Over the years, we’ve come to love poly strings for their high levels of control, spin, and durability.

In achieving those characteristics, we’ve come to accept that we have to make some sacrifices, and when it comes to polys, that sacrifice is normally in comfort.

However, just like modern rackets, there is an emphasis on making these poly strings a little bit more comfortable to play with and one such Poly is Yonex Poly Tour Pro.

All of us at TheTennisBros.com us poly strings, so we’re fairly used to this tradeoff, but it’s always nice when you hit with a string that offers a good balance between performance and comfort.

We love strings like Luxilon 4G and Wilson Revolve because they keep the traditional qualities of poly string but give you a decent amount of comfort.

We found Yonex Poly Tour Pro to be a similar type of string.

To test this Yonex string, we figured it would only be right to try it out in a Yonex racket, so we took the Poly Tour Pro out in a new Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD, to see exactly what we were getting. For this playtest, we strung the Vcore at 50lbs.

We already know this is a firecracker of a racket with speed, control, touch, and comfort, so we were looking for the Poly Tour Pro to accentuate those characteristics and give us top-level performance.

Power – 5.5/10


If you’re looking for a string to boost your power levels then you’re not looking at the right string with Yonex Poly Tour Pro.

This string is very much weighted towards control which means you don’t get too much in the way of power.

Most poly string users are used to this, but if you’re switching over from a multifilament string it can often take some time to adjust.

To be able to get the most out of these strings you do need to have some fairly developed strokes.

If you’re still working on developing your technique, you might find it harder to generate the power you need in which case, you might be better suited to something a bit more powerful.

However, for more advanced players, and particularly those players with long, fast swings who can generate plenty of power, the Poly Tour Pro has enough pop to get the job done.

A score of 5.5 out of 10 for power isn’t unusual for a poly, and the next category is generally much more important for poly users.


Control – 8.5/10


This might sound funny, but it’s always difficult to describe power and control when it comes to tennis.

The thing is, there’s the power that comes from your racket and strings, and then there’s the power that comes from your body and strokes.

If you don’t produce much power from your body and strokes, then you want a racket and string that can produce some of that power for you.

However, if you produce a lot of power from your body and strokes, then you want a racket and strings that allow you to control that power.

When you produce power from your strokes, control allows you to unleash more power, and that’s one of the reasons poly strings are so popular.

Yonex Poly Tour Pro falls into this category with excellent levels of control.

We gave it an 8.5 out of 10 for control, which isn’t the highest out there, but it’s not too far off.


Spin – 8/10


Yonex Poly Tour Pro doesn’t have quite the bite of a more textured poly like Babolat RPM Blast Rough but it offers you plenty of spin none the less.

If you’re ripping through the ball with fast swings, then you’re going to be rewarded with a lot of spin and you can use this to really push your opponents onto the back foot.

I really enjoyed the balance this string offered me on spin, it wasn’t too much where I was getting all spin and no power, but it was enough to give me the extra spin I need on my backhand.

All in all, a pretty good combination when you combine it with excellent control.

We gave Yonex Poly Tour Pro an 8 out of 10 for spin.


Feel – 6.5/10


It may only get a score of 6.5 out of 10 for feel, but Poly Tour Pro doesn’t do too badly for a poly.

These strings tend not to offer buttery levels of feel, but you do get used to the way they play, and I settled in quite nicely with this one.

Feel is very much a personal thing, one person’s heaven is another person’s nightmare, so I always find this category is more a case of getting on court and playing with the strings.

I felt the levels of feel were about right for a poly, and gave Prince Poly Tour Po a 6.5 out of 10.


Comfort – 7/10


Again, this is a pretty good score for a poly.

I’m sure they will find ways of making poly strings more comfortable in the future, but for now, 7 out of 10 is a pretty good score.

I’m someone for whom comfort isn’t a primary concern, but I should be given I’m fairly susceptible to wrist problems.

So, it was quite nice to play with Yonex Poly Tour Pro which was pretty soft on the joints.

You get good cushioning, and I felt comfortable on all my strokes.

Durability – 8/10


Poly Tour Pro did a very good job at keeping its tension throughout the playtest.

All strings drop a little bit of tension as you play with them, but I felt Poly Tour Pro kept fairly constant throughout.

It’s really annoying when you set your racket and string up a certain way only for your string tension to change dramatically after your first hit, so this is a good characteristic to have.

The Yonex Poly Tour Pro lasted a good amount of time without snapping too, so you can keep your visits to the stringing shop to a minimum.

We were impressed with Poly Tour Pro’s durability and gave it an 8 out of 10.


Overall – 8/10


Overall, Yonex Poly Tour Pro is a very good string for players looking for control, spin, durability, and above average comfort from a poly.

It’s not a string that makes life easy for beginner and intermediate players because of its low powered nature.

However, for players who have no problem generating their own power, this string has plenty of benefits.

There are lots of poly strings out there that offer high levels of control, but there are few that give you comfort, and that’s what Yonex Poly Tour Pro does.

It might not be right at the top for performance, but when you take into account its comfort levels, it’s clear to see why this is a popular string.


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Review by: Will