Tecnifibre T Fight 300 RS Racket Review

I have to say, this is a play test I was very much looking forward to!

Tecnifibre are renowned for making plush players rackets that feel butter smooth but offer a crisp pop off the string bed.

The French manufacturer produces rackets for some of the cleanest ball strikers on the professional tour, so it is no surprise that this T Fight 300 RS was a joy to hit with.

It has to be said, the new line of rackets from Tecnifibre come with a sleek design brief.

Their classic white, red and blue colour combo looks elegant and classy in its latest iteration.

The emphasis on white gives the racket a unique look and I do think this will be a classic look for years to come.

In terms of its performance, the Tecnifibre T Fight 300 RS felt crisp and powerful to play with.

Its 98 sq in. head provides excellent control and precision, whilst the workable 318 swing weight allows you to rip the racket through the ball with ease.

It is a racket that rewards fast racket head speed with powerful, heavy and accurate shots.

The T Fight 300 RS is a great all rounder, aimed at intermediate players that are looking for a nice clean racket for pure ball striking.

It is a reasonable stable racket too, staying solid through contact which is great for more energy transfer. Despite this, it is a reasonable arm friendly racket too.

The new Dynacore HD technology softens the frame off nicely, whilst the Xtreme Touch construction strengthens the racket and gives it a more dampened feel.

The yoke of the racket has also been reinforced to offer additional stability.

This is one of those rackets where you can actually feel the technology working.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what the addition of a new innovation is actually doing in the racket when you hit with it.

However, given the T Fight 300 RS’s specs, I was expecting a relatively uneventful experience. It has a pretty middle of the road spec list, so I wasn’t expecting the racket to offer too much of one particular characteristic.

But, it was surprisingly powerful for a more control focussed racket.

There’s not a lot to dislike about this racket overall. It is a great option for a player who wants it all.

A powerful, approachable racket that offers a crisp feel and a lot of spin, in one easy to use package.


8.5out of 10

The Tecnifibre T Fight 300 RS offered a surprising amount of power from the baseline.

It is a racket more focussed on precision and control than outright pace, yet I really didn’t have to put too much effort into my shots to get a good result.

The racket felt very clean to hit with, since the slightly smaller head size, stable construction and well dampened feel allowed me to hit with accuracy.

The racket didn’t transfer much unwanted feedback on to my arm either, yet was responsive enough that I could feel what was going on with the ball.

It was an all round pleasure to strike with I have to say. I really enjoyed the all in one nature of this racket, as it really doesn’t have any major weak points.

It did not offer the same amount of plow through as a heavier racket would, but the easy to swing nature of the racket more than made up for this.

It was maneuverable and whippy, which made it great for counter punching and hitting aggressive passing shots on the run.

The real strong suit of the Tecnifibre T Fight 300 RS is the accessibility of its traits.

You don’t have to be a spin master or a massive ball striker in order to get the best out of this racket.

I feel like almost anyone could pick up this racket and play well with it, no questions asked.


9out of 10

The T Fight 300 RS was a lovely racket to volley with. It felt crisp, stable and forgiving which is a rare combination indeed.

It was light enough to get into position quickly and easily, which made it great for reacting to fast oncoming shots.

I found it particularly effective at absorbing pace, as the slightly more flexible construction compared to the previous version felt plush.

The thing that surprised me when volleying with this racket was the insane stability it offered.

This is not the stiffest racket on the market by any means, but it was more than able to hold its own even when the playing intensity rose.

It was a very versatile racket up at net, as it coped equally well with soft touch shots as it did with aggressive put away volleys.

I was really impressed with the T Fight 300 RS at the net. It was an unexpected gem that I would love to take on the doubles court!



8out of 10

Generally, I like to serve with a more control focussed racket. It really helps with my accuracy when I’m trying to place my serve out of my opponent’s reach.

Of course having a bit of extra power is a great help when you can get it, but personally I find it easier to dial in with a ‘player’s’ racket.

Therefore, as you can imagine I got on with the Tecnifibre T Fight 300 RS very well. It was a refreshingly balanced blend of easy power, control, spin and comfort.

Again, owing to its all rounder credentials there really isn’t much to fault this racket on in any department.

It didn’t have one major stand out feature like some of the more well defined rackets on the market may possess, but that played to its strengths.

It is a racket that is easy to serve well with, especially if you are looking to hit with variety.


8out of 10

Returning serve with this racket was a well rounded experience.

I could hit short angles, drive the ball deep and chip returns with precision with the Tecnifibre T Fight 200 RS being a more control oriented stick, it was easy to dial in and create openings right off the bat when returning.

The racket allowed me to go after my second serve returns, helping me feel more confident to step inside the court and attack the next ball.

It perhaps wasn’t quite as reactive as a stiffer frame may have been, so at times blocking the ball back did not produce the absolute heaviest of shots.

But, for a racket of this weight and maneuverability I was suitably impressed with its performance.

I would also say that the stability and damping of the racket made it predictable, which is a trait I really look for in a racket, especially when returning serve.


8.5out of 10

Ultimately, the Tecnifibre T Fight 300 RS made a lasting impression on me.

It was a very well rounded racket that certainly punched above its specs and is a very well balanced performer.

You can access power, spin and control from this racket, whilst it feels comfortable and stable under pressure.

It was an impressive stick that has a lot of competition in the intermediate player space.

Whilst it does not have any stand out unique characteristics per say, its unparalleled blend of abilities makes it one of the most accessible rackets on the market today.

I would very much recommend you try out this racket, as I would definitely like to string it up with a few different hybrid combinations and see how it reacts!

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out of 10



out of 10



out of 10



out of 10



out of 10

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