Babolat Propulse Fury Shoe Review

We were delighted to receive the Propulse Fury tennis shoes from Babolat for us to review! These are some of their most popular shoes and sit towards the top of the Babolat footwear line up. Some of the key highlights after wearing these shoes for a few hours on court include their incredible ability to support the feet and ankles, comfort and durability.

The Propulse Fury shoes come in both vibrant blue and a black on multicoloured pattern, so whichever version you choose you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!

Babolat have partnered with tyre manufacturer Michelin for a number of years now to provide some of the hardest wearing, yet comfortable tennis shoe soles on the market.

To the eye, these are relatively chunky shoes that favour support and stability above all else.

These tennis shoes suit players that like to move aggressively around the court, throwing themselves into lateral lunges and constantly need as much support as possible to enable this.

It is not uncommon for some of the bulkier shoes we have tried to feel a little uncomfortable at times, as they can almost feel restrictive and a bit too heavy on the foot.

This is not the case with the Propulse Furys, as they have managed to strike a great balance between incredible support, soft feeling, comfortable foam and enough manoeuvrability to keep you moving quickly around the court.

The Propulse Fury competes with shoes such as the Nike Air Zoom Vapour X and Asics Gel Resolution and Adidas Solecourt Boost. However, it is arguably more supportive and comfortable than its competitors!


Babolat have really endeavoured to make the Propulse Fury one of the most comfortable and supportive shoes out there. They have gone about this by implementing their Power Belt and KPRS-X technologies.

The aim of the Power Belt is to support the mid-foot and aid in lateral support. This is the characteristic over-sized strap that makes this model so distinctive.

KPRS-X is an innovative technology that provides exceptional shock absorption. This is applied to the cushioning material under the heel, which paired with the high heel tab and Power Belt makes for the ultimate supportive tennis shoe.

Sometimes when you are moving around the court using bigger steps and lunges, you can actually feel a little bit of shock to your ankles and knees, particularly on hard courts. However, this is something that you barely feel at all when wearing the Propulse Furys.

It is actually really comforting to know that your feet, ankles and knees are being looked after by a pair of tennis shoes!

The tongue of the shoe is also very well cushioned. This thicker yet incredibly soft part of the shoe hugs the top of your foot, which again adds to the great level of comfort that this shoe brings.

A key area to note for our UK readers is that we would recommend choosing a half size higher than you would normally go for in these shoes, as they do tend to come up a little on the small side. This will ensure you get a snug fit and your foot does not feel cramped inside the shoe.


This is the area where the Propulse Fury shoes really shine. They are particularly great when slowing down quickly to a dead stop, for example when chasing down a drop shot and not wanting to touch the net.

If a tennis shoe is not a good fit or is not supportive enough in this situation, you can easily find your feet slipping in the shoe and this can actually be quite painful.

This is something that I tend to use as a bit of a test for a new tennis shoe, as it is obviously an area that can expose a shoe for its lack of support and comfort. Fortunately, the Propulse Fury proved worthy and was supportive from all areas of the court.

The high heel tab hugs the ankle really nicely, which gives a great level of support and comfort in the shoe. It feels very well cushioned without being restrictive, which is a great balance that it strikes really well.

Another area that the shoe felt great in was lunging and sliding sideways to hit passing shots. The side of the foot is nicely cushioned which is a welcome relief!

The thicker Michelin rubber also makes this Babolat’s most durable shoe, as well as one of the most supportive.

The soles of these shoes feel spongy and give you a bit of a spring in your step, whilst feeling solid and sturdy at the same time. This is something that is quite hard to come by in a tennis shoe and definitely justifies the price point.


Where the Jet line from Babolat is more on the lighter side and favours players that simply want the most agility and speed around the court possible, the Propulse range is naturally heavier.

It is by no means cumbersome or too bulky to be able to move well, but if you are used to wearing the Jet or a lighter shoe from another brand, you may find these take a bit of getting used to.

To look at, the Propulse Fury shoes look quite chunky and you would be forgiven for thinking that these may feel like bricks on your feet!

But, like I say, they are reassuringly weighty enough to feel solid and secure, but are not overbearingly heavy to the point that you feel stuck in the mud!


The Propulse Fury is naturally a very tractionable shoe, since it has that thicker sole that adds to its comfort, support and durability.

You can push off and stop with confidence when wearing this shoe. At no point did it feel flimsy or slip, which again adds to your confidence when charging around the court.

You may even need to practice a few slides if this is a movement pattern you are used to performing on a hard court, as you may even get stuck on your tracks from the traction being so high!


Overall, the Babolat Propulse Fury tennis shoes are one of the most supportive shoes I have ever tested. My feet felt rock solid in the shoe and the level of shock absorption was second to none.

There is a great deal of cushioning and padding around the ankle, heel and upper foot area, which hugs your entire foot tightly into the shoe.

You can definitely tell that Babolat have engineered this shoe for high performing players that want stability and comfort above all else.

It is easy to see why these shoes are so popular and have been a hit with recreational players, coaches and professionals alike since they came out.

This new version is as plush as can be and they allow for aggressive movement styles without compromising on foot stability.

There is a little bit less padding in the toe and this is to be expected when there is so much in the mid foot section.

The Power Belt is a unique feature to the Propulse line and it provides a great level of support and stability that not many other shoes on the market today can match.

Again, be sure to try different sizes when looking to buy these shoes to ensure you get the best fit. We would recommend going a half a size higher than normal, but it is well worth giving these a try for yourself.

If you are looking for an insanely supportive tennis shoe that will stand the test of time and keep your feet feeling fresh along the way, look no further than the Babolat Propulse Fury!

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