The Road to Pro Tennis Swing Training System Review

Improving your tennis game can be a pretty frustrating endeavour.

You think you’re doing exactly what your coach has told you to do, only for him to tell you that you’re getting it wrong.

It’s hard enough when you have your coach with you on court, giving you pointers, but it can be almost impossible when you go off to play on your own.

I recently tried to make a few changes to my serve, cutting out the step and trying to keep my shoulders more closed off.

You’d have thought these would be simple changes; you either step or you don’t step.

Well, I might be a bit special, but I soon found out I was still stepping, even when I didn’t think I was.

I went out for a playtest and when I had a look at the video, I noticed an amazing thing.

Clearly, at the beginning of the test, I was concentrating hard on eliminating the step and my efforts were paying off.

However, as I progressed through the set, you could see the step creeping back in until eventually, it was there on every serve.

This goes to show how difficult making changes to your technique can be.

I’ve been playing tennis for 20 years now, so you would have thought I would be quite aware of the movements of my body on the tennis court.

However, this is not the case, and we all could use a little help when it comes to better understanding our technique. One tool that I really like for this particular problem is The Road to Pro Tennis Swing Training System.

It’s a very simple product, but it is very effective and can make a big difference to your game.

If I had been using it on my serve, for example, during my playtest, I could have immediately known when my step had crept back in.

If I had been using The Road to Pro Tennis Swing Training System, I would have noticed my error and not wasted a whole session using the wrong technique.

How Does It Work?

The Road to Pro uses a simple system of tennis balls attached to straps that are strategically placed on the body.

By positioning the balls in the right places, you can feel what body movements you are making throughout your stroke.

Take my serving example.

If I wanted to know if I was still stepping, then I would simply attach the straps to my ankles.

Because my feet come very close together when I step, the ball on my left ankle would touch the ball on my right ankle and I would know that I had stepped.

This works for all sorts of technical issues.

Say you’re hitting your forehand too close to your body, simply place the strap on your elbow and aim to keep the ball from touching your body.

Having a coach to tell you that you’re doing it wrong is the perfect scenario, but most of the time we don’t have this luxury.

The Road to Pro might be simple, but it is very effective. In the past, when I’ve had problems with my swings, I’ve strapped on my Road to Pro and it has made a major difference.

It can’t magically make your technique great, but it can make you more aware of what you are doing on court.

Great Tennis Gift

If you know someone who is a bit of a tennis obsessive, then the Road to Pro can make the ideal gift.

Everyone wants to improve their tennis game but it’s not an easy process.

The Tennis Swing Training System makes this process that little bit easier and can make a big difference to all levels of players.

Of course, those players who at the beginning of their tennis journeys have the most to gain from using this great gadget.

For kids who are just starting out in tennis, learning the correct technique can be a daunting process.

At least with the Road to Pro, the task becomes a little bit easier as you can actually feel what’s happening while you swing.

Learning perfect tennis technique is never going to be easy, but anything that makes it a little bit simpler is a great help!

There are some gadgets out there that will cost you crazy money, but the Road to Pro doesn’t cost all the world and will make a difference to your practices.

The Road to Pro Conclusion

The Road to Pro is a great product.

It might seem simple, but often the simple gadgets are the most effective.

By introducing these straps into your practices, you ensure that you don’t waste time practicing the wrong technique.

But best of all, you get feedback even when a coach is not present.

Having used the Road to Pro quite a bit when I was younger, I have found it to be useful in a variety of situations and it has made a difference to my game.

You can buy the Swing Training System with a manual that will show you all sorts of different ways to use this great tool to improve your game.

If you know someone who is struggling to improve their tennis game then, the Road to Pro Tennis Swing Training System is an ideal gift.

Help them understand what’s going wrong with their game and give them the lift they need to push on to the next level!

Final Thoughts

We're not always complimentary about tennis gadgets, but we did really like this one. If you're looking to get better feedback from your practices, then check it out!

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