Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus Racket Review

Head brings back the classic feel with the Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus! This racket combines old school plushness with modern technological advancements, appealing to a modern player that likes to play a classy brand of tennis. A thin beam, smaller head size and dense string pattern all make the Prestige MidPlus a control-oriented racket that will help you dial in your game. The low stiffness rating combined with the updated Graphene technology gives the 360+ Prestige MidPlus a great combination of stability and smooth flexibility.


8.5out of 10

The Prestige line of rackets from Head has historically been aimed at players looking for ultimate control, feel and comfort from a racket. Head has stayed true to its roots with this version of the Prestige, giving it a thinner beam than the previous version to reduce power but enhance that connected feel.

The updated use of Graphene 360+ adds stability to this thin frame, which is a welcome addition given the lower flex rating of 61. This gives the racket a nice balance between plushness and a crisp feel.

Flexible rackets like the Prince Phantom 100P are great for giving you a smooth ride and a well-connected feel but can feel a little mushy due to the lack of stability and plough through they offer at times.

This is something that Head has managed to overcome largely due to their Graphene 360+. It does a great job of cancelling out any of the additional unwanted vibrations that the increased flexibility of the racket produces, without losing that signature plushness.

Flexible rackets can almost feel a bit boxy or rattly at times because of the reduced stability they inherently have. However, whilst the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus does show signs of its flexibility, it is not enough to upset the contact of the ball.

The weight is really well judged and that MidPlus name tag does the racket justice!

It is a reassuringly solid feeling thanks to the generous swing weight but is still manoeuvrable enough to whip the ball around the court.

The exquisite feel is evident on slices and when approaching the net. This is where the racket really comes into the net when you need to rely on that dialled in feel to hit a shot with precision.

The racket does of course feel at home at the baseline, but it is the type of racket that really suits an all-court style of game. That being said, the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus may feel a bit intimidating for less experienced players that lack the natural power and technical ability to handle such a control focused racket.

It is not a racket that a beginner should use lightly, as the smaller sweet spot and thinner beam don’t make it the most forgiving racket in the world in terms of margin for error.

Whilst the flexibility makes it very comfortable to use, the specs don’t stack up well for players with compact swings that need some extra pop from their racket.

You can really smooth the ball with the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Midplus. If you time the ball well and have sound technique this is a very enjoyable racket to hit with. It’s butter smooth and sometimes you can hardly feel the ball coming off the strings when you middle it.

The dense 18×20 string pattern helps with the accuracy and control, but also produces a surprisingly high launch angle. You therefore get a decent amount of spin considering how small the gaps in the string bed are, which adds to the ‘all rounder’ capabilities of the racket.

The low powered nature of the racket also encourages you to attack the ball with a lot of racket head speed, therefore increasing the amount of spin you can generate.

This racket would definitely suit a player that likes to rip a few balls from the baseline then take their chances and rush into the net to pile the pressure on their opponent.

This racket would pair well with a hybrid of a spin friendly polyester and a soft multifilament, giving a great blend of spin, control and feel. String it down at a slightly lower tension for added power and you’ll be onto a winning combination!


9out of 10

Up at the net is where the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP felt most at home. The flexibility offered a plush feel which made it so easy to guide the ball with confidence.

If you have solid volley technique, this racket will be a joy to use. It is crisp, precise and responsive, making it one of the most satisfying rackets to volley with money can buy.

It strikes a great balance between comfort and stability, which are characteristics that do really well up at the net. Transitioning from the baseline into the net is one of the most tricky aspects of tennis.

But the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP gives you the confidence to take on this challenge with confidence, time after time. It is a racket that just allows you to feel exactly what is going on in the string bed as it contacts the ball, without sending too many unwanted vibrations down your arm.

This is another example of a classic racket that has benefited from the use of modern technology. The Prestige has been heavily reworked compared to the previous version.

Even with the 98sq in head compared to the classic 95sq in that most Prestiges have typically come with, this version is still very control oriented.

Overall, the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus is a fantastic volleying racket that lovers of doubles and net rushing should definitely try out.


8.5out of 10

While the Prestige MidPlus is not the most powerful racket in the world, it more than makes up for it in the control and accuracy department.

Everything about this racket’s specs screams precision and control, and that is exactly what you get on serve.

While the weight of the racket feels solid in the hand, it is still pretty easy to swing above the head. You can serve all day long, hitting your spots consistently and not feel like the racket is weighing you down.

The Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus is also a strong performer in the spin department. This is something that some densely stung rackets can sometimes struggle with, as they are more geared towards a ‘dead’ feel and offering control, rather than specialising in lively spin.

However, Head has engineered this racket to generate more spin with more stability than the previous version, so carving out angles and hitting your spots can be done with ease.


8out of 10

On returns the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus did a great job of adding accuracy and feel to my shots.

Whilst it is not a very powerful racket and also has a low stiffness rating, the sweet spot felt approachable and you can definitely block the ball back deep in the court without having to dial in that much.

This is a real point and shoot racket that allows you to take big cuts at the ball and trust that it will find the court.

The added bonus of more spin along with the control, feel and accuracy of the racket gives you the confidence to go after your returns a bit more than you would with a more powerful racket.

This again helps you get into that aggressive mindset and look to rush your opponent by playing with more purpose.

The Prestige MidPlus is a racket that suits a player that likes to chip and charge too. You can place the ball with precision accurately and put the ball away up at the net, surprising your opponent and putting them under constant pressure.

This is also a racket that encourages you to win points in different ways. I found myself going for shorter slices and slow angles just as much as hitting firmly up the middle of the court.


8.5out of 10

Overall, the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus is a racket that harks back to Head’s heritage, but brings a classic line up to date.

The addition of updated Graphene technology adds more stability and forgiveness to the frame, whilst the changes Head has made to the specifications allow the racket to be closer to its roots.

The thin beam, dense string pattern and head light balance help the racket to be manoeuvrable and control oriented. However, the 98 sq in head size and added spin potential make the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MidPlus well suited to the modern game.

If you are an intermediate to advanced level player that likes to play an aggressive, all court game and wants a control focussed racket that is easy to swing, this could well be up your street.

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out of 10



out of 10



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out of 10

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