Buying a Tennis Racket on a Budget

Tennis can be an expensive sport. When you factor in rackets, strings, balls, court hire, shoes and memberships it really does start to add up. One of the more expensive pieces of equipment you can save money on however are tennis rackets.

If you are looking to buy the latest and greatest racket, or the one your favourite player on TV uses, then saving money can be a challenge. However, if you are thinking of buying a tennis racket on a budget, there are an awful lot of options out there for you.

Shopping online, looking for deals, buying older models and considering used rackets are all great ways to save a heap of money when you’re buying your next stick.

So, let’s get into how exactly you can still get what you’re after when buying a tennis racket on a budget.

Pick a Budget and Stick to it


One of the most important things to do when keeping any sort of budget is simply to set it, and stick to it! Now, whilst this may sound like a very straightforward piece of advice, when it comes to tennis rackets it can be easy to get sidetracked.

New technologies, special features and newer models can make it tempting to spend more money. But the best thing to do is have a budget that you are willing to spend and stick to it.

That being said, it is worth noting that many retailers offer great deals on multiple racket purchases. So even if you have a strict budget, if you are planning on buying more than one racket, you can almost always get a discount when you buy two or more at once.

Understand What You’re Looking For


If you are on holiday or travelling and looking to buy a racket for short term use, then chances are you are not too bothered about the brand, quality or specifications.

However, if you are looking for a high quality racket that will last a long time, whilst having specifications that suit your playing style, then there are a lot of options available to you.

One of the first things you should do is to pinpoint exactly what you’re after, as this will really help narrow down your search.

Determining if you are after a lightweight, arm friendly tennis racket or a heavier, stiffer high performance racket will point you to different ends of the market. For example, many of the major brands offer lightweight rackets with simple construction at the lower end of their ranges, so you may be able to pick one of these up for as little as $50.

However, unless you are just looking to use this as a last resort, it really isn’t the best option out there.

Generally speaking, you would be better off going for a higher quality racket that is coming to the end of its product cycle or is being discontinued. Here, you can bag yourself a high quality racket that will be better suited to your game and still save you a good chunk of money.

Sales and Deals


Many racket retailers, be it online or in store, will offer deals on their rackets. The trick is finding the deals and making your purchase at the right time.

As previously mentioned, if you know a certain racket line is due a refresh or a technology upgrade, then retailers will often discount their prices to help them shift stock quickly. This gives you a great opportunity to grab a steal and save yourself some money.

This is a great technique if you are buying a tennis racket on a budget, as you’ll get a nearly new racket for a very reasonable price!

These rackets will also save you money in the long run, as they will generally last a lot longer and perform better throughout the course of their life than the more basic, cheaper alternatives.

Also, if you are sure you want the racket you are looking for, then you may want to consider buying two.

This means that if you break a string you will always have one in reserve, or you could even string them at different tensions so you have a couple of different options to choose from in a match.

If you are unsure of which racket to go for, we created a custom fitting service specifically to help you choose the best racket and string based on your game!


Consider Used Rackets


Buying pre owned or used tennis rackets from websites such as eBay, Facebook or TennisPoint can also be a great way to save money when buying on a budget. You could bag yourself a newer racket in this case with minimal wear and tear at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.

When buying a used tennis racket, it is important to look out for any cracks, chips or major damage. Be sure to speak to the seller and understand exactly what you are buying.

Other Ways to Save Money on Tennis


Whilst buying a tennis racket on a budget can yield some great deals, there are other areas that you can save money on too.

Buying a reel of your favourite string will usually give you at least two extra restrings than buying sets individually (if your stringer can measure string correctly).

Learning how to string a tennis racket yourself is a great way to save on labour costs and will actually make you some money if you can string rackets for other people!

Buying your overgrips in larger packs is also a great way to save on tennis equipment. If you know which grips you like, then you’re better off buying them in bulk as you will save significantly in the long run.

Even booking tennis courts at off-peak times, splitting the cost of new tennis balls with your hitting partner and buying your tennis equipment out of State to avoid in-State taxes can all help you play tennis on a tight budget.

The Tennis Rackets for under $100


As we have mentioned, buying a discounted tennis racket from a previous season is a great way to save money when you are buying on a budget. So naturally, each season as new rackets come out, there will be a whole new batch of tennis rackets that will become discounted.

Therefore, specifically nailing down a group of tennis rackets that are ‘good value’ at any given point in time is pretty difficult. However, we have detailed a few rackets that we think are good for a wide range of players.


Babolat Boost Aero


A good option for a beginner player, the Babolat Boost Aero is a lighter version of the Pure Aero line of rackets. It is a lightweight racket with a 102sq in. headisze, making it more forgiving and easy to use compared to the mainstream Pure Aero rackets.


Head Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive


This thicker and slightly heavier racket from Head is aimed at intermediate players. It has a heavier swingweight than the Babolat, offering more power, spin and plow through on the ball. Again, this is a previous generation racket so will be discounted compared to the newer models from Head, so is a great racket for improvers who are buying a tennis racket on a budget.


Prince Textreme Premier 105


If you are on a budget but also looking to get a lot of power and forgiveness from your racket, the Prince Textreme Premier 105 is a good choice for you.

This discounted racket offers an extended length, oversized racket head and a good level of stability. It’s a great choice for those players who are looking for a nice big sweet spot and easy power generation.



If you are buying a tennis racket on a budget, your options do not need to be limited to the clearance section of your local pro shop.

Taking advantage of multi racket deals, older generation rackets and pre owned rackets are all great ways to save money without compromising on quality.

Understanding what you are looking for can make finding the right tennis racket for you a whole lot easier.

If you know your game, playing style and strengths and weaknesses well then this can be a simple process of elimination. However, if you are unsure of the best racket for you, fill out our questionnaire and get a racket and string combination custom fit specifically for you!


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