Prince Phantom 100P Racket Review

When we talk about rackets that we love at, the Prince Phantom 100P is right up there.

With its latest version, Prince has dropped the Pro from the name but generally kept the same feel as with the last version - the Prince Phantom Pro 100P.

We always find when you’ve got a great racket you shouldn’t mess with it too much and that’s the approach Prince has taken with this great stick.

The Phantom 100P comes with a beautiful, sleek box beam that blends a solid 328 swingweight with plenty of flex, offering comfort with control.

When you throw in the Phantom’s classic stability and feel, you’ve really got a great mix with which to play some good tennis.

The one slight downside with such a swingweight is that it can at times make this racket difficult to maneuver, particularly from difficult defensive situations.

This means the Prince Phantom 100P is better suited to advanced and strong intermediate players, but if you do have the strokes to get this stick moving there’s so much to love about it.

With a nicely balanced 310g unstrung weight and a forgiving 100sq inch head, the Phantom 100p is right up there with the very best rackets that combine comfort, feel, and control.

To maximize these qualities, we strung the Phantom with Luxilon 4G at 50lbs, giving it yet more control, and some good access to spin.

Read on and find out why we loved the Prince Phantom 100P (2020) so much.


9out of 10

As someone who looks for control and feel from my rackets, I’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable court companion than the Prince Phantom 100P.

I really liked the 310g weight, and the best thing about this racket is the complete stability you get on contact.

This helps you turn your racket head speed into serious control, allowing you to hit with power, but still feel like you’ve got the ball on a string.

It works on the big booming drives, and it also works when you’re going for the delicate finesse shots, so you really get the best of both worlds.

With this version, Prince has added an Anti-Torsion System, which gives you even more stability than the last version and is our main reason for giving this new update an extra 0.5 for the groundstrokes.

Another reason to love this racket is that it achieves all this performance whilst still being a comfortable racket with plenty of flex.

You don’t feel any discomfort on contact and you feel like you can keep swinging away all day.

The one thing you have to ensure with this stick is that you’ve got the confidence in your strokes to get the most out of it.

The 328 swingweight isn’t easy to get moving quickly, and you’ve got to take responsibility for generating your own power.

For more advanced players who love the control, this is great, but if you’re more of an intermediate player it might make your life a little bit more difficult.

For all of us though, we really enjoyed hitting groundstrokes with the Prince Phantom 100P (2020).

It has wonderful feel to guide the ball deep, great control so you can swing through with confidence, and still manages to offer exceptional comfort.

All of that adds up to a very good score of 9 out of 10 on the groundstrokes.


9out of 10

This is just another area where we found the Prince Phantom 100P to be dreamy.

We all want feel at the net and that’s exactly what this stick gives you.

No matter how hard the ball comes at you, you’ve got loads of stability so the frame isn’t going to get pushed around, and this allows you to control the ball back exactly where you want it.

This doesn’t just work well in singles, but it’s an exceptional weapon for doubles as well.

I don’t say this about too many rackets, but the Phantom is one where I would feel confident using it as a serve volleyer.

It had everything I was looking for at the net and it didn’t matter if I was hitting easy or difficult volleys, I felt like I could handle it.

I love my Babolat Pure Strike 18 x 20, but in stock form, it doesn’t offer the same performance at the net as the Phantom 100P, but yet, the Phantom isn’t just a racket for volleyers.

Aggressive players can get a whole lot out of this racket whether they prefer to be at the back of the court or at the net.

We gave the Prince Phantom 100P a 9 out of 10 for the volleys.


8out of 10

The big plus again here is the control.

While it might be a little more difficult to keep your racket head speed up with this racket, it certainly makes up for it with that control and feel.

If you’re a stronger server, then you can use the stability of this stick to get plenty of power, but as someone who likes a little bit of free power on the serve, I did struggle a bit more in this area than I did the rest of the playtest.

Struggle probably isn’t the right word because it was far from a struggle – I made a lot of first serves and generally put my opponent under pressure, I just didn’t quite pick up those free points I’m accustomed to.

This led me to focus more on consistency though and hitting the right spots on the court to put myself in control of the point.

The serve is a great opportunity to take control and dominate points and the Phantom 100P gives you that opportunity.

Big servers will love this racket for the control and precision it offers, but those who struggle for pop on the serve might find this to be a negative.

As someone who falls in the middle, I thought the Phantom did a good job, worthy of an 8 out of 10.


9out of 10

I always find you can tell a lot about a racket from the return. It’s one of the most challenging shots, where you’re fighting to get a foothold in the point and you need a racket you feel comfortable with to do this.

From the very first ball, I had complete confidence in the Prince Phantom 100P and it really showed in my returning. You get the racket on the ball with a solid contact, and this stick is going to help you guide the ball back into court, as simple as that.

Returning is about shortening those swings up and taming the pace that’s on the ball and this racket has all the key ingredients to do that.

We were all able to take advantage of this and put in very good returning performances.

Even if you’re someone who likes a little bit more power than the Phantom 100P offers, I challenge you not to enjoy returning with this stick – it’s just got what everyone needs.

And with that, we gave the Prince Phantom 100P a 9 out of 10 on the return, there’s not much more you could ask for.


9out of 10

If you’re a fairly advanced player with plenty of racket head speed who is looking for control and feel it’s very hard to go wrong with this racket.

We all found the new upgrade was a slight improvement on the old racket, and we all really enjoyed the old racket, so that says everything you need to know about the 2020 Prince Phantom 100P.

Whether you’re a baseliner or serve volleyer, singles player or doubles players, this racket’s got a lot to offer any style of player.

It balances performance with comfort and is really a racket you’ve got to try.

We’re certainly happy we got to give the Prince Phantom 100P a try and gave it an excellent 9 out of 10.

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