whether you go for a new pair of tennis shoes, apparel, books, gadgets, jewelry, live event tickets or tennis rackets, there is a wide range of options out there to choose from! Be sure to shop around to get the best prices possible and always make sure you are buying from a reputable retailer.

We hope this serves as a good starting point for your search, and good luck finding the perfect tennis gift for him or her!

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