Yonex Vcore vs Ezone: Which is the Best Racket?

Trying to compare the Yonex VCore and Ezone?

Choosing the right racket can make a big difference to your game, so we’ve researched Yonex’s most popular racket models to give you the complete guide.

Here’s our in-depth guide to the Yonex Vcore and Ezone models.

Yonex Vcore vs Ezone: Everything You Need to Know

Yonex is a very popular brand amongst professional players. Their rock-solid, high-quality, and insane attention to detail makes Yonex rackets a joy to play with. 

Two of their most popular models are the Vcore and the Ezone. Whilst Yonex don’t necessarily have a huge variety of rackets to choose from, the models they do have are built for pretty distinct player profiles. Both of these models are used by professional players across both the ATP and WTA tours, which goes to show how well they perform. 

We will be comparing the Vcore and Ezone models today, and looking into the types of players that these rackets suit best. We’ll consider the spin, weight, power, and control that each model and its various iterations offer and advise which one you should choose based on your needs.

Yonex Vcore

The Yonex Vcore is built with the modern game in mind. It is a racket used by some of the biggest ball strikers on the tour, like Stan Wawrinka, Denis Shapovalov, and Angelique Kerber. The Vcore prides itself on power and spin, making it the perfect racket to meet the demands of the modern professional game. 

Vcore players tend to play with a lot of racket head speed, which means they like to hit the ball with heavy topspin and dominate their opponents with their weight of shot above all else.

A Quick Summary of Yonex’s VCore Range

The Vcore has always been quite a demanding racket to play with. The pro version is heavier and more control-oriented, but the original Vcore is still a pretty spin-orientated racket. 

Vcore owners tend to be players with big, long, powerful swings that need that extra control and spin to keep their heavy forehands and backhands in the court.

The Different Rackets in the Yonex Vcore Range

Here is a summary of the Vcore’s model variants so you can choose the right racket for you.

Vcore 95

The Vcore 95 by Yonex is a very control-oriented racket and the heaviest in the range. It is still pretty maneuverable and spin-friendly compared to some of the sledge hammers on the market today, but it is designed for a player that likes to use precision, control, and feel to win their points.

Vcore 98 (285)

A whippier, lighter, and more maneuverable version of the Vcore is the 98 285. This is the perfect entry-level racket for a player that wants the spin, control, and feel of a Vcore but doesn’t want their arm to fall off as they strike the ball.

Vcore 98 (305)

The Vcore 98 305 is the middle-of-the-road, all-rounder racket in this model lineup. This is a great stick for an intermediate player that likes to hit aggressive, heavy balls from the baseline and also likes to approach the net when they get the chance. There is plenty of stability and spin on offer here. 

Vcore 100

The Vcore 100 is the slightly more forgiving, more comfortable version of the 98 sq in models. The extra head size gives the racket a larger sweet spot but trades off some of the feel for extra power. 

Vcore 100 Plus

The Vcore 100 plus has quite a hefty swing weight compared to its static weight of 300g. The extended length and extra swing weight make this an even more stable and powerful version of the Vcore. It is perfect for players that like to hit big from the baseline but still want plenty of spin too!

Is the Yonex VCore the Right Racket for Me?

The Yonex Vcore is a great racket for an aggressive baseliner that wants as much spin, control, and stability as possible. If you have big, attacking swings and love to hit heavy groundstrokes, the Vcore is the perfect choice for you. 

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Yonex Ezone

The Yonex Ezone is a pretty unique, powerful, and lively racket. The characteristic rectangular-shaped head of Yonex rackets makes them pretty stiff compared to traditional oval-shaped rackets. 

However, this is not necessarily the case with Ezone models. Despite the fact Nick Kyrgios decides to break his Ezone every now and then, it is still a great racket for a number of reasons.

Compared to a lot of other power focused rackets on the market, the Ezone is pretty unique given how comfortable and precise it is. This uncanny blend of power, feel, and comfort makes it an incredibly user-friendly experience overall.

And the great part is, because Yonex offers the Ezone at a range of different weights, head sizes, and lengths, there really is something for everyone.

A Quick Summary of Yonex’s Ezone Range

The Yonex Ezone is a powerful, comfortable racket that also manages to have a great feel built-in. Flashy players like Kyrgious, Kokkinakis, and Bublik love the Ezone due to its ability to generate easy power whilst also retaining great control and precision.

The Different Rackets in the Yonex Ezone Range

So, here are the various Ezone models that you can choose from. There really is something for everyone! 

Ezone 100 Lite

The lightest and most user-friendly model in the Ezone range is the 100 Lite. This easy-to-swing, featherweight version of the Ezone is perfect for the junior or beginner player that needs as much racket head speed as possible to develop their technique in a forgiving way. 

Ezone 100

The Ezone 100 is the perfect all-rounder blend of power, comfort, forgiveness, and precision. You get plenty of feel, power, and spin from the Ezone 100. It is easy to swing and does a great job of ticking multiple boxes without really offering any compromises.

Ezone 100 Plus

The Ezone 100 Plus is the more forgiving, powerful, and stable older brother to the original Ezone 100. The extra length on this racket really gives it the edge on the power front, along with plenty of plough through and an extra bit of reach for good measure. 

Ezone 98

The Yonex Ezone 98 is a good performance racket that brings a bit more control and precision to the party with its slightly smaller 98 sq in head. This is great for players that want the perfect blend of control, spin, and power in a comfortable, easy-to-swing package. This makes it perfect for intermediate players that want a bit more feel and control on their shots but also possess natural power that needs to be tamed. 

Ezone 98 Plus

One racket in the Ezone range that is not that popular but deserves a bit more love is the 98 Plus. This again brings more control compared to the Ezone 100 thanks to a slightly smaller head size, but also has that bit more reach due to the extended length. The 98 Plus also, therefore, has a slightly higher swing weight than most of its brothers in the lineup, making it a solid-feeling racket.

Is the Yonex Ezone the Right Racket for Me?

So, we have discussed the Yonex Ezone range at length, going into detail about the different model variants the Ezone has to offer. But the question is, is the Ezone right for you? 

Well, if you are the sort of player that wants a comfortable, powerful racket that will allow you to maximize your power, but also offer a bit more feel and control than something like a Babolat Pure Drive for example, then an Ezone is a great choice. Whilst it does not offer as much spin, control, or stability as the Vcore for example, it is more of an all-rounder that is accessible to a wider audience. 

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VCore vs Ezone: Struggling to Decide Between the Two?

Picking the right tennis racket for you can be pretty hard. Especially when you are deciding between two rackets as great as the Yonex Vcore and Ezone! These are two unique rackets that suit different game styles completely.

Where the Vcore is a very controlled, spin-friendly, and stable racket, the Ezone is much more powerful, comfortable, and lively. Therefore, the aggressive baseliner that likes to take a big cut at the ball and produce heavy topspin to grind down their opponent would be much better suited to a Vcore.

Whereas, a powerful player that likes to rush their opponents with power, and then shock them with a drop shot or underarm serve, would love an Ezone. 

However, picking between these two models is not easy.

Especially when you consider how many different weights, balances, head sizes, and string patterns are on offer!

With that being said, we created a custom fitting service to try and help you cut through the noise and choose your next racket with ease!

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Now Take Your Game to the Next Level

Choosing the perfect tennis racket is a big deal.

You need a racket that will support your game and feel like an extension of your arm when you step on the court. Whilst it does of course take time to gel with any racket, you can help the process along by picking one well suited to your game in the first place. 

The key thing to consider is actually what you are looking to get out of a racket, based on your own game style. Everyone plays tennis in a slightly different way. But recognizing what a racket offers and how this can help improve your game is a key step in deciding which racket to go for. 

As far as the Yonex Vcore and Ezone go, the choice between them is pretty distinct. Both rackets are aimed at different types of players, and there is no right or wrong answer. Picking a tennis racket is a very personal decision and one that should ultimately be based on feel and comfort. 

So, with that in mind, we hope this article has helped you understand the ins and outs of these two popular Yonex racket models! 

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